Posted by: kristabella | February 10, 2008

Too Bad Britney Isn’t On The Grammys

I’m currently watching the Grammys. Because I love all award shows. And also there is nothing else on. And I just want to say that Kanye’s performance was awesome. The whole Tron-like thing was all-time. And then he went and made me cry when he sang Hey, Mama for his mom. That couldn’t have been easy. And I don’t care what anyone says, Kayne West is a talented, talented asshole.

And him telling the people that were playing music over his acceptance speech that it was bad taste was one of the best Grammy moments ever. Yes, I know I have an unhealthy love for Kayne West.

Also, Tina Turner looks fabulous. She’s aged a lot better than Cher. And maybe Beyonce shouldn’t wear those really, really short skirts. Or green underwear on stage. I’m just saying.

And I always forget that Kid Rock can actually sing.


So I was apparently in need of a large amount of sleep this weekend. Saturday morning I woke up, to the alarm, at about 9:30. I had an eyebrow wax appointment at 10. I walked down there, got the two caterpillars growing on my face taken care of and came back home and went back to sleep. Until almost 3 PM. Because I knew I had to get up and eventually take a shower to go to a birthday party that night. So overall I got about 12 hours of sleep. And I probably could have slept until Sunday morning if I had anything to say about it.


So I have good news! A few weeks ago I was asked to be a writer for a new women’s website. I of course asked them if they were smoking crack since I don’t think those honest-to-goodness reputable websites like all the talk about booze and drunken posts. Or all the swearing. And fragments. But she assured me that they really did want me to be a contributing writer.

Well, fuck yeah! I told them, before she could take it back. And then I went out and had bottles and bottles of wine to commemorate the occasion.

So anyway, the website is Betty Confidential. And I suggest, nay DEMAND all of you head over there and sign up. There are plenty of talented people involved and a wide range of topics for all women, focusing on women’s life stages and life threads.Β There’s lot of great content and also a “room full of women” social-networking community.Β 

This week I wrote about getting fired. And my close relationship with it. You can check it out here. So please head over, introduce yourself and read articles from some amazing people. Because I’m very excited about this opportunity and want it to last.


And apparently all the sleep sucked every ounce of creativity from my brain.



  1. I thought Kanye commenting for them to shut the music down was perfect – and then they did it with Herbie Hancock – hmmm.. what about possibly shutting up Jason Bateman – that would have cut down on the time, right?

    It was a fabulous show tonight – and, for once, the final prize did not go to the person that everyone assumed.

    Congrats on the new gig and will definitely add it to my list of haunts!

  2. Congrats on the new writing space. You are a fabulous writer and I can’t wait to read you there and here!

  3. Thanks Kristabella for the blood donation. I am a recipient of a pooled blood product IVIg from more than 1000 blood donors, and it would not be possible if not for donors like you!

    Keep it up!

    Ragdoll Billie on the Road to Remission

  4. The image of Beyonce in green underwear is now imprinted indelibly on my brain. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  5. Woo hoo! Congrats on the writing gig – am heading over there now πŸ™‚

  6. I couldn’t believe that Kanye sang that song for his Mom. Sob!

    Excellent, as usual, writing on the other site. Congratulations!!!!!

  7. I recorded the Grammys so I could fast forward through all of the crap. I saw a little bit of Carrie Underwood’s performance, though.

    Congrats on the writing gig. I just read your first post…very good! πŸ™‚

  8. Dude, that’s soooo cool! Wow, can I get your autograph next week????

  9. Congrats on your new writing gig!!

  10. Congrats on the new writing gig! It looks like an interesting website – – I need to go over and spend some time there . . . πŸ™‚

  11. Congrats on the gig!

    Kayne is an asshole. Talent, yes. Asshole of epic proportions? Undeniable. Do I love Vince Gill for his jab? Oh hell yes.

  12. A very talented asshole indeed. That is the nicest thing I can say about Kanye. He is awful.

    And the Vince Gill thing? AWESOME.

    (I hate Kanye West, if it isn’t already clear.)

  13. I did not even know the Grammys were on last night because I was addicted to the Jon & Kate Plus Eight marathon yesterday.

    Congrats on the writing job!

  14. Congrats darling! Well done. They picked a great writer. πŸ™‚

    And I have taken a LONG time to warm up to Kanye, but he’s sorta hot. In that asshole kind of way.

  15. Dam girl, this chic lite stuff is contagious. I mean, its Monday, the second day after this blog was posted, and I am the first man to speak. And now you have a second gig at a site devoted or should I say DEVOTED to chic major stuff.

    I guess when its time to rediscover my feminine side I could mosey on over and see what is going on.

    My wife, a rugged woman, has in her past run a cattle operation by herself, yeah, she told me when we were dating that she has made bulls into steers (yikes), well this sweet woman belongs to group of Texas outdoor women that met and camp out together. Its a diverse group, college aged to 80 year olds, single. married, divorced, widowed, straight, gay, but all liking being outdoors in nature. Since a lot have disposable income, they do camping in more than the Texas/Oklahoma/NM area, they go overseas, Greece for kayaks, Costa Rica for living in the tree canopies etc. Just women, no men allowed. She says that when they hit a campground, she pitty’s the campers next to them, as this group numbers in the 30’s at times, they might have 5 adjacent campsites, and they try to get to the end of a place, but hey, sometimes they have neighbors. After a day of hiking/biking/bird watching, kayaking etc, they sit around the fire at night, and while not like the classic scene from Blazing Saddles, they get rambunctious, with a few glasses of wine/beer/tequilas in them. And invariable the talks turn to men, the failed ones, the good ones and the current ones. Of course there are a few that have no desire to be with men, but this group is cool for that as well.

    So I hope that in the spirit of female bonding, you leave the mushy stuff there, and keep the funny drinking/playing/partying stuff here. Oh hell, its ALL good. have a blast. And if they kick you out, its their loss!

  16. I ❀ Vince Gil for his jab. But I also ❀ Kanye for his talent.

    Yes, I am ambivalent in many areas of my life.

  17. Congrats on the writing gig – that’s awesome!

  18. Oh how we’re different, haha.

    I agree Kanye’s talented. He’s fun! But someone on the radio today commented, “Then why didn’t he thank his mom first?” I hate when people ask them to turn the music down. I also hate it when people thank God (not that I’m anti God…I’m also not filled with hate like this is making me sound.)

    I think it’s nast that Amy Whinehouse won-she is terrible.

    OMG and Tina Turner scared me! She looked like a shell of a woman. YIKES!!!!!

  19. Congrats on the new gig!!

    I love Kanye, too. I think he’s kind of spoiled brat, but he’s honest! (And he’s talented enough to make up for being a spoiled brat.)

  20. Damn, girl, congratulations! I’m so impressed with you. And remember, th-th-th-that that don’t kill you, can only make you stronger.

  21. Hey, congrats on your new writing gig! That is so exciting πŸ™‚

  22. WAHOO!!! Congrats on the writing job!

    And to think, I knew you when you was just small fish πŸ˜‰

    I’ll def check out the site.

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