Posted by: kristabella | April 6, 2008

I’ve Moved!

For those of you in a feed reader, I have moved locations. Don’t worry, the snark is coming with.

In fact, I’m FULL OF SNARK, which is where you can find me now! I finally moved over to my own domain at

You’ll automatically be re-directed if you forget and go to

Edited to add: Because I’m super paranoid, I’m turning the automatic re-direct off for a little bit, to spread the news. To make sure this post shows up in the feed reader. Because I’m afraid my legions of 17 readers will leave and never find me and then I will be sad. And no one likes the girl who sits in the corner of the bar crying in her beer/wine/Jack & Coke.

So please update your feed readers since the feeds won’t re-direct. Or if they do, I have NO idea how to do that since my geekiness has its limits.

My new feed is here. Please come over and tell me what you think of the new digs!

Don’t forget to update your reader and links/blogroll! And tell your friends! I’m at now! And that’s just fun to say! It’s better than being full of something else!


And also, WordPress, and your new template? Where the fuck did you put the spell check button?



  1. Well, good for you. A more spacious space, huh? I’m pretty sure you must have more than 17 loyal readers! I’ll changing my feeeeeeeeed now. 🙂

  2. Got here via Iapnemic. I think you’re using the same WordPress template I am. I don’t know where the damn spell check is, either, which explains why my posts are less literate than the president’s speeches.

  3. Hooray!! Love the name 🙂

  4. It seems to me it is magnificent thought

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