Posted by: kristabella | December 5, 2007

Must. Write. Something.

You know what sucks about NaBloPoMo? Besides the fact that people write crap like “this is a post. Kthxbai” and pass it off as writing because must. Write. Everyday. Prizes. Because then people get used to reading your drivel everyday. And then there is expectations. And “Oh Hai” isn’t good enough anymore. They want quality shit. Because you don’t have to post every day, but also? You must.

Or probably, that’s just me.

But my brain is fried. I have nothing. I can’t even think of anything remotely interesting to write about. And my fail safe this week was to answer the questions for Bacon, yet I left Bacon at home. And he doesn’t really like it when I make shit up for him. So if you have any more questions, feel free to leave them. You know, questions like “Why did ASU get hosed by the bowl selection committee?” Although, even Bacon can’t figure out why it happened. He’s convinced they are all vegetarians. And pig haters.

So yeah, that’s all I have. The conference is going well. This is a really good group and I’ve had a good time with them so far. And yes, you can all rest easy and not fear the sky will be falling or pigs will be flying any time soon because I was out drinking until after 1 AM on Monday night. So everything is right with the world.

The one thing I love about this group is that they are a bit older and more responsible and are actually here to LEARN at the training and not just party. And I remembered that I’m 30 and I DO get along better with people my own damn age. So it is nice. Because we all have that switch in our brain that knows that drinking past last call is never a good idea. And we’ve all been fairly alert for the sessions. And wow! What a difference! Am such an adult.

Although. I am really mad about something. And I cannot talk about it here. I can’t say anything. Something happened today that I want to tell someone about because it pisses me off. But I wasn’t there. I can’t be sure. On top of this, I have to work very closely with this person on all the trainings here on out. And we already have a rocky relationship because this person can treat me like dirt and I don’t much appreciate that. So I need to keep the peace. And believe me, since I’m not one to hold my tongue EVER, this is going to be tough. Especially because I’m a child and the next time this person pisses me off you know I’ll want to be all “Well at least I didn’t (insert bad thing here!) DURING training!”

I’m not proud. Just the way I’m wired.



  1. That suuuuuucks. I can’t stand it when people are left to hold down the fort and instead they drink the fort dry. Not good times.

    My question for bacon: Why, bacon? Why are you so damn tasty?


  2. I think I know who you’re talking about and still can’t believe it! Idiot.

  3. he might have been drinking rum that tasted like whiskey.

  4. How I wish I could get hammered to go to work. But I’m afraid all those people who need their tax returns done correctly would be very unhappy with me. Or maybe they’d love me if I got them ton of money back!

  5. You say that like something is wrong with how you are wired.

  6. Damn… I see all these people drinking in their lunch breaks and wonder how they do it.

    Not that I could drink in my lunchbreak, because of the whole being responsible for other people’s young children thing, but yeah. It’s interesting all the same.

  7. Good lord, what a moron! And really, how embarrassing? Ugh!

  8. That is unbelievable!

  9. That’s a pickle, I agree. I hope it works out and, perhaps, they get loaded and fall in front of the person who can/should fire them.

  10. It stinks that you can’t freaking out and yell at this person, but at least you know you are doing what’s right and eventually it will come back to kick this idiot’s ass! It always does! Go Kristabella for being an adult!

  11. I would undoubtedly explode with that fact at some tense moment! Here is hoping that you have more self-control.

    I am so proud of your adultness, Kristabella!

  12. OMG, you’re making me miss ‘the Dooner’!

  13. I would be nutters if that happened. But I don’t have the class to not get in his face about it either, lol.

  14. First of all I totally hear you on the posting every day thing. It is all I can do to come up with something! Two weeks ago, I would have posted about my George Clooney dream last night ( OH YES I DID HAVE ONE…WOO ), but that’s not really good enough now that I supposedly “have time to plan” a good post.

    Second – get that idiot his/her own blog! If he/she can’t hold his liquor, he won’t have the common sense not to post about work, and they’ll fire his ass.

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