Posted by: kristabella | February 18, 2008

Tales from a Weekend

I have self-diagnosed myself with that Seasonal Affective Disorder. Because I’m always tired and I want to eat. Oh, and I HATE winter. I either have that or I’m secretly a bear and getting ready to hibernate.

It’s made me all blah and not want to blog or watch TV or do anything. And look, if I don’t want to be on the computer or watch Big Brother, than something is wrong. If I’m going to bed at 8:30 PM by choice, then I’m lacking some sort of chemical or something in my brain. Besides brain cells. Because we all know I’m missing brain cells from all the drinking.

So I’ve been kind of neglecting poor old Kristabella. But I figure no post is better than more posts about cat puke. Because the cat puke hasn’t stopped, FYI. And then I thought about writing posts of all questions, but then Candy would seriously fly to Chicago and kick my ass down three fucking flights of stairs. And plus, it’s more fun to irritate her with that over email.


Also, I missed the Surprise Virtual Engagement Party for Jen at Operation Pink Herring. She just recently got engaged in the rain in Spain mainly on the plain, and bloggers united to offer their congrats! Naturally, I forgot to post, mostly because the Seasonal Disorder is affecting (so that’s why they call it Seasonal Affective Disorder! SAD) my ability to come up with anything creative. See the previous paragraphs.

So congrats Jen and Joel! I am just fashionably late to the party.


This weekend I babysat for the two cutest kids in the whole world, my niece Skyler and my nephew Noah.


See? Cute. Even if Skyler can’t be bothered to look away from the TV. Do I have to mention again why we’re so alike?

My brother and sister-in-law had a nice romantic night away from home in downtown Chicago. I agreed to do it because it means free dinner and free laundry. Plus my brother just got a new 46-inch flat panel. BONUS!

Here is a run down of my weekend. In true Kristabella fashion. Read: bullets.

  • Scott Baio made me cry. AGAIN. Why am I so invested in his life? And why am I feeling as proud as a mother seeing him mature into an honest-to-goodness adult? And when will Johnny V just go away already? The world would be a better place without him.
  • My calves are hurting me. Why, you ask? I have no idea. Unless I didn’t properly elevate them on the recliner as I was sitting on my ass and doing nothing. I mean, babysitting.
  • Actually, no, sitting on my ass. Because we watched a lot of movies and TV. Because they could ask Auntie to fly around the moon and I’d do it for them.
  • Maybe that’s why my calves hurt?
  • I’m sticking with atrophy.
  • I now know all the words to the songs in the Candy Land movie, Sonic’s Christmas Blast and every Dora the Explorer episode.
  • I lie, only the Super Babies Dora episode. Because we watched it 12 times on Sunday alone.
  • Don’t tease a two year old with anything by telling her that she can do something in the morning. Because when she wakes up? She’s going to want to do what you promised. It will be the first things she says.
  • And then you’ll be watching a movie made from a board game at 7:30 on a Sunday morning.
  • Don’t ever see that movie. EVER. The damn gingerbread kid in that movie, Jib, is way too fucking uptight for a kid going to a damn candy festival. Shut the fuck up, Jib! Who cares about your frosting?
  • Donuts are the nectar of the gods.
  • And nothing will make you happier than your niece telling mom and dad that no, she doesn’t want to go to the hotel with them. She wants “to stay with Auntie and eat donuts.” I’m excited I rank right below donuts, to be quite honest.
  • If allowed, Skyler will eat nothing but donuts and peanut butter cups. She’ll even make sure to take a huge bite of the heart-shaped peanut butter cup at the exact moment you turn your back so that she can be all sneaky.
  • Except for the fact that she’s two and had chocolate colored drool running down her chin.
  • I swear my back was turned for a hot second. That kid is QUICK!
  • Any wonder why we’re related?
  • Arguing with a five-year old is not a good idea. You may KNOW you are right. But he’s FIVE. So he’s pretty sure he’s right. Because he’s almost SIX.
  • And why can’t I just let it go? He’s FIVE!
  • Paying attention and not zoning out on the couch on the weekends is very tiring. So tiring I had to take a little snooze during one of the Candy Land showings.
  • I will never be good at video games.
  • Free laundry is worth its weight in gold. And I had a LOT of laundry this weekend.
  • Making silly voices when reading The Gingerbread Man can make a little girl giggle.
  • It’s one of the best sounds in the world.
  • My sense of humor is not wasted on kids.
  • I attract puking cats. It’s like a beacon. Because my brother’s cat puked when I was there.
  • Cat puke is harder to clean out of carpet.
  • Hardwood floors are the way to go. At least with my cats.
  • These kids are the reason I moved back to Chicago. Because who could live 3,000 miles away from this?

Sporty Skyler wearing her “Strawberry Shortcake hat.” Engrossed by Dora and wondering if Dora and Boots and the Super Babies will ever make it across Crocodile Lake! Dun dun dun.


My nephew knows how to spend his Sunday mornings.


I can has cuteness?


I have a new post up over at Betty Confidential. Go. Read. Register. Speak your mind in the message boards.



  1. I seriously wondered if you caught Baio “Getting on the Ride” last night. I cried too! Then I felt shame, embarrassment and then rage at my shame and embarrassment. Also, I’m PMSing, which could be to blame. Johnny V can suck it!!!
    House of Jules

  2. I have SAD, too. Which really sucks, given that I live in Scotland, and get approximately NO sunshine, ever. (Although, that said, the weather has been weirdly warm and suny here for the last week or two, which gives me no excuse for my SAD at all. Go, Global Warming, though!)

    Those are some cute kids 🙂

  3. I am SO glad that the sprog is over all those kid movies. SO glad. Also I am pretty evil so I wouldn’t allow him to watch a lot of them. Barney was never played in my house. Seriously.

  4. How cute are they…looks like I missed a Baio show…I’m going to have to remedy that!!

  5. Your niece and nephew are incredibly cute.

    One of your bullets reminded me of an argument that my husband had with our six-year-old nephew. My husband was arguing that Japan is a country, while the nephew argued that Japan is not a country. They seriously argued about it for more than five minutes. He is six! It doesn’t matter! I just sat there and laughed.

  6. I totally get SAD. Up until this year, I tanned all winter for the light therapy. Now I am afraid of skin cancer, so I haven’t been all winter.

    You can has waaaaay cuteness with those two. Sounds like a sleepy chocolaty fun weekend to me!

  7. Thanks for the review of the Candy Land movie. Now I will not have to watch it myself. Because, yeah, that was on my list. Not.

    The weather is keeping me from moving to where my family lives, and I’m not talking about Chicago weather, just Oregon weather! You put me to shame!

  8. OMG, the cuteness may make my heart spasm. Except for the fact I’ve been doing baby research non-stop for the last 4 days. Because I’m with child? HELLS NO! Because that’s my new client, and I’m doing a presentation tomorrow to our team. Bleccccch.

  9. It took me two days to see this, because I had 481 new posts on my Google Reader this morning. I’m frigging exhausted.

    Thank you for not writing that in questions. I prefer the bullets. Even if I stopped reading halfway through because I have 223 POSTS LEFT!

    Abbreviate PEOPLE!

  10. Your weekend sounds like it was TOTALLY AWESOME. I should involve more donuts and adorableness in my weekends.

  11. The winter makes me feel all blah too. If I go one day without blogging there is a pretty good change that you won’t hear anything from me for 4 more days. I’m sooooo lazy. Let’s team up and motivate each other.

  12. Your niece and nephew are ADORABLE.

  13. HEY! Are you trying to trick people into having kids? Because those are some seriously CUTE kids! And I want a Strawberry Shortcake hat.

  14. There’s a CandyLand movie? I feel as though that’s something I should memorize. For, you know, no reason at all.

    I like the pink hat.

  15. Hi, I’m a new reader and, SAD is my middle name. The weather is so depressing. (I am in the Northeast). I think I beg to go back to college (Miami) at least three times a day. My people now hate me because of it.

    The niece and nephew are adorable. And despite the SAD, weekend sounded fab.

  16. Dude, I think I must have it too. I can’t come up with an original post to save my life.
    And also…you seem like the best aunt evah!

  17. i’m going to south africa tomorrow. i’ll miss ya!

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