Posted by: kristabella | March 13, 2008

Where I Ask You For Money

Do you see that new button over there on my sidebar? Come on in from your feed reader, people.

Isn’t is SO cute? I begged Hotfessional to help me make a cute little button and she ROCKED it. Because well, she rocks!

My company is participating in the American Cancer Society’s annual Walk & Roll. I’m walking five miles in May and am hoping to raise some money for a great cause. So I was wondering if you would like to donate some money to a good cause. Please! Pretty please with sugar on top! And a martini! If so, please click on that cute little button and donate some money. Every little bit helps, so if you can, I would appreciate it. One dollar, five dollars, it all goes to help us kick cancer’s ass!

And, in case you needed more reasons, I shall give them to you:

  1. Cancer affects way too many people. And sadly most people have known at least one person that has been affected. Wouldn’t you like to kick cancer in the balls for what it has done to people we know and love?
  2. My friend Amber works for the American Cancer Society. And she would appreciate your donation. And why should you care about my friend Amber? Because she’s the one that gave me Bacon.
  3. I promise to document the race. Taking photos at every mile marker, getting wearier and wearier as the day goes on. Because I walked three miles last night and I was sore. So five miles is going to kick my ass.
  4. I may bring a flask for the walk for some Irish coffee and just think of the hilarity that will ensure over five miles!
  5. If I raise more than $250, I get a prize. And whatever I am awarded, will be given out to one lucky donater! A contest! Wouldn’t you love a Walk & Roll T-shirt? Or a Walk & Roll water flask? You know your life won’t be complete until you own a piece of Walk & Roll merchandise.
  6. And finally, I can’t match all the donations since I am not rich, but I will contribute $1 for every person who donates. So if 25 people donate, I’ll kick in an extra $25. Make me poor, bitches!

Don’t you just want to help? So go on, click the cute button! And don’t worry, I’ll be reminding you all frequently until May 18.

And thank you to all of you for your willingness to help!



  1. Key lime pie martini, please. Ooooh, let’s go to Wildfire soon for some of those!!!


    But it was OK, because you mentioned bacon.

  3. Hey! Hey! I saw the signs in the train car I was in on Tuesday morning.

    I thought about grabbing everyone and telling them that you were walking and they’d better pony up!

    But then I figured that, y’know, they’d probably think I was just freakin’ weird. 😉

    Oh, and Mahnee. Next time, we’ll all hit Wildfire. Ack, I miss eating there. I had Portillo’s last night. Yea, I know. Expense report be damned! Let’s get hot dogs!

  4. I am fixin to walk for Cystic Fibrosis. I donate for you, you donate for me?

    If you can’t, it’s cool, I’ll still donate for you 🙂

  5. Also sucked in from the safety of my reader (and trying to adjust from the two hour time difference from Vancouver to Chicago – this is as bad as the transition to daylight savings. Either that or its all the beer).

    Although, I have to say Chicago is really conducive to walking, generally. Much more so than Vancouver is.

  6. Cool button! I’ll have to come back with ye ol’ credit card…

  7. Ok, I am old enuf to get cancer. I have skin cancer and I had prostate cancer. My wife had lymphoma, yet neither of us feel that we “have cancer.”

    I mean, old people get cancer, well, young ones do also, but its thought of as being something you get when your looking at AARP membership drives, or you actually sit AND watch PBS beg-a-thons. And while I rip up the AARP apps, and never see PBS beg-a-thons, and I hope YOU stay gainfully employed for 20 more years so I can retire, i dont see us as being old enough for C.

    What i am grateful for is great health insurance, and making my wife get a physical when she felt fine, and thats when they found her lymphoma. Then while she was going through her chemo, I found out I had prostate cancer, so when she was healthy enuf to take care of me, I got gutted like a woman having a hysterectomy. Yep, same pose, same stirrups, same pain. Man-o-man, wearing depends for 6 months suxs big time. But now we are both past that, well, i still get skin crap cut out like bad scenes in a bad movie, but I see that as maintenance.

    The one thing being cancer survivor’s has going for it, never having to get bugged by blood banks. i guess they put you on the same list as AIDS patients when you tell them you had cancer.

    Gotta see the good in all things!

    Kristablla, on your walk, do you want beer aid stations instead of the usual gatoraide or water?

    I mean, wouldnt your system go into anaphylactic shock if you drank water?


  8. Wish I was in CHI-Town to walk with you! 5 miles, no worries, should only take you about an hour and a half, 2 hours tops!! Walk & Roll baby:)

  9. Cancer survivor since 2003. Can’t have children, but I can help kick some cancer-booty for others.
    Payday is tomorrow. Will be donating for sure.

    Actually, I am thinking about buying you the flask just to see what kind of tom-foolery goes on as the miles go by. That would be soooo worth it. And I am passing the link on to everyone so get ready to get poor!!! (LOVED that line!!)

  10. Sucked in from my reader, but totally worth it. I think you should raise your goal! 😉

  11. I wasn’t in my reader (TRY IT PEOPLE, IT’S NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK!).

    I don’t have much, darlin, but I will share 🙂 Button clicking proceeding.

  12. sorry babe, as soon as I have cash I will definitely donate to your cause. Honestly, our budget has us living paycheck to paycheck until December to get out of credit card debt. I will have cash to donate (even if it’s a measely 10 bucks) before then though…great cause.

  13. I’m in! I starred this in my feed reader so that I will remember to donate.

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