Posted by: kristabella | January 15, 2008

Read Me.

Hey, guess what? I got to be a guest blogger. On someone else’s site but my own!

The lovely Katie, over at Le Petit Chic, is on vacation this week. And entrusted five of her fellow bloggers to post while she’s away. I’m already betting I win the award for the most swearing. Although, as it stands, I didn’t crash her site. Which is impressive since I am not TypePad literate. And I already published the post at the wrong time, hitting publish NOW on Monday, when I meant to publish it TUESDAY. Because I couldn’t figure out how to post in the future. Because it is not WordPress. And I don’t much like change. Or adapt well to it.

So go over and read it. I wrote about my experience getting a fake ID in college at the DMV. Because I do nothing if I don’t do it up right.

And then feel free to tell Katie and me how awesome I am. So as she doesn’t regret her decision of letting me post on her site. It’s one thing to offend your own readers. It is a whole other thing to offend other people’s readers.

Go. Read. Comment.



  1. Well hell, if I knew you wanted to post elsewhere I could have let you post on my site for me, permanently. Next time I have a dry spell your up. How’s tomorrow look for you? 😉 Off to go read.

  2. Ooh, a new blog for me to read. Of course, I’ll read your post first, though. I promise.

  3. I read. I commented 🙂

  4. Just swingin’ by and happened to click your ‘about’ link (why I haven’t done that sooner, I dunno) – if you don’t mind me asking – what HS did you attend? Just curious as you grew up in the same stomping grounds as me, though I’m a few years younger (don’t hate!). 🙂

  5. Meh, who cares who you offend as long as you are you! :o)

  6. On my way over there now…..

  7. You’re famous!!! I am clicking over there now…

  8. Lucky you! I’m trying to make the change from Blogger to TypePad and its not going well. I bought the new name, yada yada yada, still on Blogger. Change is HARD!

  9. You have balls! I never would have dared to do that. And by that I mean write on someone else’s blog or go to that extent to get a fake id.

  10. That was AWESOME! I would never have had the guts to do that!

  11. You were awesome! Thanks again for filling in for me last week 🙂

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