Posted by: kristabella | March 20, 2008

DINAO Round 7 – The Cartoon Edition

Because I love cartoons and because I love all of you readers, I have pulled my sick ass out of bed to do this week’s Death Is Not An Option.

This one just makes me giggle because the idea of sleeping with cartoons is just funny. But that may be the cold medicine talking.

Anyway, here is Round 7. For anyone new here, the point is to pick who you would have sex with out of the two options. And death is NOT an option. To see previous versions, click here.

Round 7

The Old School Cartoon Edition

Fred Flintstone vs. George Jetson

fred_flintstone.jpg             george-jetson.jpg

The New School Beer-Drinking Edition

Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin

homer.jpg          peter-griffin.jpg

The Big Man Edition

Fat Albert vs. Bluto from Popeye

fat-albert.jpg          bluto.jpg

The Squeaky Voice Edition

SpongeBob Squarepants vs. Mickey Mouse

spongebob.jpg          mickey-mouse.png

The Dawg Edition

Scooby Doo vs. Astro from The Jetsons

scooby.jpg        astro.jpg

The Ladies of Bedrock Edition

Wilma Flinstone vs. Betty Rubble

wilma.jpg                     betty.gif

The Pin-Up Cartoon Edition

Betty Boop vs. Josie from Josie and The Pussycats

betty-boop.jpg              josie.jpg

The Kitty Edition

Felix the Cat vs. Tom from Tom & Jerry

felix-the-cat.jpg              tom.jpg

The Duck Edition

Daffy Duck vs. Donald Duck

daffyduck.jpg      donald-duck.jpg

The These-Two-Have-Nothing-In-Common Edition

Bugs Bunny vs. Gumby

bugs-bunny.jpg                  gumby.jpg

Leave your life-altering choices in the comments!


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  1. This one made me laugh. You’re right. The idea of sleeping with cartoons is just too funny.

    1. George
    2. Peter
    3. Fat Albert
    4. Mickey
    5. Scooby Doo
    6. Betty
    7. Betty
    8. Felix
    9. Donald
    10. Bugs

  2. Fun Friday..
    1. George
    2. Homer all the way
    3. Fat Albert – Bluto is too mean
    4. Mickey – gotta go with the oldest and best
    5. Astro – never did like Scooby
    6. Wilma
    7. Josie – Betty Boop scares me
    8. Tom
    9. Daffy
    10. Gumby – I don’t know – isn’t Gumby “bendy”?

    Hope you’re feeling better!!!!

  3. 1. George Jetson. Dude’s from the FUTURE!
    2. Homer
    3. Fat Albert. But, seriously: ewwness.
    4. I feel like I’m corrupting the innocence of youth with either of these choices, but Mickey.
    5. Scooby
    6. Betty- Wilma is high maintenance
    7. Betty Boop
    8. Tom
    9. Daffy, I wouldn’t be able to understand Donald
    10. Gumby, Bugs is a playa.

  4. You’re so kinky with your animated humping!

    I pick:
    -Jetson, because I like ’em skinny
    -Homer, because The Family Guy just bugs me
    -Fat Albert, hey hey hey
    -Sponge Bob, because Mickey reminds me of Michael Jackson
    -Astro… I guess I just like the FUTURE
    -Wilma, redheads are HOTT
    -Josie, because she is sassy like me
    -Felix, when you think about it, also kind of sassy
    -Donald… Daffy is cute, but I just can’t take the saliva
    -Gumby, obviously, for range of -ahem- positioning options

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Hmmmm. Good one.

    1. George
    2. Peter (because it looks like he makes Lois happy in about 90% of the episodes)
    3. Fat Albert
    4. Spongebob – Mickey is way too squeaky
    5. Scooby – easier to understand
    6. Wilma – because I see Rosie when I think of Betty
    7. Josie
    8. Donald
    9. Bugs – because he brings flowers!

  6. -Fred
    -Homer, donuts man!
    -Scooby because I like me some scooby snacks.

  7. Fred
    Fat Albert
    Scooby Doobie!

  8. This is so wrong on so many levels. You are a sick and twisted woman. I suppose that’s why I read. 🙂

    Wilma (who can resist those pearls?)

  9. When I was looking at Wilma and Betty standing side by side, I began to think: Is Betty Latina????

  10. I can’t believe you didn’t put Trey from Daria.

    1. Fred
    2. Homer
    3. Bluto (Who is that!?)
    4. Mickey
    5. Astro
    6. Betty (brunettes rule)
    7. Betty Boop
    8. Felix
    9. Daffy
    10. Bugs Bunny bc he’d bring flowers (although I bet Gumby would be kinky!) hahahaha

  11. George
    Scooby Doo (hey, he’s got snacks)
    Betty Boop (so wrong on so many levels)
    Gumby (you have no idea how he could bend that body;))

    There is something very sick about this whole thing!! 😉

  12. Jetson
    Bluto (Tough call though, he’s a cartoon, but he still looks like he smells bad)
    Betty Rubble
    Betty Boop

  13. I love ya, kid, but this one creeps me out too much. (AKA, I’m too lazy to write it all out right now, and will instead contemplate the balsamic dressing that ended up on my white shirt from lunch and pray that the Shout wipes in my desk will get it out… thereby preventing me from having to go to Target and buy a new shirt before heading to the hockey game with the bf.)

    How’s that for a run-on sentence? 😉

  14. I know you say that it isn’t an option, but I’m honestly going to have to go with death here.

  15. I can’t play because I am sick (yeah, cheese-assed excuse I know). And I am so sick I would give all of them a bad case of the flu which would not be fair.
    Promise to play once I feel better.

  16. I can’t play because I am sick (yeah, cheese-assed excuse I know). And I am so sick I would give all of them a bad case of the flu which would not be fair.
    Promise to play once I feel better.

  17. Ew,
    1. George
    2. Homer (Peter is creepy)
    3. Fat Albert is cool
    4. Mickey (SpongeBob is a kid)
    5. Scooby
    6. Betty (the laugh)
    7. Josie is cute.
    8. Felix (Tom is too real)
    9. Daffy (Donald seems like a kid)
    10. Gumby, obviously!

  18. George

    (skipped a few, sorry!)

    Feel better soon and or enjoy your cold medicine!

  19. God, woman, you kill me. OK:
    1. Fred
    2. Homer
    3. Fat Albert
    4. Mickey (but Jesus, I wish death was an option)
    5. Scooby (isn’t this illegal?)
    6. Betty
    7. Betty
    8. Felix
    9. Daffy
    10. Bugs!

  20. Oh gosh, I really don’t think I can handle this one, lady!
    I can only bear to answer one of them:
    Betty Boop, all the way.

  21. 1. George. He might have more interesting technology available.

    2. Homer. I am unusually turned off by fat rolls around the neck.

    3. Bluto, unless I could be absolutely guaranteed of being on top.

    4. Spongebob. I worked for Disney for several years; I’ve been screwed by Mickey enough already.

    5. Scooby has a slight edge in the anthropomorphism department.

    6. Betty. Wilma was a shrew.

    7. Josie. Betty’s head is freakishly disproportionate.

    8. Felix. There’s a “Master Cylinder” joke in there somewhere.

    9. Daffy. At least you could understand what he was saying.

    10. Bugs. He’s oddly hot.

  22. I liked it better when I didn’t know what this contest was. But here we go:

    1. George: Technique gets improved over time. Knowing that, who would you rather bed, a prehistoric man or a man of the future. Just sayin’.
    2. Homer: G-d help me.
    3. Bluto: ‘Cause, seriously, Fat Albert?
    4. Mickey: Hate Spongebob. Hate him.
    5. Scooby: Rut ro!
    6. Betty: I’m a brunette man.
    7. Betty: The original hottie.
    8. Felix: I’m with Cobwebs, there’s a joke in there somewhere.
    9. Donald: ‘Cause it’s there.
    10. Gumby. ‘Cause he’s flexible.

  23. Great Round! I hope you feel better soon.
    -Mickey-I had real trouble with this one because SpongeBob’s laugh makes me want to Smash! and sex with Mickey just seems dirty.
    -Betty Boop

  24. Okay, okay…I’ll play.

    1. George – Maybe he’d have some fun ‘gadgets’.
    2. Homer – Ugh.
    3. Fat Albert – Bluto’s too mean.
    4. Mickey – Everyone knows that SBSP is totally gay.
    5. Scooby – Scooby snack anyone?
    6. Betty – She’s orange and hot.
    7. Betty – Even though her head looks like she has two brains.
    8. Tom – If he could focus all that anger…it might be kinky.
    9. Donald – For the family money.
    10. Bugs – Is Gumby really a cartoon? I thought he was claymation…

    I totally had a crush on He-Man when I was a child. Him and his green cat. LOVED him.

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