Here is where you’ll find anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Bacon. So for all you new readers, and those of you here from Bacon: The Beginning, here is all you ever needed to know about Bacon.

Bacon is a folder. He looks like this:


My cats like to play with him.


Bacon does not like to play back.

Bacon is who I go to with all life’s important questions. Because when you don’t know what to do, I turn to him and ask “What Would Bacon Do?”

And then I spin the Bacon spinner and I get my answer.

At some point, I decided that I got really crazy search terms through Google for people stumbling on my blog, search terms that I couldn’t even answer, so I turned to Bacon. And Bacon Says was born. Sometimes he’ll even answer questions from his devoted following.

Here are all the links to the Bacon posts:

Bacon has 12 possible answers, answers that can solve any problem. One spin of the wheel and one of the following answers will help lead you to a fulfilling life.

  • Taste Really Good
  • Hang Out With Hash Browns
  • Smoke
  • Liven Up A Salad
  • Boycott Tofu
  • Beckon
  • Spit Hot Grease (one of Bacon and Kristabella’s favorites)
  • Shrivel
  • Put the “B” in BLT
  • Sizzle
  • Tempt A Vegan
  • Raise Cholesterol

And that concludes your Bacon lesson.

Fo Sizzle.



  1. Bacon,
    I love you.

    House of Jules

  2. There was a really funny British comedian on “Last Comic Standing.” He started his act with the following:

    I’m Jewish, but not religious.

    Because…bacon………….is nice.

  3. *swoon*

    Bacon… I look for excuses to cook with you. Because? You are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. And you “Taste Really Good.”

  4. The other day, my coworker was miffed at having to stagger her start time because she had a late meeting, and asked me what she should do since she wakes up at 7:30 at the latest anyways.

    I told her to make herself eggs benedict.

    And bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. Because bacon makes everything better.

  5. This is ingenious! I never thought of living my life the way Bacon would want me to. It just makes so much sense!

  6. […] Tonight, I had my first Chicago-style deep dish pizza. And Oh My Bacon! […]

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