Posted by: kristabella | January 10, 2008

Time Is Not On My Side

I have not gone to bed this week before midnight. I’m not horribly tired, as I’ve been working out and the rumors you have heard are true – exercising does give you a bit of energy. So while I may be getting less sleep, I’m sleeping better and I have more energy throughout the day.

That could be from the six cups of coffee. But I’m sticking with the working out.

Part of the reason I am up so late is that I am spending loads of time on the computer. While it is true that I get home later because of my additional stop at the gymnasium on the way home, it doesn’t completely account for the late bed time.

What is accounting for the late bed time is that I spend more time reading and commenting on blogs because for a majority of your blogs, I am blocked from commenting on them during business hours. I know why they do it. I think. Viruses and what not. I’m paid to work, not surf the internet. I just think it is weird that I can read the blog, I just can’t comment on them. What is it about the comments that pose such a threat? And this all mysteriously happened right around our Black Friday. (And apparently I was bitching about it back then too. I need some new material.)

But because I read like 945 blogs, there is a lot to read throughout the day. And I can read most of them in Google Reader. But then I want to comment. Hello? I always have something to say. So I’ve starting starring the ones I want to go back to, so I remember. Although, odds are my comment isn’t the same as what it would have been at 9 AM. Depending on how much wine I’ve had that evening, it probably went from being something quite poignant to something more like the authentication word on Blogger posts (i.e. cnkodvndsk). 

But even going back to re-read and comment takes a good chunk of time. Between writing my blog post at night and then reading and commenting, it is hard for me to get to bed at a decent hour. I’ve thought about blowing off commenting altogether, but I don’t want to do that. I like to comment. I mean, have you heard? I have a lot to say! And must share my opinion with all. I have assvice coming out my pores!

I’ve tried to come up with some alternatives. I’ve thought about composing my blog at work in Word. But to be quite honest, I feel my most creative in the later afternoon/evening. So late afternoon doesn’t leave much time to write at work. Between the bathroom breaks from the three gallons of water I drank throughout the day, and the mad dash to the door at 5:00:01. And people like expecting me to do actual work. Like during regular business hours. The nerve!

I have another computer at work. It isn’t hooked up to the network. I can access blogs and what not and comment my little heart out on that computer. Problem is, there are only few occasions when I should ever be on that machine. It has Quark, so unless I’m doing some sort of design or layout project, I have no real need to be on that computer. Unless I’m doing something that isn’t work related. And since the monitor is about 27 inches, the blind janitor can see from clear across the office that I’m obviously not doing actual work.

I’m also debating maybe writing a few posts on the weekends. I mean, most weekends I can’t even be bothered to shower, but would it kill me to put a few things down? I don’t have to write a whole post, but getting ideas down and a little direction might help matters. It might help those evenings when I spend 45 minutes staring at a blank, white screen, expecting it to either magically write something for me, or at least do party tricks so I can be entertained. And clap like a trained seal.

So I reach out to you, dear readers. Do any of you have these issues with commenting? Or just lack of time to get it all done in a day?

Please, for the sake of all that is good and holy, give me some ideas. Besides get the fuck over yourself woman! Or work out in the morning. Because I can tell you, that WILL NOT happen. You will have to do better, my friends.



  1. Dude, I so feel you on this issue. Look at the time! I’m up until around 2 a.m. usually, and while it’s true that I don’t technically have to wake up until 7 a.m., this is still an issue. There’s the blogging, and the commenting, and I’m gearing up to start working out again, too (which I’ll have to do in the mornings and Iamnotamorningperson,haveyouheard? so that will be interesting to add to my schedule). I look very forward to reading what other people suggest. Sorry I can’t help you more.

    Oh, wait, I know; you should buy an iPhone and you can surf the net from that. Though if you’re anything like me, you might have to sell an ovary to justify spending the cash on a phone. I’m just sayin’.
    House of Jules

  2. I’ve always assumed that the “you can read but not comment thing” is because employers have this paranoid belief that anything you write on the Internet must be all about THEM and will reflect badly on THEM, especially if it’s posted from their servers. Or maybe not, who knows.

    I ca’t offer any advice, though, because I have the same issues. I spend WAY too much time on the computer these days, and there are just so many blogs, so little time. What’s an oppinionated girl to do?

  3. My work blocks comments and posting on Blogger only. I’m able to comment and post on every other blog host website, but for some reason they think Blogger is evil. I lucked out the past couple of days because they forgot to re-register the domain name, so nothing is blocked anymore. It’s nice. I can actually comment, post, and catch up on some reading.

    I definitely see what you mean about feeling like you don’t have the time to comment or read blogs. I usually read the blogs at work (during the day) and I want to comment immediately. I can’t, so I tell myself I’ll do it at home. Then, I get home and sit my ass down on the couch for the rest of the night. I get why my employer blocks it. But, like you said, why just block the commenting? And, in my case, why just block the commenting on Blogger? I don’t get it.

  4. I feel your pain as well. I have a hard time keeping up with comments. I don’t have an answer for that (sorry to waste your comment space!), BUT as far as posting goes … I think you have it right with the weekend thought jotting. Some days it’s just tough to think, and if you have those thoughts and prompts already down at least you have a starting point. Plus, it gives you time to mull over those thoughts and really get to the heart of what you’re wanting to say. At least that is my experience 🙂

  5. I have a problem with this as well. I write 95% of my blog posts at work because I can’t be productive when I get home. I think about things to write, maybe start writing them in my head… but actual typing does not take place at home (especially becaues our internet is “borrowed” and is often wonky at home).

    I can comment at work, and I do, but a lot of times I’ll get interrupted (the nerve my coworkers have!), and my method is to leave any blog I read but wanted to comment on as “unread” in my reader… but most of the time, when I go back to comment, I end up thinking that whatever i had to say wasn’t important anyway, so I don’t leave a comment after all.

    No brilliant solutions here! If you could figure out a way to make Gmail chat look like I’m working in excel, that would be really excellent.

  6. I am blocked from virtually everything at work, and I am sure I have even caused some sites to be blocked! Except this website. And, I CAN COMMENT! It still amazes me.

    Why don’t you write your comments in word as you are reading blogs, email it to yourself and then post the comments when you get home?

    Miss you chica! We need to Howl at the Moon a la Schwerer’s 31st birthday. OMG, we are in our 30’s!

  7. We are not allowed internet whatsoever at work. Fortunately for me I only work part time AND I am about to quit my craptastic job. I usually read and comment before and after work.

    I spend most of my time on the internet and schedule errands and such around internetting time -so I get annoyed when y’all aren’t blogging or commenting enough to keep me busy and I actually have to go and do chores 😉

  8. Though I have no problem composing my own blogs or commenting on other’s blogs at work, I can’t access my personal e-mail. This is a problem because I really make an effort to respond to comments, but it takes some time to do in one big whammy when I get home. Argh.

  9. And oh my god, I’m so embarrassed and feel so terrible because I just realized that I never put you on my blogroll. You’ve been in my reader for ages and ages, but I somehow forgot to put you on my roll. EEK. I’m an idiot. Sorry, chica!!

  10. I comment way too much at work (like right now), but when I star things in my reader for follow-up, it all becomes too intimidating at the end of the day.

    I’ve been posting less lately, because I’m trying to wait until the end of the workday to write my post and it doesn’t always happen.

    There is no good solution. Sigh! But I hope you find a way to comment at least on MY blog, because I love your comments. They always make me laugh!

  11. I’ve got nothing. I have a 4 hour break in the middle of the day while the kidlet is in school. I usually try and get all my commenting in then.
    I’m with you on sitting in front of a blank screen and waiting for something to come to me. Last night I actually made the hubs come up with an idea for me to post on. Yup, I’m that desperate….

  12. I, too, have that problem, so I only end up commenting like 30% of the posts I read, simply because I can’t be bothered to take the time to say something on each one. I hit the big ones and the rest — well, they just have to deal with it, I guess.

    As far as writing, I make a LOT of drafts in WordPress — anytime I think of an idea, even if I don’t have time to write, it gets a draft with a few notes in it for me to flesh out later. Then when I’m feeling inspirational or have a few seconds, I can flesh it out and I don’t have to spend that time thinking about what I was going to write about.

  13. I know eventually my “blogging at work” days are going to end. So I feel your pain, even though I don’t share it yet.

    I know my kids found a way to get to my space from school, even though it was blocked. There is some sort of mirror website out there (and you can see how well-informed about this I am) that lets you bypass your own computers blocking things. Maybe ask someone with more smarts than me. Like anyone.

  14. “Do any of you have these issues with commenting? Or just lack of time to get it all done in a day?”

    I would weigh in on this but I don’t have time to comment right now. ;-p

  15. I can comment at work – so take that into consideration when you read this. It may only be a matter of time though, because today, they blocked google docs – where I keep my ideas in a spreadsheet – so yea.

    It does take a shitload of time doesn’t it. Oops. I guess I could be accused of not using work resources wisely.

    Well, other than a couple emergency emails, I no longer comment back on comments I get until I get home. So there’s that.

    Then, too, I’m on the phone a lot. Conference calls where no one wants to hear me bitch, so I mute myself and comment.

    Delurk day about killed me, because I don’t always comment – I’m with Nathan up there. About 30%. Mostly the intimidation factor stops me.

    … geez, you do make me prattle on.

  16. Thanks for semi-delurking on my blog! The ironic thing is, I’m bad about lurking on a lot of blogs because like you said, commenting is a lot of work — especially if you read dozens of blogs each day. I try to cut corners by reading blogs on my lunch hour and trying to comment on each one I read about once a week. I figure that way people know I’m reading but it cuts down on the amount of time I spend writing because seriously, I gotta sleep sometime.

  17. I’m with the write up comments in a word doc then email to yourself at the end of the day. I’m the original Copy Paste Kid! Also, what about a small inexpensive laptop (maybe on Ebay or Best Buy?) you could bring with you to work for the lunch hour at a coffee shop? Or secretly stash it in the desk drawer for emergency writings? As always, thanks for reading!

  18. I run into the same issues as those above. I want to comment but the 9to5 expects me to work or something (novel idea) and to comment my heart out is just not an option when i get home at 10 or so at night and have to be back in at work at 8/9/7 whenever. I have posts marked in my bloglines to go back to but who really has the brainpower after a grueling day of work. Going to bed early is an impossibility as well.

  19. Eeee…this is a tough one, I don’t sleep and just deal with the bags under my eyes and occasional crankiness.

  20. I was going to suggest reading blogs in the morning. But I don’t know if that’s not in the cards as it isn’t for me. I ALWAYS dream of getting up early, making some cereal and starting the day slowly and less OH SHIT I’M LATE than usual.

    Or, just accept less sleep and nap like a mad woman on the weekends. That’s what I do.

    I rarely go to bed before midnight. Since I was like 12.

  21. I usually do my blog reading at night… but lately, what with getting into the new working schedule and all, I’ve been slacking off and letting Bloglines pile up the posts. (Hence the reason why you’ll no doubt recieve FIVE comments from me this morning, one after the other.)

    I need to work out a better schedule.

  22. At my job I’m on the computer all damn day, but I oversee a student help desk area for online students at our community college. People are in and out of our office constantly, all day long. (For some reason, the students seem to think it’s all about THEM – – WTF is THAT all about??? 🙂 )

    There is never a chance to read blog posts or comment on any of them. So I try to do this in the evenings or on the weekends. It gets a bit tricky!

  23. I have the same problem at work. There are only certain blogs that I can read and comment on and the rest I have to remind myself to re-visit when I get home. Stupid work. I try to get a lot of my commenting and blogging done right when I get in at 7 so there isn’t anyone else around to bug me. If work would just go away it would make my blogging so much more effective!

  24. I have the same problem. I read a ton of blogs and sometimes I get so behind. It’s sad, but I’ll read 8-10 new blogs from one person and comment on all of them. Much like I’ve done with your last few blogs.

    And congrats on losing weight…I forgot to tell you that on a previous blog. And YAY for going to the gymnasium (who says that anymore? Awesome!).

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