Posted by: kristabella | January 9, 2008

How Low Can You Go

So I was driving home this evening. Actually I was driving to the gym, but I figured you GOT IT that I’m working out again and didn’t want to drive that point home again. Although, I like to keep it real, yo, and really, I was driving to the gymnasium.

Anyway, I was listening to one of the local radio stations. One station in Chicago, B96, has this kick ass DJ on from 5-6 PM during the week and it is pretty much commercial free. I am not a huge fan of this station, but I love me some DJ Flipside and The Flipside at 5 Mix. I prefer music on my drive home. I don’t like to hear whiney people calling into the radio station in the evenings. I deal with enough whiney people at work.

So they announce that the have this BREAKING news story that involves some local media person in the Chicago area. And we have to stay tuned to hear it. Well, that sounds good to me. Since I’ll be in the car ANYWAY.

After 20 minutes of dragging this shit out, they announce that Radio Boy, a local radio personality at B96’s main rival, KISS FM, was arrested for allegedly soliciting a 13-year old boy.

My mouth hit the floor. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that a local media person would be stupid enough to allegedly do something like this and even stupider to get caught. And he got caught a la Chris Hansen To-Catch-A-Predator style to boot.

Now before I go on, I want to set one thing straight. I think there are very few things in this world that are worse than pedophilia. People who engage in it are sick, sick human beings and deserve every single ass raping they get while in prison. It disgusts me. Preying on unsuspecting, INNOCENT CHILDREN. It is beyond me how someone can do that.

Clearly the people who do engage in this behavior have some very serious mental issues. Very, very serious. And they all should get some mental help in addition to the ass rapings. Because only seriously disturbed human beings can engage in this kind of stomach-churning behavior.

To me, what is just as disgusting as that, is how this radio station, B96, handled this story. I understand that it is evening drive time, the second largest audience for a radio station next to morning drive. I was a broadcasting major. I know all about ratings and ads and how it all works and what stations do to pull listeners in for ratings.

I understand why they reported it. It was a fellow radio personality that was busted. And busted for a very lewd act. It’s sensationalism at its best. People like to hear these kinds of stories, whether they admit it or if they deny it. And you have a very captive audience of radio listeners stuck in rush hour traffic. It couldn’t have been a more opportune time.

These two rival stations play the exact same music. Exact same. They both claim to have played the current new releases first, way before the other. They are catering to the exact same demographics. They need hooks, gimmicks and/or radio personalities to pull a listener from one station to the other. Because it isn’t going to be about the music. I can’t tell you how many times these two stations are playing the exact same crappy song at the exact same time.

I would have been fine if they announced this story and even opened a discussion on the whole topic of pedophilia and how sick and disgusting it is. Shit like that sells ad revenue.

Where I got disgusted was when they started assuming that this sick radio personality and the station he works worked for are one in the same. That everyone at KISS FM is pedophiles. And that KISS FM encourages pedophilia and seeks out hiring pedophiles.

This is where I got livid. This horrible thing that this young man allegedly did in NO way goes to speak about an entire radio station. And I was sick to my stomach to think that here these two idiot DJs* were, talking about how they were the better station because they didn’t have any pedophiles on staff. Basically starting a smear campaign against KISS FM to lure listeners over because of an unrelated incident that had nothing to do with the station and their employees. Period. And not only was it unrelated, it was accusatory of something really heinous to a whole hell of a lot of people that work at KISS FM.

And because I was in the car, sitting at a light, about ready to shove my had through a window at these horrible tactics to get ratings, I sent a text to the station. I told them that I thought it was sad that they were using a story like this to promote their station. And I said it was pathetic.

If any of you are losers like me and have texted a radio station before, whether to try to win something or to state an opinion when phone lines are full or you are just too lazy to call and waste your minutes, you know that they usually send back some automated text. Either about what number texter you are and you haven’t won or to thank you for the message.

If there was ever one second when I regretted sending that silly text to two idiot DJs at a crappy radio station, it was gone in a hot second when I received their reply back:

“Thanks 4 listening to B96…the NON-PEDOPHILE radio station in Chicago (unlike KISS) WOW…some people are SOOOO sick!!!!! B96 4ever!!!”

I about threw my damn phone out the window. To sit there and say how sick this is and “how could someone do something like that?” and to turn around and use something as horrible as this for your own good? It sickens me to think that ratings are that important.

I realize it is the society we live in. That we are drawn to the train wrecks and can’t turn away. Because that stuff sells magazines and ads. And money makes the world go round.

I also realize that this is no different than gluing myself to the TV and computer when Britney has her latest meltdown. But in that case, I’m just using her missteps as innocent entertainment. Because my life is so boring. I don’t turn around and use her wrongdoings as accusatory claims against all young women. Or all women that live in Malibu. Or all mothers.

There is a line, and to me, these morons crossed it.

I’m going to try and not listen to listen to those DJs in the evenings, and try to boycott the station altogether. I can’t promise anything since I have the attention span of a gnat and hate commercials, so I like to flip.

But I live in the third largest media market in the country. There are plenty of other stations I can listen to. That I would hope would not stoop this low.


*The DJs are Stylz and Roman. I went to high school with Justin Roman. He even came to our 10-year reunion and was treated like a nobody, which was totally awesome to witness. He’s as douchey now as he was then. And apparently was an unsuccessful recording “artist” or something



  1. This is loathsome and distasteful. How the media can take something like this, pounce and twist it to make more money for their station is revolting. Have they no soul? No concern for the true victim, the child? Or the plight the child has just been given? The pain this child will endure as a result of this? Come on media! Have some compassion. A perfect example of how our country is going wrong, wrong, wrong.

  2. c’mon, snap out of it. you’ve been around jack radio personalities long enough to know how they are. they are useless. if you’re on the radio as a host or whatever, that says a lot about the person. let it go. as for the seahawks, on to green bay to upset God no. 2 that is brett favre!! how is senor handling the ‘skins loss, by the way?

  3. OMG, I am livid just reading this. Not only are they smearing the other radio station, but they’re making light of a very serious crime. If the competing DJ had murdered someone, would they proclaim themselves the “Murder-Free” station? Probably not. Clearly someone immature found pedophilia funny on some level, which is just gross.

  4. Gag. Do they play R Kelly on B 96? Aaliyah was only 15 when they “secretly married” … and there’s the video of that 14 year old girl.

    I wonder if it’s a bigger deal because it was a man soliciting a boy, so you have those issues? I don’t know. Either way, damned hypocrites.

  5. The whole story makes me feel sick. There are two things that really make me flippin mad. One is any harm to children and the other is any harm to animals. I hope they throw the book at this asshole and he pays his debt as some large man’s biotch in prison. Too bad the radio station couldn’t have had a little more class to set them apart when telling the story though.

  6. *sigh*

    I have an inability to control my responses where this sort of thing is concerned given my past…so let me just say that is one radio station I will never be listening to and some radio personalities that I hope I never meet in person.

    I’d be arrested for assault on their nads. Fucktards.

  7. I’m not at all surprised that B-96 has taken this approach. Once in a great while, I will flip to them in the morning and they constantly bash KISS FM then as well. They call Drex a faggot and plenty of other derogatory words. Their ratings tactics are totally despicable. Pedophilia is a sick, terrible thing, but to jump on it as a way to smear other people’s reputation is just so wrong.

    B-96 has been like this as long as I can remember. Do you remember the radio station Z95 from back in the late 80’s/early 90’s? They used to be at war with B96 and would have contests where listeners would call in and could win a prize for how many times they could say “b96 sucks” in a certain amount of time. 🙂

  8. Oh my god, both facets of that story are horrifying…the pedophile DJ and the rival DJ’s capitalizing off of the story. I would boycott them too.

  9. I’m ashamed of myself that I read this post & got furious with the ratings ploy, etc., and the pedophilia itself took a momentary back seat. Am I so desensitized to reports of child molesting because of all the news of the priests and the church and the molesting coverups? I don’t want to be. One child hurt and compromised is one too many.
    Boycott B96. And remember the real victim, the child, in all of this.

  10. I hate B96, and now I just have one more reason to add to the pile. Here I come easy listening music 😉

  11. Worse than the news people who bitch about how much airplay the latest celebrity is getting….all the while propogating the stories themselves.


  12. There there there, it will be all right


    My first wife was a print journalist, and she was good, working at a small suburban newspaper outside a much larger big paper city. She was good enough that she won two awards from the AP in just three years. So i am used to the TV news stuff she would rant about, how they spend 5 minutes out of each 30 minute 5PM show advertising a FUTURE story at 10PM. I am sure you have heard it all, but then sagsain, you were in broasdcasting, she was in print.

    But yeah, its a dog eat dog world out there.

    My solution, my very expensive BOSE unit broke several months ago. I was too lazy/cheap to get it fixed. Three weeks ago it suddenly came on, but after having no radio/cd/tape/mp3 etc for that long, and hearing it for like 3 days, I turned it off. I just drive and think/sing/whatever. I dont miss any of it, its just banter, and mostly stupid stuff to boot.

  13. Wow! I couldn’t agree with you more. To use this as a way of attacking an entire station. Crummy and just way unprofessional.

  14. I’ve been reading your site for awhile. First time commenting.

    I completely agree with you. One bad apple shouldn’t spoil the whole bunch. (Was that an Osmond’s song?) Anyway, here in STL we have two country stations that do the same thing. Sometimes you can flip from one station to the next and here the SAME song. They both claim to be #1, the best, the first, etc. And, they do just about anything to get more ratings. I get that this station (B96) saw this as a chance to get more ratings, but some people will boycott that other station just b/c that sicko worked there. B96 didn’t need to declare everyone at KISS pedophiles. It’s pretty low and tactless.

  15. I’m with you in the outrage. Making light of pedophilia is unacceptable and generalizing to an entire organization is, too. Asshats abound.

  16. OK – that story re: the KISS dj is beyond disturbing. And I hope the book gets thrown…

    Now onto the second part of the rant: Those two DJs – How. Low. Seriously! Yeah, ratings, listenenership, blah blah – but if anything made B96 look stupid – that’s at the top of the list. I will remember the stupity of those two, that’s for sure. I won’t hesitate to tell a few buddies who still work in PR about this blunder of those two idiots. I’d rather see preference go to KISS (not that DJ, but you know what I mean). These are the same stations that when you have new product or something hot they are all up your butt to get the track. GRRRRR. Sorry flipped into publicist mode. I used to love B96 mixes, esp. Tim Schommer’s. No more B96 for me if I hit Chicago. (Well not until Dumb and Dumber are kaput. And Dumber – yeah – not a fan of his music either since it took my laptop hostage and took me 20 min. to write this message. GRRRR)

  17. Roman looks like the biggest tool ever! I found you through LNU, and I think you’re amazing!

  18. The things they do for ratings… Whatever happened, people would still assume their own thoughts about the issue, but they definitely could have handled it better.

  19. That is just absolutely disgusting. Trying to get more listeners by being so vile. I hope they lose listeners now.

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