Posted by: kristabella | March 19, 2008

Streak Over

Today is the last day of winter. Yes, I swear, the first day of spring isn’t ALWAYS March 21 like I always thought. Sometimes it is March 20. Which means today, Wednesday, is the last day of winter. It also marks the end of my streak of not getting sick AT ALL this winter. Because I have a cold. It came on today. My fucking streak is broken. And I’m none too pleased.

So because I’m mostly a whiney mess when sick and am even more exhausted than normal, I have nothing much to post. It’s also nice to get sick so you can blame the writer’s block on that instead of The Lazies or The Uncreatives.

Here are a few things I should share:

  • You know I’m sick when I don’t really want to drink any alcohol.
  • Last night I had a work dinner and drank the Blood Orange Martini, which was tasty, thinking the vitamin C would help. Until I realized there was no fruit juice in it.
  • So I had a glass of wine instead, thinking there should be some vitamin C left in those grapes.
  • I turned down a second glass.
  • It was a work dinner so it was FREE BOOZE.
  • I turned down FREE BOOZE.
  • Me!
  • Fondue is the world’s best meal. We had chocolate AND cheese fondue at book club tonight. It’s no surprise I parked my ass in front of the cheese.
  • It will also be no surprise when my pants don’t fit tomorrow.
  • The meeting request feature in Microsoft Outlook is not meant to call me into a meeting to yell at me. About crumbs.
  • Now it is time for sleep. Because I think the wine is mixing with the antihistamine and vna’bndfosbnvkd;sZZZZZZZ.


Don’t forget to cast your vote today for my friend Jenny for the Chicago Woman of the Year! You can vote once a day until March 31. And I will keep reminding you.



  1. Congrats! You got a cold just in time for mother nature to bitch-slap us again with more snow tomorrow night & Friday! (feel better soon… b/c OMFG, you turned down free booze, and that is very upsetting).

    House of Jules

  2. Feel better soon and agreed. Fondue is the best meal ever. EVER!

  3. It’s not winter any more? FOR REAL? Oh, praise be!

    I also don’t like alcohol when I’m sick, although I will sometimes soldier on and drink it anyway. I mean, red wine is almost like food, right?

    Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  4. Wow. I’m impressed that you made it this far without getting sick. Especially since I STILL have my cough from the beginning of February.

    Feel better soon. At least the wine will let you sleep through the night!

  5. Feel better soon! And take care of yourself…lots of rest.

    I, on the other hand, have had some form of the creeping crud flu three times this winter…the latest a short bout with stomach flu Tuesday night & Wednesday. Don’t even get me started on that…since a person I work with came INTO work Tuesday with said stomach flu & apparently spread her germs to moi. I couldn’t quite figure out if I was more sick or more pissed off over being sick. Bitch.

  6. Lasagne is the BEST food ever. Fondue is a restaurants way of taking cheese with mold on it, not having to scrape it off, and instead just dumping it into a hot pot, sprinkling on some chives and basil or some other green stuff and that way the green mold they didnt scrape off doesnt look out of place swimming in the cheese.

    That and well done meat. My wife and I went out on our usual friday night dinner, at a steakhouse, and i was surrounded by F’ng morons. Who the hell gets steak and asks for it WELL done. I will tell you who, people that are willing to get the meat from the locker that has started to turn brown/green. You have seen that color in meat chests at grocery stores, its the well past “aged” look. But restaurants KNOW that some imbecile will walk in to “Beef on the Hoof” (not the real name) restaurant and order meat WELL DONE! People, if you want meat well done, eat road kill. Good cuts of meat are NEVER used for well done steaks. They use the brown stuff! Fondue is the same.

    (My wife used to run a restaurant many years ago, she tells me all the trade stuff, stuff you DONT want to know.)

    But we had a new one, even to her. The couple next to us asked Chez paul (waiter) at said “Beef on the Hoof” restaurant for a glass of hot water. Now my wife, who would ask anyone anything at anytime, had to ask them why. She first asked me did I want to wait until we were leaving so I could go out and avoid the embarrassment of her asking the question, to which I said, No, I have been with you for nearly ten years, i am used to it. They said that the did that to “sterilize the utensils” I couldnt help it but turn away and laugh to myself. These same people, who had ordered their steaks well done now are health freaks, and they dont know that hot tap water does not kill bacteria, only steam above 212 wet bulb temperatures. But I guess they felt that if your going to eat way past pull date beef, you may as well clean your knife and fork.

  7. I slept the perfect sleep last night. I left the window open. It was cold as hell in my bedroom this morning which means that my nose is now exploding into my brain.


    Feel better.

    Oh and thanks for comments yesterday! My blog has missed you. Oh and when you have time and can watch inappropriate things, I have a vid from YouTube of Henry Rollins writing a love letter to Ann C. It’s AWESOME. I LOVE HIM.

  8. I hope you feel better soon! A cold just sucks! Stay in this weekend and relax…the 6 inches of snow should help with that 😉

  9. My not sick streak is still going strong, knock wood!

    Blood orange martinis sound delicious, if not rich in vitamins.

    Feel better, pal.

  10. It is a little cooler than I’d like today (they promised mid 60s, but it’s mid 50s right now), but a pretty sunny day for the first day of Spring.

    And how am I celebrating? Well, after I finish yelling at ESPN’s website for telling me what I DON’T want to see for the Xavier-Georgia game (GO DAWGS!), I’m going out to the Sweetwater Brewery Tour… which gives me 6 beers for $8. AWESOME.

    Oh, and feel better!

  11. If you want vitamin C, suck down some jalapeños. Put one or two in a bloody mary, and after you swig that sucker, down the pepper. Do two or three, you be on the road to healthy dom.

  12. Poor baby. On my way to Ree’s house, I’ll drive over and bring you some chicken soup.

  13. Feel better! And if you keep reminding me, I’ll keep voting. Because, obviously, if you’ve stopped accepting free booze AND you’re younger than me, you have more brain cells to actually retain your daily agenda! 😉

  14. Awww, poor girl! A cold just as it’s getting nice outside is the WORST! Cheese fondue-the BEST!!

  15. I don’t have time to do the contest today, BUT…

    I tagged you for a meme. Right now you’re probably going SHIT, but you’ll thank me later.

  16. Got to be something going around. I got hit with it yesterday and went down like a mac truck had hit me. But I think you did the right thing. Wine and cheese are always a good bet when fighting a cold. 🙂

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