Posted by: kristabella | February 4, 2008

Without Further Ado

Lesson learned today: The internet gets angry when you talk about a new hair cut and show NO PROOF! I shall never make this mistake again. I will forever take photos right at the salon from here on out. Because let’s face it, that’s when it looks best anyway. Because I do not have four hands and a revolving head.

But that would be quite a party trick.

I shall make you wait no longer! Here, finally! Photos of my new hair.


Ooooh. Shiny!


From the other side


Close Up. Of my eyebrows that need a waxing.


My lip is fine. Thanks for asking. Even though I bit it at lunch this afternoon and thought I would pass out from the pain.

So, viola! There it is. I think I like it. I’m about 95 percent sold on the cut. It looked better as I styled it for this photo shoot. (Yes, I had to REDO my hair for these photos. Do you see how much I care that you have an unrealistic image of me?) I used the flat iron, which I think is kind of essential with this cut. Even with my mostly-stright hair. Especially if it is foggy and humid in early February in Chicago.

In other news, I gave blood tonight. It’s for Manic Mom’s contest. Have you heard about it? I probably should have publicized it more, but I forget things easily. It’s one of the side effects of mass quantities of alcohol.

You have until Feb. 14 to get out and donate! You! NOW! And you can win wonderful cash prizes! And they give you COOKIES!

And! You get a sticker! And people have to be nice to you!


So get out there and donate! Help save lives! And possibly win money!

And as a final public service announcement, for those of you in Super Tuesday states, be sure to get out and vote on Tuesday! I hear they give out stickers too. And who doesn’t love stickers? Stickers = freedom, people.



  1. I love your hair. Its super cute! I got my hair cut this past weekend but seeing as how the internet gets mad, I’m glad I didn’t talk about it! I think I’m headed back for a re-cut anyway. My hair gets way too poufy for this.

  2. Hair=Fabulous!

    Didn’t you get some kind of sticker when you donated part of your lip to your super cute doctor?

    House of Jules

  3. Me lilkey!

  4. Hi KJ!
    Your hair looks fantastic! Very cute, yet grown up!
    And, I like the color. I am getting used to seeing you with brown hair and I like it more and more.

  5. I love to hear women talk about getting their hair cut. The only thing that has more humor is their childbirthing experiences, but you havent gotten there YET!

    They make it sound like their losing their innocence, being deflowered or something like their first menstruation.

    Jeez, its a hair snip, it will grow back, and you know what, a woman’s women friends will always say “Oh, I LOVE your hair” followed with little hearts or cute puppy dog icons. Men, well we look at your boobs, then your face so we dont seem to be too preoccupied with looking at your boobs, then we look at the hair and say “Oh, yeah, it looks nice”, knowing that you will smile and blush a little, then we go back looking at your boobs.

    Nice rack!

    Kidding aside, the only reason women fret about their hair is the cost. I mean, my wife gets her hair cut at some place in the ritzy part of Dallas, not Mesquite where we live, but Preston Hollow, where some really rich people live.


    because the hair lady at the blue collar place my wife USED to work at is NOW at that fancy Preston Hollow store. Its like 40 minutes away as long as its accident free, otherwise it can take an hour. For a freaking haircut, dye job and nail buffing. Ok, they serve wine, probably ripple, but hey, its a small buzz as a freebie. Nothing is free, not even ripple!

    Mary sweet mother of Jesus, they sell colorant in a bottle, I have a buffing machine in the shop that will do her whole freaking body and well whats the matter with supercuts. There is even a hair “college” in town, they do it for nearly free. No, this woman gets a job move upwards, and her minions go with her.

    But then I have seen those nearly free haircuts, and well, pay the 25 and go to supercuts.

    But then one day I asked LOML what did said hair cut buffing and colorant cost, and she said “You dont want to know” So i said, what, 30? She laughed. Now, my LOML is cheap, ok, thrifty may be a better word, when it comes to a lot of things, but apparently not her hair and nails. Or the free ripple. When she told me it was like 75 plain, 90 for the buffing and lets say 150 for the whole nine yards, I can see why women get all bent out of shape when they talk about the whole experience.

    So kristen, your hair looks great, and i am sure that you will talk about it until no one else stop notices it. Then you will plan on getting it done again.

    And yeah, when it comes to something as eventful as the bi-monthly hair cutting, show us some face, I mean, its only fitting we share in the full experience!


  6. Your cut and color looks great. Shiny indeed!

    I hope the lip heals fast … until then, watch the salt. OUCH!

  7. Very nice pictures. You look sassy.

    And heh heh heh….VIOLA!

  8. KJ – Love the cut! Was afraid for you until the picture I like it a lot.

  9. Your hair is super cute! I tried to give blood and got denied because we went to Costa Rica. I have to wait a whole year. Well, if they don’t want my perfectly healthy blood, then that is just fine with me! 🙂

  10. Sassy! I got mine cut too, ala Victoria Beckham.. anyway, glad your lip is ok and sorry that I have been out of touch.

  11. Cute!

    I might copy it when I go get my hair done so my creepy ass sister in law can stop “single white female’ing” me.

  12. A+ on the haircut, hot stuff.

  13. Pretty pretty hair cut and color!
    Cuts in your mouth are the worst. Everything you eat hurts it. All you can do is drink some soothing vodka until the pain goes away.

  14. Love the hair…hope your mouth feels better…thanks for the reminder to vote. I had completely forgotten.

  15. I love it… Nice job going with a change to help get rid of the winter ‘blahs’. Miss you!!!

  16. Like the cut! I am O-Neg and the Red Cross called me in December, so I sent and waited for over an hour before they decided to tell me I couldn’t donate since I had gone to Cancun and surrounding areas in October. Malaria area -w ho knew? Now I have to wait until next October. 😦

  17. I love the haircut!

    I am leaving work early today so that I can go to my caucus. Yay!

  18. Cute hair! Hope your lip feels better.

    And stay safe from the mountains of snow that threaten to be dropped upon us!

  19. LURVE the hair! I’m basically growing mine out to do exactly that, because I am your stalkergirl and I want to be just like you.

    You and I share a similar liking of the warm chocolate-y brown colors, though I went on a limb this last time around and infused a little extra red into mine (which I am so happy about).

    As far as your lip goes… I’m about to be in a similar state, though it’ll be a bit more obvious. I’m having a pesky little mole taken from the side of my nose (I’ve had it since I was a kid, and I HATE IT, as it is flesh-colored and therefore looks like a pimple). I’m a chicken when it comes to pain, I’ll have you know.

  21. Your hair looks awesome!

    I tried to give blood but got butchered (photographic evidence on my blog). At least I tried though, right?!

  22. The hair (and color) looks FABULOUS!

    I’d put a pic of my new haircut on the blog, but with my luck one of the lawyers at the 9to5 will stumble on the blog and I will be dooce’d sooner than a judge can say “Dismissed”.

  23. Your hair looks fabulous!!!!!!! Love the cut and the color.

  24. Your hair looks great, and no, it doesn’t make your face look fat! Oh, and if you figure out how to get 2 extra arms and a revolving head, let me know, because I sooo need those things to get my hair to look decent too!

  25. Jeez, Miss Popularity. I had to scroll down for like an hour to leave my comment;)

    Hair cut is awesome! Makes me wish I had (real) straight hair. Super hott.

  26. Kaje:

    You are so foxy!

  27. Love, love, love the hair. Very Katie Holmes. So when are you and Tom Cruise having a baby?

  28. It looks so good!!!! Not to mention that I am already jealous of your color too. I really want to change mine this time around, but I’m scared! Help me!

  29. Love the new hair! Sex-ay.

    Wasn’t there a time when stickers were bad? Laced with LSD or something?

  30. LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! It looks awesome!!

  31. Looks great. These are the bangs I should have gotten when I got the haircut from hell in October. Very flattering!

  32. WAAAAAHHHHH! I want shiny, bouncy, super-cute hair!

    It’s loverly!

    And thanks for the give blood reminder. I haven’t given in a while. Will do!

  33. Love! It looks really similar to mine. 🙂

  34. LOVE the hair style — LOVE it! Wish my hair would do that – – but I have this thick, coarse Italian hair that has a total mind of its own, so I usually just have to do what it says so I don’t get hurt . . . 🙂

  35. Your hair looks awesome and so shiny!!! Adorable.

  36. Oh Kristabella, you look beautiful! It looks perfect on you!

  37. Your hair looks FANTASTIC.

  38. Wow, the hair is awesome! And the lip is NORMAL??? That is such a rip off.

    Good hair, though.

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