Posted by: kristabella | February 5, 2008

Because All I Can Talk About is the Weather

Well, hmmmm.

We were supposed to get The Snow of the Apocalypse tonight. It was supposed to start snowing at 6 PM and we were supposed to get 8-14 inches. I had hoped they were wrong since they are WRONG more than they are right. But then again, I was hoping they were RIGHT because then I could work from home in my pajamas. I don’t mind working. But if I can do it without showering and in my PJs, then sign me up.

But it is currently after 10 PM and there is no snow. Not a single flake. In fact, there isn’t much on the ground because the rain earlier in the night kind of melted all that. Which was all fine and good in my book. Because better to have 10 inches of snow fall on NO snow than to have 10 inches of snow to fall on 18 inches of snow.

So I turn on the news. Which, well, I don’t watch much news. That’s not my kind of “reality” television. But I know Chicago. And I know we are obsessed with the weather. And I know those stories lead the newscasts. Even over the election coverage. When this is The Snow of the Apocalypse. And I realize I start too many of my sentences with And.

So The Snow of the Apocalypse? It isn’t going to be starting until some time tomorrow morning and afternoon.

(Dammit Kelly! I can’t help it!)

So now I’m facing a dilemma. They are still calling for The Snow of the Apocalypse. Kind of. But we’re going to get about 8 inches or more and it is all going to fall during business hours. So when I get up, there will probably only be an inch or two on the ground. But as the day goes on, it is going to accumulate. And by the time I leave for home, we’re going to have a shitload of snow on the ground. And I’m not pleased about this. Because I don’t mind driving if there is an inch on the ground. But I DO NOT want to be stuck in traffic, having it take me two fucking hours to get home tomorrow night. I shall remind you I live seven miles from the office. SEVEN MILES. Last Thursday with about an inch or two on the ground, it took me well over an hour. This displeases me. It displeases me greatly.

I guess I’ll get my ass up for work. Unless I hear from someone before I hit the road. But I’m going to make it clear that I’m not happy. Because one, I hate driving in snow with stupid people, and two, it means I can’t wear my pajamas all day.


Editor’s note: With cranky pants on and panties in a bunch, after waking up on the wrong side of the bed, I went into work this morning. And it started snowing about 11. And we got to leave about 3:30. So I was in my PJs before 5 PM. Which isn’t so bad. And I didn’t have to shovel myself a parking spot. Although The Snow of the Apocalypse is just a snow storm. And we’ll maybe get 6 inches. Which is fine with me. And the weather people are WRONG. Again.



  1. Oh, I hate it when promised snow doesn’t arrive – I love me a good snow day!

    Back in the days when I still lived at home, we were way the hell down the bottom of a huge steep hill which was inaccessible to snow plows and – well, everyone, really. It was great because when it snowed, the snow would lie around in our street for days after it had melted everywhere else in the country. No one could risk the steep hill to liberate me, so hey – PJs all day!

  2. Since you can’t wear your pj’s, smuggle those bunny slippers in.

    No one will notice them under your desk, uh, until you get up to use the copy machine.

  3. Here in Dal-ass Tex-ass, we dont get snow, we get ice. Now, I am a hard working civil servant. OK, I confess, I strike out here, I mean, hard working, civil AND a servant. Two words. Yeah, Right.

    But back to the thread. We get ice, here at 6am, which is the MIDDLE of the 5 hour rush time, and well ALL the roads that lead into Dal-ass Tex-ass are elevated. As in they are the ones that freeze over glazed like snot on a doorknob (what an image, unless you have/had kids, its not that hard to actually see). The bridges freeze over like a Red Wing hockey rink after the Zamboni has done its between period thing. So being respectful of my fellow Dall-ass-ites, I stay home for the morning, taking much earned credit time which we are allowed to earn, and then say screw it, “Honey, forgetaboutit, I am in for the whole day.”

    Great she adds, no chocolate bon bons for me today she retorts. But By 10am the weather breaks, the sun is out by noon its all dry, the tow truck drivers are still carrying the carcasses off the roads and the body shop guys are dreaming where their going on vacation in the spring.

    So, snow, surface streets I can handle, I grew up in NY, drove a snow plow during my winter breaks during college for the rural town highway dept I lived in. That you can do.

    But I can see you, driving with one arm hanging out of the window, all sorts of international symbols for single peace, face red as a beet yelling all sorts of friendly sayings, fire coming from your eyes. Ah yes, life in the big cities.

    Have a great day at work. Thinking of you in PJ’s is a much better thought however.

  4. Those are the days I’m grateful I work in a school. If it messes with the buses, chances are I will not have a commute that day. Of course, once summer comes I curse the snow days, but for now… Ahhh.

  5. Well, I traveled to work today in a thunderstorm, misty rain, and, the clincher, freezing rain downtown which hurt like a mofo when those damn pellets hit your face with gale force winds behind them. Umbrella turned inside out downtown by the wind….which REALLY hurts your arm when you’re still trying to hang on to it. AND…they’re still predicting the snow. I’ll probably spend a lot of time at the window today to just see how much snow we’re getting on top of pond size puddles.
    I hate winter.

  6. KJ I agree – I agree even more when I left three sleeping children in the house as they get to stay home on a snow day because it’s going to get ugly later today….I want to do the jammies thing too!

  7. Looks like work and school today. All I know is the hubs left and I’m keeping the daughter home.

    Safe travels!!

  8. jammies jammies jammies

    that’s always the answer.

  9. Yeah and we have a high of 73 or something ridiculous today. I am BEYOND irritated. It is FEBRUARY and I want COLD WEATHER, DAMMIT!!!!

    I do understand your problem. it happens to me when I have to call out of work bc of snow. I live an hour from work and sometimes it’s way worse here and nothing there and then I sound like a tool for calling out.

  10. KJ- be careful driving home…

    Mahnee, you be careful, too. I worry about you with gale-force winds, freezing rain and that umbrella. Watch the curbs. 😉

  11. Oh Boy. Here is Iowa it has been snowing sideways for like 18 hours straight! Wanna come over tonight 😉

    It sucks when you have 4 WD and have to get stuck driving behind some retard in a little car who drives 20 mph gripping the steering wheel OR the illegal Mexicans which we have A LOT OF in McHenry – who are afraid of getting in an accident cause that could mean deportation!

    But, most of the people up here are rednecks and have pick ups, so it’s all good, and it is the off-seaason for the tractors, AND we don’t get much traffic up here 😉

    Wow…I must have some bad road rage today! Sorry if I offended any of your readers!

  12. Ugh. I’m at work. Not sure for how much longer as my commute is normally 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the time of day I head home. 😉 Now the snow is falling (and quickly I’ve been hold — I’m not brave enough to go peer out the window) and here I am. Miles and miles from the warmth and safety of my Vickie’s Secret jammies and fuzzy slipper socks. Blasted Chicago!! Blasted Mother Nature!!!

  13. I hate that dilemma! Usually, I just risk it and go in to work, but then I am resentful all day.

  14. Just make sure you don’t run over anyone on your way home. Because that? Would be BAD!

  15. Well, you can keep your freakin’ snow; I’ll raise you a solid inch of ice on my car (which I can see from my office window). Why don’t I have an automatic starter?

  16. It’s 70 degrees today and was raining with thunderstorms this morning (yes, the same thunderstorms that produced those awful tornadoes in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee). It’s freaking February, and I had to turn on the a/c in the studio last night because the humidity was causing everyone to slide around…

    A/C in February? Such a Georgia thing.

  17. I hate those commutes. The stupid people shouldn’t breath applies even more to driving.

  18. breathe, sorry breathe.

    *helps to proof-read before hitting ‘submit’

  19. The weather people are always wrong.

    I think it was in the 60s in NYC today. We had the windows open because it was so hot in the office.

  20. They closed our Chicago office around 2:00 today. I thought of you! Stay warm and be safe!

  21. It was 60 today in NYC, as magpie mentioned. I’m not sure how I am going to handle being in Evanston next weekend.

  22. Oh yeah, NYC today was incredible. And I’m so excited because work is taking me to southern California next week.

    Sometimes I don’t understand why the entire world doesn’t live in San Diego. 74 degrees and sunny, every single day. Perfection. Of course, then housing prices would go through the roof.

    But I live in New York, where housing prices are already through the roof, so I’d be no worse off. What do you think, should I convince my wife to have us move to SoCal?

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