Posted by: kristabella | March 3, 2008

Things I’m Wondering

Random wonderings on a Monday evening:

  • Why 20 degrees after an almost 60-degree day just feels colder than a normal 20-degree day.
  • Doesn’t everyone drink milk with dinner?
  • Because I mentioned that I do and someone at work laughed at me. I don’t really care that you laughed at me because you won’t be laughing when you fall down the stairs when you’re 70 and you break your damn hip.
  • But seriously, how else do you get calcium?
  • My department at work is way behind in the entertainment world. Brought up at lunch today “hey have you seen that NEW video with Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon? How hilarious is that?”
  • Me, because I’m am UNABLE to keep my fucking mouth shut about anything in which I am either right or superior: “You mean the one that’s been out for like a month? Yeah. I saw it. A month ago.”
  • That somehow earned me the title as Resident Hipster.
  • I’ve been called worse.
  • But just as an FYI, knowing about funny videos and what days my shows premiere again in April does not make me a Hipster. It makes me sane.
  • Am I the only one that likes mushy apples? Not mealy and gross, but not super hard?
  • Because when I announce that I prefer Jonagold apples because they are sweet and mushy, why must everyone be all up in my face because of my APPLE SELECTION?
  • I don’t get on your ass for your sweater selection.
  • Who is Flava Flav? Because apparently the guy on the TV show Flavor of Love is FLAVOR Flav. And boy howdy, nothing pisses him off more than spelling his name Flava instead of Flavor. Well, that and touching his face.
  • I won’t even get into wondering why anyone would want to get close to him, let alone touch his face for anything but slapping.
  • That technically I could qualify for NaBloPoMo this month. (They made it every month now, if you’re interested.) Because I have written every day this month. And this actually qualifies for this month’s theme of lists.
  • But one NaBloPoMo a year is good enough for me.
  • Why did I go to see The Other Boleyn Girl in the theatre when I didn’t even like the book?
  • Oh, right. Eric Bana.
  • We need more Eric Banas in this world.
  • I might have to do a DINAO with just Eric Bana.
  • Does anyone else hate Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love? Dude, you had me in Italy. And then I just wanted to shove you into a ravine.
  • I went to school with a guy named Raveen.
  • He had a bit of the KJ-itis. He played the tuba.
  • Does anyone need a roomie for BlogHer? Because I do. Think of the stories! Purple -aced as I meet strangers! Purple wine-stained teeth! The inability to SHUT UP about anything in general!

Don’t forget to leave your wonderings and burning questions for Bacon. He’s feeling a little unloved because his posts don’t get as many comments as my posts. Which just makes me point and laugh.



  1. i don’t drink milk with dinner. but i do sometimes have one or two glasses while i’m just sitting around. this grosses out my boyfriend, i think.

  2. * Why 20 degrees after an almost 60-degree day just feels colder than a normal 20-degree day.

    It’s because of the difference in temperature.

    * But seriously, how else do you get calcium?

    Leafy green vegetables. Cabbage, sprouts, etc.

    * Because when I announce that I prefer Jonagold apples because they are sweet and mushy, why must everyone be all up in my face because of my APPLE SELECTION?

    I’ve never tried Jonagold. I much prefer Granny Smith or Braeburn. Have you ever tried Golden Delicious? They’re quite mushy.

    Question for bacon – smoked or unsmoked?

  3. Nana says you should ALWAYS have milk with dinner.

    Hipsters need their strong hips.

  4. I read your post and I was like, there’s ANOTHER Sarah Silverman video? I actually got excited for a second, then I realized you were talking about the original.

  5. Milk! It does the body good. Pass it on!

    I love Eric Bana.

    I love Bacon and his posts. Will try to be better at commenting. Sorry Bacon!


  6. I don’t drink milk. It’s nasty. I get my calcium through copious amounts of delicious cheese, dark leafy greens, yogurt, things what say “high in calcium” or a pill if necessary.

    I dig Jonagolds!

    Flavor Flav has no business getting uppity.

    Does Scarlett look like she wants to do Natalie as much in the movie as she does in every interview (and photo op) since? Cuz damn.

    I wonder if they would let us put you on a rollaway cot in our room?

  7. Um, milk? Not unless there’s a bunch of kahlua in it. đŸ˜‰ Or it’s vanilla soy.

    I get calcium from cheese and yogurt. And keep my bones strong lifting weights.

    I like Jonagolds, but I like any kind of apple except Delicious. They’re too fakey around here.

    You so know I would room with you if only I was going to BlogHer.

  8. Yes, we all drink milk with dinner, perhaps just those of us who grew up in Hangover? Even when I go to my parents for dinner, I am given milk, not asked, given.

    Anyway, my question for bacon is “is Raveen ever going to come back into my life? And, why did you all ditch me at Great America in 6th grade?”

  9. *snort* This post cracked me up.

    I also like “mushy” apples, but not as mushy as my mom likes them.

    I used to drink milk with dinner every night, then had to go on a modified South Beach diet when pregnant and got out of the habit. But I do love me some cold milk.

    Mmmmm … ::searching around for cold milk::

  10. I stopped drinking milk with dinner as a teenager. Now it disgusts me.

    I definitely have people in my life who are just now seeing the Sarah Silverman / Matt Damon video. Losers! If having seen that video makes us hipsters, so be it.

  11. Never never never do I drink milk, blech.

    Humans are the only ones that continues to drink milk after being weaned and then, they drink another animals milk! Green leafy vegis have more calcium than you are getting from milk. But if you drink it ‘cuz you like it, that’s OK =)

    And the follow up video with Ben and Jimmy? LMAO, just as funny!

    Now, I’m going to go eat my morning apple … I love all kinds =)

  12. I’m lactose intolerant (mildly), so I prefer light vanilla soy milk. It’s yummy and it makes things taste like dessert.

    And I really want to find a way to make it up to BlogHer… if only because I want to room with you. đŸ™‚

  13. Cow’s milk is gross and bad for you. Soy milk rocks the casbah.

    Fuji apples are the best, sweeter than jonagolds. Also Jazz apples will make your heart sing.



  14. I’m like, terrified of Flavor Flav. Can you imagine how greasy that man is? The glow coming off his face could blind you in person. That’s my theory.

  15. That’s some random randomosity!!

    I don’t drink milk at all, yuck!! I’ll be sharing a hospital room with most of your readers it seems.

    I’d like to go to blogher but I just don’t have the money…

  16. I like to drink milk with dinner. It seems like I have it about once a week – the rest of the time I have water.

    I myself like crispy, crunchy apples. Honeycrisp are my fav. But I would not ridicule you for your apple choices.

    I should really think about going to BlogHer.

    Oh, and tell Bacon I love his posts!

  17. When I was growing up, my parents always made us drink milk with dinner. I have strayed from that, but I still love milk!

    Even weirder: I put ice in my milk. I love, LOVE ice cold milk.

  18. Milk, i get C through yogurt and cheese. Even though I have bad lactose intolerance, I take the lactose enzyme tabs, then have a NF yogurt at bedtime.

    random questions, yeah, its MUCH better than TV. I watched some last night with my wife, she scares me. She likes “My dad is better than your dad” and “Dexter”, with Dexter being her fav next to AI, Next Top Model, and Dancing with the doffusses. Some weird dreams in that womans head, and yeah, her dreams are weird. Go figure huh? LOL

    Bacon’s question…. Bacon, who do you pork? Miss Piggy?

  19. I drank milk wit dinner growing up, but now I generally drink wine.

    And I don’t get nearly enough calcium.

  20. We need more Eric Bana. I sat through two hours of the Other Boleyn Girl in hopes of gratuitous Eric Bana nakedness. I want my money back. ten second hazy shot of him taking off his shirt. I was robbed!! I had to come home and watch Troy three times just to get through the rest of the day.


  21. Ben and Jimmy video I was rolling on the floor so funny! Love that stuff.
    Milk yucky!

  22. I get my calcium from iced lattes. YUM!

  23. In Jenworld, we all drink milk with dinner. It’s the law — or at least my children think it is.

  24. how else to get calcium? Viactive! They come in chocolate and carmel flavors. Ok, they come in more flavors than that, but those are the two I like.

  25. Hey, at least you won’t be called “Resident BROKEN-hipster!” SNORT!

    I hope no one else said that because I didn’t read the comments before I decided to drop that gem in here.

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