Posted by: kristabella | December 26, 2007

Five Gold Rings

So what did y’all do on Christmas? Because this girl (points to self) became an Olympic medalist five times over. Oh, and I also am the new Olympic record holder in rowing. Boo. Yeah.

Overall, pretty good Christmas, if I do say so myself.

My nephew Tommy was lucky enough to get a Wii from Santa and was nice enough to bring it over on Christmas. And Mahnee got him the Mario and Sonic Go to the Olympics game. And wow, today I learned I can get a little crazy, maybe, and will wrestle a Wii remote out of a damn six-year old’s wet, clammy hands. Because I rule! And won medals! And you can’t even try to touch my invincibility! Even if I followed up a bronze medal in the 110-meter hurdles by running into ever hurdle on the track in the next race. But that is besides the point.

I earned my next two medals in the Trampoline. And by the way, International Olympic Committee? This should SO be a sport. Because watching little cartoon Sonic spin around and jump really high is fan-flipping-tastic. My sister will tell tall tales out of school that I wasn’t so proficient in the trampoline in first trying it. And I may have made quite a few large gestures with my arms and plenty of weird faces. Because sometimes if you twirl the little do-hickey remotey thing enough, Sonic will DO WHAT I SAY.

I did so good in the Trampoline. I even kicked Mario’s ass a few times. And he got really unsportsmanlike and kept yelling out things like “suck my linguini!” and “stick in in your pizza pie hole!” Which really is uncalled for. And very un-Olympic like. And against the spirit of the Games and all that.

But after my first gold medal in the Trampoline, I earned my nephew some more additions to his game. And now, we were able to compete in rowing. (And seriously, Nintendo? My mom paid good money for that game. For that money, I should get the whole kit and kaboodle. I’m just saying. Do not withhold the magic that is Wii rowing.)

I was quite nervous going into my first rowing competition of my life. Because the time to start something new is NOT at the Olympics. It was the longest race ever. And I’m sure I’m going to be sore as hell tomorrow. When I wake up and wonder why it feels like I spent hours on a rowing machine. Because when I play Wii, I’m not sure how to actually do these things without very exaggerated, over-the-top movements. Which leads to much laughing. And medals. Have I mentioned the medals?

The race was long. And tough. Quite an arduous course. And there were buttons to push to make me go faster. And boy howdy did they work. It pushed me to my second gold medal of the night and a NEW OLYMPIC RECORD! Take that Russians! Who I would assume are good at rowing!

Final medal count for the evening? Two golds, two silver and a bronze. It was a good showing for Kristabellikstan. Especially since this was our first Olympics. We finally raised enough funds. To make the 10-mile drive over to my mother’s house. And matching warm-up suits. For the one member of the team.

Oh, and I got some gift certificates and a few sweaters from Santa. But they won’t ever live up to gold medals. In Mahnee’s Living Room Olympics 2007.



  1. What an eventful day! Wow! If this is what Christmas is like, I can’t wait to hear about New Year’s! 😉

    I’m so glad you had a great time, KJ!

  2. I am betting you are pretty sore today. My shoulder was sore for a month (seriously) after throwing it out playing the Raving Rabids Wii game! Sounds like a great Christmas 🙂

  3. Wow! Now I know what I was doing wrong playing that game. Would you like to come over and entertain us while we play the Olympic game next time? 😉

    I’m impressed with all of that moving and swinging you didn’t throw your controller across the room, or is that just me?

  4. When I see people in commercials playing Wii tennis, or bowling, they actually simulate doing that. Does this mean you were jumping over the couch as a hurdle all day? I’m anxious to know.

  5. You were so funny playing that game….and I’m sure your arms are sore from all the rowing. I seriously now understand all the hype about the Wii now…

  6. If they had a “real sex” wii game, would you pass out, or just die from laughter?


    I rowed in college, and believe me, the over exaggerated motions would have caused your arms to fall off.

  7. i got that wii olympics game for christmas, and played it for much of last nite. i thought i was going to wake with a freakishly muscular wrist. i am really bad at most of the game, though i did get a gold on the trampoline and place pretty well in the javelin toss. triple jump, which i thought would be my strength, was a scratch fest.

    but i’m not at 100 percent. i still have a bum pitching arm from when we got the wii months and months ago and spent 10 hours pitching fastballs at my boyfriend’s head.

  8. I once spent an entire quarter in college playing Donkey Kong Country on Nintendo. I never got past level three, but I enjoyed every minute of it. – Shelly

  9. I got nothing anywhere near as great as gold medals!
    I also must be having an incredibly long day because Kristabellikstan seriously cracked me up!

  10. That sounds awesome. I have to see one of these things in person (I know, I know…)

  11. The Wii rocks. I think I may return all my Christmas gifts so that I can buy one.

  12. All of these people getting Wiis for Christmas… I want to steal their presents.

  13. Ah, I cannot WAIT to buy my Wii! Argh! I should have bought it in November, but noooooo, I was too lazy to drive across town!

    Congratulations on your wins! 🙂

  14. Just played Wii for the first time this X-mas and fell in love! Am saving to get one and will soon be a hermit in my house:)

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