Posted by: kristabella | November 7, 2007

Sharing The Buzz Love

My friend Betsey, who I met out in California a few years ago and who I just recently attended the wedding of, and by recently I mean almost a year ago. Jesus, it’s been almost a year? Anyway, that wasn’t even a complete sentence.

So my friend Betsey, who I just love to pieces and made my years in California some of the best, just recently launched her own online shop of handmade goodness. It is called Buzz Loves. And it is really cute and awesome and you must all click. Now! Woot!

She makes her own cards and gifts BY HAND (that’s what handmade means, in case you are dumb) (but none of you are dumb, because I wouldn’t stupidly insult my 7 readers and NOT have them go over to Buzz Loves. Click link now!)

Anyway, it’s the holiday season and aren’t you always looking for the perfect gift for a friend/co-worker/family member/homeless person?

Well look no more! Head on over and buy things! Lots and lots of cute things! And bookmark it! Because she will be adding more cute stuff! As she makes them. BY HAND! Have I mentioned?

And if I’m really nice, she may even re-design my blog for me. Like something all my own. That no one else has. That is so me it screams wine, beer, burritos and football all at the same time! Because she’s awesome like that. Because she’s a Midwesterner. And beer buys pretty much anything.

So Buzz Loves! Tell your friends!



  1. Am going to go stalk NOW. Squeeeee!

  2. Ooh, thanks for sharing! I love the pillows 🙂

  3. Jesus, I’m SORRY for stealing your blog design. You have issues, girl.

    Clicking link now…

  4. I am thinking about giving all handmade gifts for Christmas this year… so I will be clicking over, STAT!

  5. Consider this tag, as me giving you something to write about tomorrow.

    Or just pass it on.

  6. Cute store! Congrats to her.

  7. Yay Mrs. H. Love the new store! And speaking of Midwesterners…

    K’bella, Betsey and others who frequent the MSP airport might like to know that we FINALLY have a cell phone parking lot. Sheesh. Welcome to the 21st Century. Talk about driving around in your car, heat cranked on high, when it’s -10 F windchill, waiting for someone’s baggage to drop.

  8. YAYYYYYYY! Thanks KJ! You are so sweet. Maybe I should offer special deals for Kristabella readers!?! 🙂 Anyway, hope y’all enjoy, and if you can’t find something you want, let me know! I’m adding more stuff this week/end!

  9. […] a very special post about BUZZLOVES! I am so honored! And excited! So get yourself over there and read it, and read the rest of her fun blog too! Thanks KJ you rock! WOOT! […]

  10. I love sending cards, so this is perfect. Mike thinks my family and I are nuts for sending cards for just about any holiday on the calendar! I wish I could just open a business like that, all on my own, it’s fantastic! She will definitely have some business from me!

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