Posted by: kristabella | December 31, 2007

2007, So Happy To See You Go

It’s the end of the year. So it is time to wax poetically about the year we just completed and the excitement of the upcoming year and all the goodness it will contain. Goodness and cookies. Because a year is no good without cookies.

I, for one, am happy for 2007 to be coming to an end. I am sure I’m not the only one. For me, 2007 was not the best year.

There were obviously some good things. But there were some not so good things. And overall it wasn’t a horrible year. I am healthy. My family is healthy. I have a job and a roof over my head. But it is a year I am glad to put behind me. I am looking forward to 2008. Because I feel like I will start it off on the right foot and I can only go from there.

2007 a year in review:

  • I never felt settled in 2007. I just skimmed through my blog posts for the entire year and to me it seemed for a majority of the year I just couldn’t get into a routine. Which, to an anal Virgo like myself, is like death on a platter.
  • I got fired. For my blog. Yes, I know technically I was laid off, but the fact remains that a job I was at for less than FOUR MONTHS fired me because I had a blog. And because I said that Slalom Consulting was a stupid name.
  • It still is a stupid name. It always will be.
  • I was unemployed. It was only a month or so, but still. On a pittance like I earn for a salary, it is hard to really recover from putting all your bills on a credit card.
  • This was for the best. Everything happens for a reason and I’m better off. But during this time, it still sucked monkey balls.
  • I made some late-night mistakes with my ex-boyfriend. Which still make me sick to my stomach. Mostly my thinking that I thought it would be different this time.
  • I got a new job. A job that, for the most part, I really do enjoy. It is something I enjoy doing on a daily basis. And the anal, Virgo part of my brain is satisfied with organizing and the lists and the planning.
  • I dyed my hair brown. Pretty close to my natural color. While looking through the archives, I felt a little longing for my days as a blonde. And then I saw the original photos when I revealed my new do. And realized it just works better.
  • But I’ll probably still end up as a blonde one day. I like changing my hair too much.
  • I turned 30. And I think this is a good thing.
  • Drank a lot of wine.
  • I ran an 8k. This from someone who has never run more than a hot second in her entire life.
  • I met an author. And she thinks I’m funny. And mentioned me in her upcoming book. Due out in May 2008. Which should make 2008 awesome based on this fact alone.
  • Even though I tend to say really stupid things to her every time I see her. Things like “I can’t believe you want to be my friend.” How is that for self-confidence?
  • I got really passionate about my blog. And I was able to tell people I love how much they mean to me through the medium that is easiest for me to best express myself.
  • And in turn, found a lot of bloggers and am impressed daily by the people I “know” through the blog world and how talented each and every one of you are. And how lucky I am to be connected to a network of such awesome people.
  • I even met a few bloggers in person. And managed, I’m sure, to make a complete ass of myself every time. But crazy enough, they all still talk to me and read my blog.
  • Discovered the awesomeness that is Gossip Girl. By watching all 12 episodes in a row on a Friday night. So. Worth it.
  • Fed my cats. Mostly every day. And sometimes I did pet them.
  • Made out with quite a few bad kissers.
  • Drank more wine.

Overall, it wasn’t a horrible year. Every year is going to have its ups and downs. But overall, 2007 and I never really meshed. We both went through the motions, but it wasn’t right and we never gelled.

I’m hoping 2008 and I are a lot closer. Because US Weekly says it will be a good year. And who am I to doubt the knowlege that is US Weekly?

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! Thanks for reading! May 2008 be the best year yet!



  1. I will also be glad to see 2007 go. Though my year wasn’t nearly as icky as yours, it sucked all the same. I hope 2008 is a good year for us both.

  2. Like you said, as if 2008 WON’T be fantastic with our i
    impending drinking catch up?!

    You’ve come a long way, baby.

  3. You have my wish for the best year ever in 2008. You deserve that…and a lot more!!!!!!!!

    Love you lots and lots!

  4. Meeting you was definitely one of the highlights of my 2007! Here’s to more in 2008. More what? Whatever your heart desires.

  5. Happy New Year backatya, KJ! I love the idea of a year-end wrapup; mine would probably just say that I made out with a bunch of dudes (Just kidding…sorta).
    House of Jules

  6. Happy New Year Kristabella!!

    Love you!

  7. Your past Christmas cards, “Nice Rack”

    OK, hey, its the week between Christmas and new Years, and Santa puts his pen down during this week, so any rude comments like that are never entered into his naughty or nice list.

    Have a Great Year, and yes, this year will be better.

  8. I am happy to see 2007 go as well. Had a good year, but looking forward to a fresh start. — Here’s to better make-outs in 2008! -Happy New Year! Shelly

  9. Wow, you have had a helluva year. I hope 2008 is much much much better for you.

  10. Hey there. I got to you from a comment you left on some blog, Nothing But Bonfires, maybe. Anyway, what a great end to blogging 2007.

    You’re a fun read, and a great writer, in my humble opinion.


  11. And I’m not afraid to admit it: I love Gossip Girl too.

  12. Hey Seahawks,

    We want the ball and we’re going to score!

    – Washington

  13. I am so glad 2007 is coming to a close! Here’s hoping 2008 is better!

    Happy New Year, KJ!

  14. happy new year!!!

  15. ha ha, good one, senor. but we’re gonna make the ‘skins suck it like they did after the ’05 season in the playoffs, so have fun watching. happy new year’s k jizzle. it’s 1155 over there so i’m sure you’ve made out with numerous bad kissers by now, and i’m not even there. imagine that! see you in green bay!

  16. Here’s hoping it’s a great year!

  17. Hoping you have an amazing 2008! You deserve it Girl! We all have our not-so-wonderful years…it just seems that good pals and loving family gets us through them and onto better times!

  18. Happy New Year! Texting has been fun:)

  19. Hi sweets! I’ve been on a hiatus, but I’m baaaack!

    I’m guessing you know lots about Virgos. I’m on too and I’m so not into planning or that stuff. I must be a fake Virgo. Or maybe I’m just a really crappy Virgo!

    Happy 2008…I hope you find your balance this year.

  20. Never doubt US Weekly! Happy New Year 🙂

  21. We’ll both be great in ‘O8! Just like the 1908 Cubs. 🙂

  22. I don’t think you can really say anything negative about a year in which you DISCOVERED GOSSIP GIRL. That pretty much made MY 2007.

  23. I hope 2008 is your best year yet. I am thrilled to have “discovered” you this year.

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