Posted by: kristabella | January 16, 2008

So Now I Have To Write On My Own Blog?

Thanks to everyone for heading on over to Le Petit Chicand checking out my guest post. It was fun to do, although I became quite anal because I didn’t get the comments in my inbox like I do here, so I had to constantly refresh the site to see all the hundreds and hundreds of comments. OK, fine, it was like 15. But I’m sure Katie got about 30 hits on her blog today from me. So when she looks at her stats when she gets back from her vacation, she’s going to be all “daaayyum! Kristabella had 575 hits on her guest post!” And she’ll be none the wiser. That they were all from me. And my mom.

So now there is a bit of a letdown because I was focusing all my energy on entertaining other readers and not being overly offensive that I feel like I should just post a bunch of fucking curse words and get some shit accomplished and asshole douchebag bitch shitfuckcraphelldamn.

There. Much better.

I actually have a very busy week starting today. I have dinner plans with a vendor that is coming into town. And on Thursday evening is our work holiday party. Because I think you can get good deals and your choice of dates in January. And this makes the holidays last even longer! And then Saturday night I have a party to go to. With work people.

So my normal nights of sitting on my ass and eating Skinny Cow ice cream sammiches are going to be derailed for the next few days. And so is my diet because these dinners will involve free booze. As will the sales conference next week. So if I don’t put back on all the measly weight I’ve lost recently in the next two weeks, it will be worth celebrating. With a glass of water and a carrot.

In other pressing news, I have to thank Schwerer for her suggestion of the Word document for the blog comments. It seems to have worked out a tad better. It is still a little more work, all that cutting and pasting, but at least I can rest easy knowing that my witty thought at lunch time will not be forgotten. So maybe now this girl can get some sleep. Or maybe not, because I haven’t been working out this week, so I don’t know how this will work when I start back up at the gymnasium and I get home later in the evening. Stay tuned. Because I can tell you are all on pins and needles.

Also, I would like to say that I have reached a new low. I sat and giggled myself into a fit this evening while watching my cat try and clean herself. And no, not her lady bits. She had just eaten some apparently great tasting mush and was cleaning her mouth. Like her tongue was so long she was like licking her entire face over and over. Ear to ear. In a big, wet circle. Very Marmaduke-esque. And I giggled and giggled. And then she moved on to the hair right below her chiny chin chin. Which isn’t easy to get to, even with a tongue the length of a jump rope. And can be quite amusing to watch.

And then I was giggling so hard I passed out. And when I woke up, I really hoped it was a bad dream and that I didn’t waste precious minutes of my life laughing at a cat tongue. Because the only thing worse than that is telling the entire internet about it.

Wow. That wasn’t even remotely funny. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the fact that they cleaned my vestibule today. With Pine Sol. And apparently nothing else. Not even diluted. Because three floors up, all I can smell is Pine Sol.

And you know what sucks? When you are an out of shape asshole and have to climb three flights of stairs, you get winded. So you want take a deep breath of AIR. Only to be suffocated by the smell of Pine Sol. I think it is a high like no other. I’ve been craving Cheetos since I got home. And I think I just saw a white rabbit jump through a hole in my ceiling.

Finally, is anyone planning on going to BlogHer in San Francisco in July? Because I might need a roommate. And who would NOT want to room with this? Think of your blogging stories about your crazy, drunk roommate from BlogHer 08.


You know you want to.



  1. I will be at BlogHer but I am already spoken for as far as rooming. Jennie is WAY on the ball for all this shit. I didn’t even know what the hell BlogHer was. I’m going as the clueless blogger.

  2. I am seriously thinking of going … strangers make better roommates … now who is stranger, you or I?

  3. What I want to know is – what is BlogHer?

  4. Not doing blogher, so I will miss having you as the ultimate roomy. Damn. Love that you had the giggles about your cat cleaning itself.

    Yeah, it’s a slow morning and I ain’t got nothing either 😉

  5. I’d love to go to San Francisco, but seeing as how they are holding a BlogHer event here in Boston I don’t think I can justify the airfare.

    Although the idea of a crazy drunk BlogHer roommate is very appealing. More wine, anyone?

  6. Denada chica! You go on with your bad self! Suffering from sleep deprivation so I cant come up with anything witty. So, uh, yeah.

  7. I’m entertaining the notion of going…

  8. I wish BlogHer was going to be in Chicago again, since I might live there by July!

  9. Women wish that like cats they could……

    Oh never mind, you know LOL

    Was that pic taken by your cat?

  10. Not sure if I’m going this year but I hope so. How’s that for commitment?

    Ummm, are you bringing the cat?

  11. If only BlogHer was being held in San Fran two weeks later, I’d totally be there. And rooming with you.

  12. Next time I’m feeling like I need to get a high, I’m buying some Pine Sol!

    I’m going to S.F.! But I think we have 4 ladies sharing a room. But, if someone backs out, let Jennie know…maybe you can stay with us. 🙂

  13. I want to go to BlogHer’08!

    Anyone want to pay for my trip??


    Didn’t think so 🙂

  14. I’m considering going to BlogHer but haven’t completely decided. A roomie might help, though! 😉

  15. Wanna know what’s even worse than PineSol? Whatever it is they use to wash the floors in the buildings on campus. Three days I week I have to walk up three freaking flights of stairs at 8am only to get to my class and be routinely asphyxiated by the most disgustingly strong commercial cleaner ever created. I feel your pain 😦

  16. I still just love that top you’re wearing in the above picture.

  17. Oh it’s funny. It’s damn funny. And here I sit, in this freezing hotel room laughing out loud.

    At your jump-rope tongued cat.

    Or maybe it was the wine.

    Wish I could commit to Blogher. You know I love drool on my pillow.

  18. Nope, no BlogHer in 2008. All my $$$ is going toward the family trek to England this spring.

    And, about the Pine Sol: I actually LURVE that smell!

  19. Oh man, I wanna go to San Fran.

  20. I will Be! at BlogHer ’08.

    Roominf with Heather B (Nopasanada)

    Make sure you say hi, in case I do not recognize that top 😉

  21. Rooming.

    Apparently I cannot spell.


  22. I wanted to go to Blogher so badly but with buying a house I don’t think I can justify a trip across country this year…growl. Party at my new house?? Ha!

  23. omg, if I had the money to go, I’d TOTALLY be your roommate!

    You are a genuine laugh-riot, my dear.

    I’d spray down the room with Pine-Sol and get you all crazy talking and then blog everything you said, lol.

  24. I seriously love the smell of Pine Sol. Like, I can’t buy any because I’d sniff my brains into oblivion if I had access to it.

    Not really. Or maybe really.

  25. I wish I was heading to BlogHer because that would be too much fun. If we roomed together I would hope that you’d bring the almighty Bacon along, to which I’d of course bring all of my important questions to ask him.
    House of Jules

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