Posted by: kristabella | April 3, 2008

Tag of All Tags

Dudes, Jen Lancaster tagged me for a meme. And it is a meme I’ve done a few times before. Generally, unless it is NaBloPoMo, I don’t do a lot of memes. But when you’re tagged by Jen freaking Lancaster, you do as she says. If only for the increase in site traffic she has graciously given you from being linked on the front page of Jennsylvania.

So here goes. The rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.

2. Post these rules on your blog.

3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.

4. Tag six random people at the end of your blog.

1. I had personalized license plates back when I was in college. The plates were ASU DVL2. The 2 is because it costs less when you have a number in your personalized plates and someone had 1. I was constantly in search of that person for years! I had to get rid of the plates when I changed in those IL plates for California ones after college. That and I totaled the car that they were on. But I do have one of the plates hanging on the wall above my doorway in my bedroom. Because I like my bedroom to be like a frat house, apparently.

2. I will not eat cake if there is fruit in it. Fruit does not belong in cake. Fruit belongs in pie and fruit salad, but cake is meant to be fruitless. Pudding, frosting, peanut butter? All fine, tasty excellent things to put in the middle layer of cake. Fruit? NOT GOOD. Ever.

3. I have really bad eyesight. I’ve had glasses since I was about 8 years old and I’d venture to say I’m legally blind. I can’t see anything without my contacts in or my glasses on. As bad as they are, I’m deathly afraid getting Lasik surgery done on my eyes. A lifetime of glasses and having to buy saline and stick my finger in my own eyes is not worth the risk of being blind. I fall enough as it is when I’m sober.

4. My alarm clock is set 10 minutes fast and my snooze is seven minutes long. The clock in my car is set 3-4 minutes fast. This is my way of making sure I do math every day. But I keep it easy enough so I don’t have to use my fingers.

5. Freshman year in college, I turned in the same paper in first-semester English 101 and again in second-semester English 102. In first semester, I had a professor who did not like my writing. I wrote a lovely research paper about how college football should have a playoff system for the National Championship. I got a B-. Because I was so proud of this paper, and all kinds of lazy, I turned in the same paper for the first assignment in my second semester class. It was a different teacher, but the same assignment. I got an A++. That professor was an ex-editor at a magazine, so I trusted her judgment more. And she encouraged me to submit my stories to magazines. I thank her immensely for the encouragement. Even if I didn’t get published.

6. I wash my hair every other day. I can usually only accomplish this in the winter when it is dry and when I don’t work out, which is almost always. It stemmed from laziness and oversleeping, but it turns out it is good for my hair and makes my color last longer, which means I can sleep longer, continue my lazy streak and save money. It is a win-win-win for me on all accounts.

I’m not tagging anyone, but you are required by Blogging Law to leave one unimportant/weird thing about yourself in the comments. I cannot be the only one to share. Plus, I’ve shared like 142 weird things about myself. I’m just asking for you to share ONE.



  1. This may be more OCD than weird … I have to hang my clothes light to dark … sleeveless to long sleeve.

    And no wire hangers … clothes from dry cleaners go right on plastic hangers … all the same color hanger of course.

  2. My shirts have to hang with the labels ALL facing leftward. That is the rule of the closet. My current wife things I am weird, since she hangs hers the other way LOL

    I had a personalized plate once that read LNCHBKT (lunch bucket). It was a small car that I used for work only. I bought it one month before we did an office relocation, and the friday of the weekend of the actual move, another company hit us with an unfriendly buyout. For the 6-months it took for them to finally get their way, and us doing NOTHING on a daily basis except plan where we would go for lunch, it was appropriate. That was the slowest 6-months of my life. I sold the car after we all got laid off.

    I am having an Kristabella moment these last two days. I got a crown WITHOUT a root canal back in December. I have had constant problems with it since. Then Monday I got a second crown on the other side, it was a piece of cake. But the first crown was always a bit “high”, so when they did adjustments for the bite, they took some of the first crown off. Wednesday my first crown is throbbing like a thumb slammed in a car door. My insurance plan will not cover a second crown on the same tooth within 5-years and well I am trying to get in to see the beatch today, but then she works only half a day on thursday, and is off friday, and well, I am popping 600 mg ibuprofens to no good.

    Fracing tooth. I am thinking I may have it pulled. Its the last molar on that side, so what if I have 3 molars on one side and 4 on the other. I cant afford a 100% new crown cost PLUS a root canal. Pulling is cheaper, and faster.

  3. I’m freakishly happy when the mail arrives. Maybe I’m secretly hoping those bills will turn into presents.

  4. I wash my hair ONCE A WEEK, seriously it’s that dry. If it by some miracle gets the funk before then I’ll of course wash it sooner but usually* it’s not necessary. I haven’t had a trim since I got it chopped off a year ago and I have no split ends. When I used to wash it every other day it was in horrible condition.

    *swimming or other activities might speed up the process. see also insane humidity/grossness of h-town

  5. I took accordian lessons when I was in grammar school, from a teacher provided by the school, at the school. The instrument was decided FOR me because we had possession of my uncle’s accordian, so no renting an instrument or buying one. The accordian teacher said that Uncle’s accordian needed to be tuned (or whatever you do to accordians) and took it for servicing. That was the last we (and the school) saw of the teacher or the accordian. And get this: all of this happened at a Catholic grammar school where apparently they didn’t interview the music teacher to see if he abided by the Ten Commandments…you know, like “thou shalt not steal”?????????????

  6. You should get Lasik, it’s amazing and I was BLIND!! But now I see. 20/20. Totally worth it!

    Random fact about myself that is currently driving me crazy with the latest dude, every guy I “date” since College turns into a friend. I must be the most unattractive girl ever. I’m trying to lasso this one, but it’s like trying to turn the titanic. UGH!

  7. I can’t wink.

    And, I have an unnatural knack for playing Wheel of Fortune. Which I tivo.

  8. I found a new blog but I am keeping it secret for now because I commented with some insightful, yet deeply personal experiences. And I want those to go to the archives before I let anyone else read about it.

    Also? I like putting ketchup on my baked potatoes.

  9. I have this bad habit of looking in the mirror and saying “what was that?”

    It must reveal my “good side” or make my jaw line more apparent. Not sure what the point of that is, and why I didn’t pick something cooler to say – like, “how you doin’?”

  10. When I am alone in an elevator, I usually have the urge to dance or kick. Sometimes, I do.

  11. I can’t burp. I only burp when I brush my teeth of stick my finger down my throat. Drinking beer becomes uncomfortable after 2 much less a pitcher…

  12. I shave the left side of my left leg with my left hand. I’m right handed.

  13. Nothing I do is weird…yeah right!! Hmm, I have to pee at least twice before I fall asleep at night…you asked for weird…;)

  14. I have an extra myelin sheath in one of my eyes. Sadly, this does not give me any sort of advantage whatsoever. I don’t see any faster. 😉

  15. No way! cRockStar stole mine – I can’t burp either. Never have been able to – when it happens naturally, it happens, but it’s rare. And this is a sad thing because I’d like to think that I’d be a really good burper – like be able to do the alphabet or something.

  16. I abhor anything licorice-flavored. Liqueurs like Sambuca, anything with anise or fennel, and of course black jellybeans…they all make me cringe.

  17. I’m perfectly normal. I don’t think there are any weird things about me.

  18. you and i? soulmates.
    fruit in dessert? not a chance will i eat it!

    hmmm…something weird and random about me? don’t i tell you enough…like about sleeping with my eye slightly OPEN?!?!?

  19. Fine, since you didn’t believe that there is nothing odd about me, which, granted…

    I am a member of the National Council of Teachers of English.

  20. You want weird, you got weird:
    When I get really stressed or nervous, I tend to pull out my eyelashes. Have done it since I was like 7 and I don’t usually realize I’m doing it.
    Feel free to eye me suspiciously now.

  21. You are amazing! I totally reused the research for a paper I’d written in JUNIOR HIGH history class for a freshman year history paper. I got an A.


    I have no feeling in my lower lip and chin!!

  22. I’m with you on the fruit in cake – – ain’t happenin’ in MY kitchen! Not.Happenin’.

    And I’m with CobWebs also – – black licorice? ICK!!!

    Unimportant thing about me . . . I wash my hair every other day, but condition it every day or it gets way too dry. Seems to work pretty well for me.

  23. I only enjoy water at room temp.

    And I like my peeps stale – but I’ve heard that’s not so weird.

  24. To Kimberly – Peeps stale is not so weird. My folks LOVE them that way, and I’ve grown to enjoy them a bit “tougher” as well. Heck, who am I kidding, though? I’ll eat Peeps ANY WAY.

    Something weird? – I enjoy Miracle Whip sandwiches. Yes, just bread and miracle whip.

  25. I used to twirl baton COMPETITVELY but gave it up right before high school because I didn’t want to be associated with the people in the band (sorry to say).

  26. To quote Jim Gaffigan, “Fruit, good.. cake, great! Fruitcake.. nasty crap!

  27. I have an extra rib on my left side (called a cervical rib). You can kind of see it sticking out near my clavicle! Read more here:

  28. When I’m comfortable and not wearing shoes or socks, I interlace my pinky toes.

  29. When I was a kid I was a total tomboy (kinda still am). This did not make me very popular with the other kids, except when choosing teams. In junior high I grew alot, and very fast. This lead to my knees hurting, my going to the Dr., and my being diagnosed with a “BOYS disease” (can’t remember the name) because apparently BOYS are the ones who grow fast, not girls. Word got out and let’s just say this tomBOY never heard the end of having a BOYS disease. KIDS CAN BE SO MEAN!!

  30. I refuse to mix cheese and ketchup. GROSS!

  31. One MORE weird thing about me? Okay. Um. Let’s see. Um.

    I love singing to Patsy Cline songs.

    Geez. The things I do for you.

  32. There are so many weird things about me to choose from. Hmmm. Which one should I tell? OK. Got it.

    I blog.


    OK, one weird thing. I have this tiny little foam basketball that I bounce around my office, off the walls, dribbled on the floor, on the desk, the whole day. I used to play with a slinky, but people got annoyed at the noise. The basketball is quieter.

  33. Seriously? I have to tell you just ONE wierd thing about me? Oh, alright……

    I like sour cream on my steak.

    There. You happy?

  34. Shit. I feel totally boring. Even though I was tagged by Jen Lan too, my stuff isn’t really that unique I don’t think. I’ll tell one thing I was gonna tell on my six things but didn’t, and then if you want, you can read my other six things on my blog (like how I’m trying to woo your readers to my blog?)

    In college… OK, two things–in college, when other kids on our dorm floor would be finished with a pizza and throw it away, my roommate and I used to take the crusts and whatever they didn’t eat out of the box and eat the leftovers.

    Why waste perfectly good pizza just cuz they were full?

    2. Same roommate brought home this totally HOT guy when we were living in the same dorm. She was so drunk she went to throw up / pass out in the bathroom down the hall. I couldn’t let that hot guy go to waste hanging out in our room while she was passed out in the bathroom, right?

    I confessed to her years later. How’s that for sloppy seconds?!?!!

    I’m OUT! Thanks for letting me confess!

  35. I collect cereal. I now have 16 unopened boxes in the pantry.

  36. I’m remarkably clumsy, which is made even worse because my apartment is sort of crooked (old house).

  37. ASU DVL2. I thought that was you.

  38. I’m terrified of Jack Nicholson. I’m talking “bring me to tears if I see him for an extended amount of time” terrified. This stemmed from nothing and is completely irrational. However, it provided endless amounts of fun for my friends, who are cruel and take pleasure in anything Jack related.
    The same can be said for dinosaurs.

  39. I have a running movie in my head of my life as a famous rock star, and the affair I’m having with George Clooney. And before I go to bed each night I run the movie a little further along, and I am instantly asleep. We’ve been on our first date for 5 years now.

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