Posted by: kristabella | January 23, 2008

Had A Bad Day

Yesterday was a horribly bad day for me. And I had this whole post to write about my bad day, but then I went out drinking and I was all “bad day what? Free wine!” And there went that.

But I did have a bad day. I spent a better part of the day running around and dealing with electronics and VCRs and speakers and video cameras. I’m not an idiot and don’t have 12:00 flashing on my VCR, well when I had a VCR. But I also am not an expert. I am not an A/V person at a hotel. I know I seem to know everything, but sometimes I have no clue. So don’t expect me to fix something I know nothing about.

On top of that, I stupidly decided to log on and read a story about a water main break that created a huge sink hole that was a block from my house. A BLOCK. It was the entire width of the street. And did I mention it was a BLOCK from my house? And I am not at my house. And I am required to go to dinner and organize all these things for this training. So my third-floor apartment is probably a garden apartment right now. And my cats have probably learned to swim. Or their heads exploded because holy shit! All that water! We HATE water!

I had these visions of bad, bad things. I figured no water and radiators exploding. And water everywhere. And since I’m stuck with work people, I expressed my concerns to some co-workers. Because I’m HERE, not THERE. And holy shit! Can you imagine being stuck in a hotel downtown when there is like an 80-foot sink hole a BLOCK from your house?

The correct answers to these irrational fears is to tell me that yes, yes indeed it sucks. And that you’re sure that it is OK. Calm me down. And maybe you could have told me “you know what, why don’t you go home and check on your place? You can be late for dinner.”

The INCORRECT response to this is to brush me off like an idiot and not even let me talk about it. Not let me get my venting out. The INCORRECT response to this is to change the subject to something that is trivial and all about you. And just move on like the fact that a sink hole the size of Texas is a COMMON OCCURRENCE. Because I know damn well had the roles been reversed, we’d be talking about this sink hole and its effects on your place for days to come.

On top of this, after all this happened (and after I found out that Heath Ledger died, which just breaks my heart), I had to go and be happy and cordial at a group dinner. I wasn’t the most pleasant at dinner. I kept trying to be part of conversations, but my heart wasn’t in it. I was tired and unhappy. I just wanted to be curled in my bed, in my newly first-floor apartment, catching up on the blogs and emails I haven’t touched since Sunday night.

But then there was wine. And I thank God on a daily basis, sometimes on an hourly basis, for turning water into wine. Because wine makes a bad mood go right out the window. So does a little Jack Daniels and dancing to some 80s music. The wine kicked in and I was feeling better. But not before I told the story of the sink hole and how hard it is for people to be sympathetic and teared up a little at the dinner table. Because on top of being tired and being run ragged, I don’t much care to feel unappreciated and like my problems are somehow less because I rent and wear clothes from Target.

I know it is something silly to be upset about, but it was a bad day.



  1. I am sorry for your bad day, but glad about the wine.


  2. Good Gawd Woman! It sounds like an awful day! Is there anyway someone can check in your apartment for you? Someone who is taking care of the cats? And the ‘all about me’ who brushed you off so casually? Just remember Karma…

  3. I hope everything in your apartment is okay! I kept waiting for the exploding radiators too! I didn’t know that we were practically neighbors. We didn’t have any damage, just no water for about 7 hours yesterday (while I was home with the flu).

  4. Why is that silly? Personally I would be freaked out to. And anyone who can’t comiserate with you is simply an ass.

    Here’s hoping there is more wine in your future and that your cats didn’t have to learn the doggie paddle.

  5. Whoever blew you off sucks. And I don’t like them very much. It’s a VERY BIG DEAL and I hope your apartment is OK.

  6. Your day sounds truly craptastic. I’m sorry and hope everything in your new garden apartment is fabulous….(!) Thank God for the wine, is right sista. I can’t stand it when I’m having a bit of a crisis and just need someone to focus on me for 5 minutes and instead they start talking trivial B.S. about themselves, that I’ve likely heard eleventy-hundred times. Arg. Anyway, hope things are looking up today.
    House of Jules

  7. Hi, I haven’t commented in a while, so I just wanted to let you know that I a)am sorry about your bad day and b)am grateful for the existence of wine and c)think you are a TREMENDOUS ROCKSTAR.

  8. I’m sorry you had a bad day. I hope your apartment – and fur babies – are all okay!

  9. I also hate it when you are having a really bad deal of it, and people around you act as if your worries are nonsense – – hope everything is okay at your place!

  10. Dude… our bad days are our bad days. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

    Is everything okay at your place? Do the kitties need to come hang out with us?

  11. sorry, that sux. some people just have no clue. glad your apartment is okay though!

  12. I hate people who just talk about themselves. And I am not making a comment about coat girl 😉

    Dude, we just need to Howl at the Moon!

    Or, have a girls sleepover with wine and movies and pjs and watch Heath Ledger movies.

    Like my scatterbrain-ed-ness?

  13. Ughhh, bad days SUCK! I’m sorry. You are better than I … I decided to eat an Oreo Blizzard for dinner for my bad day 🙂

  14. I am very sorry to hear about your sinkhole, but at least your apartment is garden style and not subway style. And thank goodness for wine! Glorious wine.

  15. I am so sorry I didn’t let you know that I had your back with the apartment and sink hole business! I thought you’d be in a bit of a bubble at the conference & maybe not know it had even happened. In any case, you still have to carry groceries up to the third floor, there is water & heat, and the only problem may be that parking is a bit more challenging while they repair the crater.
    I wish I liked wine….since I don’t, thank God for ice cold beers!

  16. Omg, I would have been freaking out, too! I ALWAYS imagine fires in my condo and floods and tornadoes and all my little animal babies trapped inside! Thank goodness everything turned out okay for you 🙂 And thank goodness for that yummy wine! Sink-holes and such? Scary, scary stuff.

  17. Sorry to hear that and glad you apt is okay. Bad days suck!

  18. I am so sorry you had a bad day, but I’m glad there was wine easily available. Your day really sucked donkey balls.

  19. Where is the “small” thing to be upset about?

    I read the whole thing and didn’t see anything small.


  20. Oh man, I’m sorry your day sucked. I hope the Texas sized sink hole didn’t affect your apartment or your kitties.

  21. Holy crap! Obviously your apartment is still intact? But still, that sucks. AND the fact that coworkers are so self-centered they could care less that you might not have had a home to go HOME to!

  22. I’m distracted by oh, anything, so I can’t imagine not being able to run home immediately and check on that situation. And honestly, if someone I knew was dealing with something like this? I’d be vaguely obsessed with it too.

  23. sooooooooooo, any word on your place? hope it’s okay, and i think cats can swim, right? in any case, i’ll drink 8 coke and rums for you tonight. hey ooooooooo!

  24. The best part of bad days is that in 24 hours, they are no longer a bad day. At worst, they are a bad day plus ONE! (with carryover)

    So with that happy thought I say, have a GREAT DAY!

  25. I hope your apartment is ok!

  26. Hope you are feeling better! People are stupid and have no compassion to what anyone else around them might be talking about or going through. Want me to kick some ass?

  27. So you’re fussin’ cause mother nature installed an in-ground pool a block from your house?!?!

    Just Kidding! Per the news, I assume your building still stands. If not, we have a spare bed and you know where to find us! The good thing about renting is you can always move when your lease is up. Or when an 80 foot crater eats up your parking space.

    *GASP* You mean there are people who don’t shop at Target???

  28. Hope things look up for you.

  29. Oh no! I hope that the kitties and your home and most importantly, you, are okay!!

  30. awww. im sorry you had such a crappy day! those that blew you off SUCK!

  31. Oh, honey. {{{hugs}}}

    I drank wine for you. Did everything survive? And why didn’t it all just freeze? I was there. My nostrils froze together. The ice should have acted like glue.

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