Posted by: kristabella | January 13, 2008

Party-Free Weekend

I would like to just say one thing up front. This whole writer’s strike needs to end NOW! You can take away my scripted TV. I can manage. There are plenty of reality shows out there. My DVR is full of them. Which makes makes me fat, full and happy. But when this strike effects award shows? THEN, my friends, you have gone too far. I live for award shows. Especially the Golden Globes. It’s TV and movies! They serve alcohol to celebrities! And expect them to get on stage and give speeches! It is TV gold people. This strike needs to end now. Before I lose the Oscars too.

Ahem. So did you all have a good weekend? I am happy to report that no parties were thrown this weekend. My sisters are quite boring and enjoy a good book, TV and watching movies. It’s a wonder we are related.

It was actually quite a perfect weekend. It was exactly what I needed. For those of you who didn’t get a frantic email from me on Friday, I had a little freak out at work. And it was good to get away from the weekend with NO computer access. It was good to just hang out, do my laundry, get some errands done and have a damn milkshake. Because everything is right in the world when you can spend an afternoon looking through books in three different bookstores and end it with the world’s best vanilla milkshake from Oberweis. All was right.

I was actually glad I agreed to help my stepmom out this weekend. I don’t hang out with my three half-sisters enough. And I lived away from here for so many years, I missed a lot. I enjoyed listening to their days and hearing about finals coming up and all things you think are so important when you’re a teenager. Talk about perspective.

Friday when I got there, we ordered some Chinese food and rented Superbad. Which is still as funny the second time you see it. We sat around and ate together. Which is weird to me since the only people I eat with are co-workers or my cats. And my dinner conversation from my couch with my cats isn’t nearly as entertaining.

Kelsey, the middle one, told us how she went to pick up milk and the gallon was leaking and some smartass kid watched her walk past twice with leaking milk, only to inform her that her “milk jug was leaking” as she walked past them in a low-cut top.

Which she totally didn’t get the shear awesomeness of, until I explained it to her after I got up after falling out of my chair from laughing so hard. Because I am a child. And would have liked to high-fived those kids. Pure. Genius.

Overall it was a nice, relaxing weekend. And I only had to call the cops on them once. Just to show I meant business. But apparently the cops don’t like those kind of calls. And now I have to use a fake name next time I’m in their neighborhood.

And now I’m off to bed. Because I spent too much time with a hungover 19-year old this afternoon. I helped Hungover McWhineyPants go grocery shopping and helped carry her groceries in for her. And I taught her very essential life lessons – greasy food and a fountain Coke will cure any hangover.

Clearly, she’s only half-related to me or she would have already known that. And she would have known how to handle her liquor like a Johnson.



  1. YAY! Glad it was a good weekend. Sometimes when presented with situations like that we really do wonder how we are ever related to our relatives. ME? I’m pretty convinced I was adopted!

  2. A hungover 19 year old, been there. I knew about the greasy food, I just didn’t realize a fountain coke worked. I’ll have to remember that.

    Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. A little time spent with teenagers sounds like fun to me. Also, milkshakes. They pretty much cure everything!!

  4. So glad you had a good weekend and were able to impart some essential wisdom.

  5. Hee hee “milk jugs” I totally laughed out loud about that. The BEST hangover food is Bojangles but you can only get it in the south.
    Mmm biscuits…

  6. We totally would get along as I am also part 12 year old boy and got the milk jug joke!

    Also, sadly, I have a nasal polyp that has brought my alcohol tolerance way down. It’s pissing me off actually, I was damn proud of my hard earned tolerance.

  7. The best hangover food? pancakes from IHOP. or Denny’s.

  8. Fountain Coke eh? I never tried that. Clearly, not a Johnson. Nor do I have one, so whatever.

    Glad you are over your Friday angst though 😉

  9. Glad to hear that you had a good weekend while watching the kiddies. I miss being able to spend time with my goddaughter and younger cousins. Everyone keeps growing up and I miss a lot of it! My weekend was very relaxing, and I think we almost bought a house…one more week!

  10. I’m almost cried when I found out about the Globes. I used to have award show parties every year…and by party I mean me and one other friend. But it was great! This year…this year just makes me sad….

    And fountain soda does cure all hangovers. That and McDonald’s.

  11. I would’ve giggled at the leaking jugs comment. And then come home to blog about it. 😛

  12. (my best Beavis and Butthead voice)

    You said Jugs he he, he he he

    “Uh mam, like your jug has sprung a leak, and the milk isnt on your lips.”

  13. I want a damn milkshake now. Crap.

  14. Damn you need to train those girls on alcohol consumption! I’m off to slip some bailey’s in my hot cocoa!

  15. I just read yoru post on Katie’s blog. Great story (although a little freaky how easy it is to get a fake ID). For some reason, though, the comments aren’t working over there, so I figured I’d stop by your real blog.

    And my birthday is also September 14! The best day of the year!

  16. The Golden Globes are my absolute favorite entertainment event of the entire year, and that’s saying something. I am in mourning 😦

  17. Ahhhhhh….The McDonald’s hangover cure. Must have been a proud moment when you passed that on.

  18. I hated that the Golden Globes were canceled. I really felt bad for the winners b/c they didn’t get all the glory. And, we didn’t get to see crazy speeches.

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