Posted by: kristabella | November 18, 2007

The Weekend Is Over Already?

Did you all have a great weekend?

I had things to do. Like things more than NOT changing out of my pajamas, NOT showering and NOT seeing human beings. My cats were very confused.

So because I am Queen of Bullets, let’s not even try and pretend that I could do this in coherent sentences with like segues and transitions and shit.

  • Saturday I went to a friend’s place for a housewarming party. It was all high school friends. It looked like this.


  • It looked like a family Christmas photo or something. Like we’re all wearing similar colors or something.
  • And then after that party, I went out to meet some bloggers. I met Swishy and Manic Mommy.
  • I won’t post any photos since I’m not sure how they feel about that.
  • Swishy is all Super Secret Squirrel on her blog. Since she is really an undercover CIA agent.
  • Oh whoops. Was I not to mention that?
  • I also met her on Saturday night. It was seriously a Bloggers Unite Convention.
  • Jess Riley is like an honest to goodness author. And Jen Lancaster wrote her cover quote. So since I’m not so secretly stalking Jen Lancaster, I therefore will love this book.
  • Although that totally wasn’t even a selling point because Jess in person is just awesome. Period.
  • So even without that I was going to read and love this book.
  • Buy it! Summer of 2008!
  • I think we should get her to come to our book club. Yes?
  • And my friend Darcie, her of the housewarming party, said “That chick is like an author. Like Oprah could pick her book as HER book. And I’ll be all ‘I met that chick!'”
  • You can kind of see why we’re friends. Seeing as that’s pretty much my conversation with my computer when Jen Lancaster ever emails me.
  • Because I’m not still not sure why anyone that is even remotely cool would want to even be my friend, let alone talk to me.
  • It’s the silly band geek in me.
  • But you know what? McDreamy played the sax in high school. So we are so meant to be together.
  • Even though he is a fictional character.
  • Maybe that’s why I’m still single?
  • But last night was SO much fun.
  • We had a great time!
  • Manic is just like I pictured her to be. Which is pretty much myself. Sarcastic and outspoken and full of life. It was like we’ve been friends for years.
  • Swishy is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. No, seriously, just beautiful.
  • And then this 22-year old hit on her. Who was like the most adorable person I’ve ever seen. I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home with me.
  • He was also very sweet and nice for someone his age.
  • I don’t know what happened, since I left early because I had the hour-plus drive home and I had a wedding to go to on Sunday.
  • But I can’t wait to hear.
  • We were in a loud bar, so it wasn’t easy to sit around and chit chat.
  • But I had a GREAT time. And it was great to finally meet these ladies in person.
  • And hopefully I didn’t scare Swishy too much with the hugging.
  • I’m a hugger. My family hugs. And I feel like that is what I should do when I meet bloggers.
  • I was SO glad that Marianne was a hugger too.
  • All you other bloggers have been warned. I’m going to hug you.
  • So tonight I had a wedding to go to for a co-worker.
  • Who has weddings on Sundays?
  • When the Bears are playing?
  • I told one of the girls I work with that I have a blog.
  • Oh. And that I got fired for this blog.
  • We’re friends, but I’m thinking that was a BAD idea.
  • Oops.
  • Stupid free wine.
  • It was a predominantly black wedding. Which was interesting.
  • I like to dance, but the people dancing had these choreographed dances.
  • It was like line dancing.
  • Which, if it isn’t the Electric Slide, I’m lost.
  • It took me 13 years to figure out what the hell people were doing.
  • I’m not coordinated.
  • I have one move. And that’s how I dance. That move over. And over and over.
  • I’m having a hard time typing because I’m a little drunk.
  • I looked super hot tonight.
  • See


  • And then I came home and showed how to really unwind after a wedding.


  • I think the cats would rather have no food than have me home like this.


Simba says “I don’t even know you. And I’m hungry. So since I don’t know you, I shall eat your forearm while you sleep.”


Kitty Kitty says “I can’t even look at you. You disgust me. And I lick my own ass.”



  1. This sounds like a weekend for the books! Fabulous dress! I love all the other boots in the background, like you tried on 4 pairs before deciding on the ones you’re wearing.
    House of Jules

  2. Oh man, I hate line dancing type things. Unless it’s country line dancing and I’m totally out of my element and pretending to belong…but that’s from a specific experience. Otherwise, I can’t stand anything like the Electric Slide.

  3. Looks like a very eventful weekend. I have to agree, you did look pretty hot! The boots did it! And thanks for making me laugh this morning, the cat’s dialogue is priceless. And if you are wondering why you are getting this comment so freaking early in the morning, it’s because I’ve been here since 5:45. Yeah shoot me now.

  4. Omigosh! What a great weekend! And you did look gorgeous. A tall girl in boots! And also, very retro.

    And hmm… I totally need to learn a dance move, because I’ve got nothin’… and that’s being generous. I’m no Elaine either, because even bad moves are moves.

    (Sorry for my ridiculous use of exclamation points. I am seeking help.)

  5. Sounds like so much fun. I need more bloggers in Ann Arbor. Geez. But they’re obviously all hibernating.

    I think you need to make a road trip.

  6. That dress and boot combo was super hot! You look great 🙂 And if we ever meet, it will be a hugfest because I’m also a hugger.

  7. You look thin, beautiful and healthy – wowza boots!

  8. Perhaps when you’ve known someone for more than half your life you just start to look like “family” when you are together??

    That picture is too funny! I may have to frame it and put it up with my family pics.

    And, the dog!! So cute. We are progressively cuter and cuter and we age 😉

  9. Aww, poor kitties! They can come eat at my house, I just went to Mud Bay yesterday, they’ll be very pleased with their options.

  10. Who has weddings on Sundays? When the Bears are playing?

    You crack me up… Love your dress and the pic from the HS gang together. GT2.

  11. ACK!!! I am almost done writing my own post and am cracking up because very similar to what I said about YOU!!! You’re like my sista!!! So much fun meeting you and Darcie!!!

    You look HOT for that wedding girlfriend!!!

    And I cannot, cannot, cannot put this on my blog but someone was here until 4 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ooo sounds so fun!
    Wish you had videoed the choreographed dances–ha.
    and yes, you look awesome!

  13. Sounds like you had a ton of fun! And I love the dress and boots!

  14. That housewarming photo is hilarious! You should all pool your money and send out a joint holiday card.

  15. Jewish people have weddings on Sunday. But I’m guessing this was not a Jewish wedding.

  16. Ok, when you have cats that don’t like a little bit of ‘social lubricant’ means you need new cats.

    Ok, I admit it, yes, you looked hot. Those boots really grab the eye!

  17. That dress & those boots? You ARE hot!

  18. Totally a supercute outfit and love the boots!

    I’m a hugger too!

  19. You are so sweet! I am so glad you came!

    As for the rest of the night … all I can do is shake my head. Ha.

  20. You ARE a good dancer! I remember you dancing at Tom’s wedding (they just had baby #3, a girl!) and not only were you dancing you were singing all the words to some rap song that I didn’t know. I was impressed.

  21. Yep, I hug as well. And kitty will forgive you. I’m sure of it. At least you don’t dress her up when you’re drunk. And I neeeeever do that to Molly after a few too many glasses of champagne.

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