Posted by: kristabella | November 9, 2007

Are You Looking For An Answer Besides Cobwebs?

The Friday 5 site is working this week. And thank the heavens above because I’ve got a bad case of the writer’s block and have nothing interesting to write about. I actually take that back, I have a few topics, but I need time to sit and write them. And late at night, before the DEADLINE, is not a good idea.

Anywho, on to this week’s Friday 5. If any of you have tried to go to this site, you’ll realize why you don’t see more people doing these posts. The questions are, five times out of five, 13 kinds of lame. But hey! Friday 5 people? Thanks for something!

  1. What is something that is hanging from your ceiling? Are you guys with me on the stupid questions? Good. Do people hang things from ceilings? Besides ceiling fans? And lights? Well, let’s pretend that everything is upside down in my house. And my floor is really my ceiling. And therefore, a coffee table and area rug would be hanging from my ceiling. Because that answer is better than “cobwebs.”
  2. What is something that is hanging from your wall? Again, besides cobwebs and dust? This is a good time to tell you how weird I am. (I’ll pause while you feign shock.) (And amazement at the fact that I used feign in a sentence.) I don’t hang anything on the walls above my bed. Because after years of living in California, land of earthquakes, I am convinced that if I hang something over my bed, it will come down in the one time we get an earthquake in Illinois and decapitate me. And I really feel that would be one of the worst ways to go. Unless it was a cartoon and my severed head was like still alive and talking to my flailing body. That would be kind of cool.
  3. What is something that is hanging in your closest? A gay man.
  4. What is hanging from your rear view mirror? Um, one, I’m not in high school, so nothing. And two, it’s 2007. Do people still hang things from their rear view mirrors? I’m going to have to go with cobwebs.
  5. What have you been hanging onto for too long? Oooh. The Friday 5 people get all deep and shit. I’m going to have to go with that jar of BBQ sauce in the back of the fridge. And that last shred of decency. And the cobwebs. Of course, the cobwebs.

I wonder if this will get me banned from Friday 5?



  1. I didn’t know you had a gay man in your closet. Does he have cobwebs?

  2. I have a shell necklace hanging from my rearview mirror. It’s from a high school trip to Corpus Christi (TX) and every time I look at it, I think about being that young and having that much fun without a drop of alcohol. I also think about how long ago that was and how my car is still in my possession and it’s only a matter of time before it falls apart while I’m in it.

  3. I think everyone has some old BBQ sauce in the back of their fridge…like one of those experimental flavors that you thought would be good and decided to try, but then it wasn’t so it was banished to the back of the fridge and promptly forgotten.

  4. I had some really cool things hanging from the rear view mirror of my car in high school.

    I also hard a Barbie poster pinned to the ceiling.

    Most pimped-out 1987 Honda Civic ever!

  5. I haven’t even attempted the Friday Five since… well, since I promised to start doing it… because of the stupid questions. I don’t think I have anything “hanging”. I am impressed by the gay man, though 🙂

  6. I have to think we can come up with a better Friday Five than these people. And make money doing it.

  7. You totally should have said that sex swing was hanging from your ceiling.

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