Posted by: kristabella | December 2, 2007

Ho Hum

I know! What’s up with this posting every day even though the word of the Lord or someone says you don’t have to unless you want to. And there are no prizes, so what the hell is wrong with me?

Well, we have a sales conference this week. And that usually means I have less time to write. Because I’m consuming my weight in red wine. And I weigh a lot. Let me tell you. This hotel has a mirrory type of photo arty thing hanging on the wall in front of the desk. And so if I’m not looking at the screen, I’m staring at my double chin. My double chinย that could eat a toddler. Seriously. Maybe I should cut back the wine a little bit this week. And eating enough fried foods to kill an obese village.

So yeah, sales conference. One I’m not looking forward to. This is a first. I always semi-look forward to them. I mean, I get to stay in a swanky hotel (even if I didn’t get the suite this time OR the free wine) (hotel girl is so going to hear about that one) and I get to drink on the company. Life is good, right?

Well, not so much. Because of all the stuff that went on last week, I’m just a little uneasy. I’d rather be home, in my bed, with my cats, going to the office this week. Or on a tropical island. I just have this sneaking suspicion that this week is going to suck. Now granted, this week is going to suck no matter what part of the company your function is in. It’s just the fun part of trying to move on from Black Friday.

But that doesn’t make me want to entertain these people any more. I think I’d rather spend the next few months curled up in my bed with my laptop, my cats and my remote. Because that equals safe to me. And things are changing. And I don’t like change. And I’m not completely convinced that these changes are going to be for the best. No one is. In fact, most of us have already figured that the people who got the boot now, and are getting out early, they are going to be the ones better off in the long term.

I hope we’re all wrong. Because we all know I’m wrong. Because whenever I say I’m not going to drink or have any fun during a conference, I usually end up in a drunken, teeth-stained heap in the corner of the lobby.




  1. You poor thing. I cannot imagine having all this stress just build and build. Keep drinking your red wine. But use a straw, it reduces the tooth stains. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Yea, you should hear some of the people I talk to that were let go from here back in June. They sound happy. Damn. I hate them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you need me to crash your party, call me. And straws may reduce tooth stains, but they give you wrinkles around your lips! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Is there room in your bed for me and my remote and laptop? That sounds good to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Can you believe how busy I’ve been today? Just commenting now.

    Enjoy this week…even after all the stress of last week….or maybe because of all the stress of last week.

    Miss your emails!

  5. Well, I hope the week goes quickly. Are you there all week!?

  6. I can see why the novelty might have worn off .. I’ll be thinking of you!

  7. I hope your week goes by both quickly and smoothly, so you can relax! Try not to worry Kristabella!

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