Posted by: kristabella | March 7, 2008

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Post

Hi. This is Bacon. I’m filling in for Kristabella. And I’m not happy about it, let me tell you. Remember how she was telling us all how she’d answer the questions for Bacon TODAY? And that she wasn’t going to be lazy like last time?

Well guess what? I sat up waiting, patiently mind you, for her to get home this evening. Because she teased me and told me that people had questions for me! And I would get to answer them today! I couldn’t have been more excited! But instead, she comes home all buzzed out of her mind after going to a party all giddy because her new eye doctor told her she had such pretty eyes and now she doesn’t have time to post the answers to the questions for ME that I have spent time meticulously crafting.

Instead, she just passes out on the couch, still in her down parka. And expects me to spread the news to my adoring fans that the answers to Ask Bacon will have to wait. Until she can be bothered to not only take off her coat, but use her fingers to type and not hold a damn drink in her hand.


So yeah. Needless to say. You’ll have to wait for MY answers to all your questions. Because she’s a lazy, drunken whore.



  1. hey, Bacon! It’s 4:30 am here and yep, I’m up surfing the interweb. Oh! The joy of having a toddler!

    Well, this toddler at any rate.

    Here’s a question for you dear bacon … how do you get a 19 month old to sleep through the night? Would you recommend a diet of bacon?

    Lord, I could use to pass out on the couch and not wake up for, like, 3 whole days.

  2. Hee! Looks like she had a good night, though, Bacon!

  3. Ummmm, what is she doing with her hand?

  4. Is that a RECORD ALBUM on your coffee table? I love that it’s as big as your laptop. Ha!

  5. Nancypearlwannabe

    that isnt a record, its Snarkies Internet version of “TWISTER”, and she and bacon and the computer all get to play, on that little table. That thing is the spinner.

  6. Hope you had a good time, pretty eyes. Please tell these lovely people that it’s not a record album or twister.

  7. Bacon, you’re so good with a camera.!

  8. Bacon be lucky the drunk didn’t eat you before she passed out!

  9. Kristabella, you make passing out on the couch in a down parka look HOTT.

  10. I hope you didn’t take advantage of our dear lazy drunken whore, bacon. That would be foul play indeed.

  11. Hmm, KJ I think Bacon has a little attitude problem…maybe it’s time to threaten to throw him in the microwave for a bit…;)

  12. Bacon, I don’t know how you put up with her? Look at her…lying there in her down parka all snark-less. Wait until she sees this picture you took of her! She’ll be all up on you then. If I were you, I’d make like eggs and scramble for the hills.

  13. Poor Bacon…you’re so mistreated…

  14. my my, Bacon sounds BITTER!

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