Posted by: kristabella | November 30, 2007

Hell Of A Day

First things first. If you haven’t heard, I am still gainfully employed. So that is good. And I can stop worrying. At least until the first of the year.

And I wanted to let all of you know because you’ve all been so sweet and wishing me well and crossing all your fingers and toes for me. And for reals? That can’t be comfortable.

My mom even sent me an email this afternoon and was all “you should probably let your audience know.” So then I got on a soapbox in the office (read: empty Staples box that didn’t yet contain the contents of someone’s desk) and started to tell everyone that I! WAS! SAFE! And I got a lot of looks of death and realized my mom meant my blog audience. Because there were three people who were really concerned! I kid. It’s like 12.

So Black Friday was in full effect today. It was the most gut-wrenching, stomach-turning morning I have ever experienced. When I woke up, I was hungry. I haven’t really been hungry since.

My drive in wasn’t too bad, until I turned the final corner and knew that whatever happened today, it was going to suck for everyone, regardless of whether you kept your job or not. And I was absolutely right.

Around 9 AM, the three managers who are part of our department began calling people in one by one. At this point, I was so nervous and unsettled, I thought I was going to puke. And I do not like vomiting. I will myself not to get the stomach flu. And I try to not ever drink enough to make me blow chunks. I’ll drink enough to make it feel like a steamroller ran over my head in the middle of night. But to me? Twenty four hours of misery is so much better than tossing my cookies. One, because I like cookies. And two, well there is no two. I just hate puking. I will never understand bulimics.

I found out my job was safe. But because two of the people in my immediate department were not as lucky, my job will be changing. Everyone’s job will be changing. We’re significantly reducing the workforce. (Hey, ya think I’ve been reading press releases and news stories today?) So wearers of many hats and Jacks of All Trades, these are the people that will thrive in new corporate culture. It’s a good thing I am Jack of All Trades, Master of None. I made them put it on my business card.

All in all, the marketing department lost 5 today. And it was heartbreaking.

On top of this, our cracker jack IT staff have decided to beef up the firewall and block like every damn internet site except the company’s. And apparently Bloglines. But they’re blocking Mapquest. Because I’m sure people sat around just planning road trips, wondering what was the fastest route from Waterloo, Iowa to HELL and wasting all that ink and toner printing those maps. Way to ruin it for everyone, map people! And don’t you know Google Maps is way better anyway?

So blogs aren’t blocked. Twitter is. Again. It used to be and then I think someone on the IT staff must tweet a lot because a week later, it was back. Yahoo! mail is still OK. And Totally accessible. Because let’s totally encourage everyone to look for jobs while you’re PAYING THEM.

But what IS blocked is comments on Blogger blogs. Or any blog where you have to click to another page to comment. I didn’t seem to have a problem with any blogs where the comment form is right there in the post. Why the comments pose more of a threat? Who the hell knows. So, if you see a decrease in comments from me, don’t worry. I’m still reading. And seriously? Does anyone know how to get around firewalls and companies who are all about blocking all the fun? Because you know, we’re not salty enough or anything these days. Take away the ONE thing that helped us get out of bed each day to come into work. Geesh.

So yeah. That was my day. It was mentally and emotionally draining. And odds are there are more of these days around the corner. They aren’t done with the cuts. But I’m safe for now. And I will just keep doing what I have been doing since I started. You know, just being my 17,000 kinds of awesome.



  1. So glad to know you are ‘safe’ for now! Sucks for those they let go though. what a christmas!

  2. sorry it was such a rough day, but hooray for still having a job and paycheck!!!

  3. Hooray for having a job and hooray for a beer at lunch!

    Boooooo to firewalls at work!

    House of Jules

  4. Ugh.

    I’m glad you’re still employed, though.

  5. I was so relieved to get that email today. I’m very sorry for the people who lost their jobs, but I’m glad you’re okay.

  6. So relieved you’re safe. I can relate to how the day must have been since a similar thing happened at my old job.

  7. That’s so great that you still have your job. I hope it continues.

  8. Yeah for making the cut! Now you just have to cope with survivors guilt!

    Comments on the page work? Maybe it’s a pop up blocker versus a firewall??

    >>Does anyone know how to get around firewalls <<
    I do now! Buy an Iphone. On top of all the other cool features the Iphone can surf the web and even on the cheapest plan is 59.99 and it has unlimited web access (data)

  9. I posted that in a hurry. That last sentence should read. “and even the cheapest Iphone plan (59.99) has unlimited minutes for data and that includes internet”

  10. Glad you’re still employed, but Friday sounds like a terrible day to go through no matter if you kept your job or not! Yikes.

    Hope today was less stressful.

  11. That last line? WHY I LOVE YOU.

    Seriously, you can apply for a new job, you just can’t get directions to the interview. Ah, your Cyber Nanny is a ruthless one.

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