Posted by: kristabella | November 5, 2007


Or NaStoStuYoFaMo. Which is even harder to say than NaBloPoMo. And not nearly as fun. Actually, evertytime I sneeze this month, I make sure it comes out as “NaBloPoMo!” Gesundheit.

So back in August (Jesus, has it been that long?) I started up Weight Watchers again. For the eleventeenth time. Because I have put on way too much weight and the only time I want to be carrying around the weight of a toddler is when I’m actually the parent of a toddler. Or babysitting. Or wearing one of those fake pregnancy bellies. Because I always wondered what that would be like. Because then you can take it off.

So I told myself I was getting back on track. I had a friend I was going to meetings with! And we were going to LOSE! THAT! WEIGHT! (a la Ty Pennington. Because I’m as big as a bus. And minus the drunk driving.) Now, a few months later, I’m right back where I started. I lose and then I gain and it’s a big damn yo-yo. But I thought, since I’m being forced to disciplined enough to write every day for this NaBloPoMo, I figured it would be a good time to be disciplined about this weight loss program that is sucking money out of my checking account every month. (We all know that isn’t motivation. See: the gym.)

So in addition to writing every day, I am going to really try and watch what I eat. No more nachos and pretzels with cheese for a snack at 2 PM. No more Entire Pizzas Alone Sundays. No more Burrito The Size Of Your Head Tuesdays. And I’m going to try (try) to cut down on the Magnum Bottle Of Wine Wednesdays. I may just have to take it down to a bottle. Per day.

And, yes, I know that I’m starting this right before the holidays. But I’ve done if before during the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are one day each. It’s the grazing on toffee or chocolate covered anything starting at 10 AM every day for the entire month of December that packs on the cellulite. It’s not the extra helping of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Plus, I plan to just drink myself through the holidays. Liquid weighs less. And tends to come right back up when you drink too much of it.

My goal, nay hope, is that by getting back on track and really being strict about “The Program” in November, and possibly losing the baby weight from the baby I don’t HAVE, will get me back in a good routine. The one I had for over three years. Back when I vowed like a silly little school girl that I would never put back on any of the weight I lost the first time around. Those people who gained weight back were such failures.

Now seating Failure, Party of One. And I’ll have the side salad. Dressing on the side.

And a bottle of Pinot. Let’s not get too crazy.



  1. You are beautiful the way you are!
    But, I do understand how hard it is to gain back weight once you’ve lost it…Been there, done that! It does feel like a failure.
    Remember, you still look better at 30 than you did in high school! That is NO FAILURE!

  2. I havent been drinking as much water as I usually do. I should have NaAguaMO or something.

    GOod luck!

  3. What if you start eating toffee at noon? Is that OK?

  4. Yum! Toffee at noon!

  5. Good for you!! Oh, and can you imagine how lovely a liquid diet of wine would be? Ahhhh 🙂

  6. You may need to switch to white wine honey. Then you could do a bottle and a half. 😉

  7. Just reading your post today helps me out. I’m in that same yo-yo place and trying to string together a week’s worth of “good” days. It doesn’t help that the sun sets and 5 p.m. now, and it’s so cold out (some cruel voice in my head starts telling me to eat more, as if I’m preparing to survive the winter, too).

    But, after reading your post, I’m going to be as strong as I can be. Ben & Jerry who? 😉

  8. Oh, I understand. I’m feeling the exact same way now that I’ve realised that after losing 10 lbs in the summer….I have gained back seven as of this morning. Seven! Pathetic.

    So I’m getting back into the ‘Don’t Eat Crap’ diet, resuming my morning walk/jogs (that are mostly walking because I’ve thrown all my former running progrss out the window), and forcing myself to go to yoga no matter how embarrassingly out of shape I have become. Or at least that’s the plan.

    I’m rooting for you. And, also for me. 🙂

  9. WW is the cool thing to do now. I’m on it too. Week 2, I’m coming to kick your ass.

    Check out this ladies blog…

    Good luck hun! 🙂

  10. I’m hungry now.

    Okay, so for reals, refer to my tips! Make your own list of distractions! Post them here so I can use them because my list of 10 totally doesn’t help me on days I’m at work!

  11. Oh you make me laugh.

    Those Entire Pizza Sundays are a bitch to let go of, I know, but let’s both promise to start up New Pair of Shoes Sunday. Kinder on our thighs, and head turning for the right reasons!

    Gosh, I’m right there with you. It’s tough. I’m trying to lose the baby everyone thinks I’m carrying. But it’s important. I don’t want to go through life fat.

  12. Eugh, weight loss. My hidden goal. I figure if no one knows I’m trying to do it, no one is disappointed when I don’t, lol.

  13. Pinot Noir or Grigio?

  14. I am trying to watch what I eat during the holidays, too, because I’m supposed to go on a beach vacation over New Year’s. I am as pale as a ghost, so I don’t have the tanned skin to camouflage the flab. BUT I LOVE HOLIDAY FOOD. I’m in for the “liquid” diet, for sure.

  15. I totally hear you sister. I have been doing weight watchers since the beginning of Sept and haven’t seen fantastic results either. Its so disheartening. 😦 I’m with you though, I am going to try really hard through the holidays. A friend saw a picture of me on my facebook from halloween and sent me a message asking if there was any special news that I had to share. I was like, no bitch, I’m not pregnant, just fat, and thanks for pointing it out! 🙂 btw, I know its not wine, but our ww leader said that a bottle of Beck’s light is only 1 point!

  16. You know I was doing so well… and in the past few weeks I’ve completely shot myself in the foot. Sucks. Can’t be arsed, and despite NEEDING to get down before seeing Jase, I have no motivation.


    Help me, oh Kristabella! Please?

    (P.S. I haven’t been ignoring you. Been trying to catch up from my bloody weekend away. Damnit!)

  17. I’m currently trying to lose too. It sucks and it’s hard. I’m not doing WW, I’m seeing a nutritionist and going to educational meetings. It’s sooo interesting to learn all of this stuff about eating. I have PCOS with insulin resistance so I HAVE to eat a lower carb diet, not fully low carb, but lower. It helps now that sweets make me sick, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to rub up on the counter at the local bakery.

    One thing I will share though is that the program completely changed the way I do breakfast and I feel so much better now that I’ve changed it. The nutritionist, who works as part of a diabetes and weight management program and has been published multiple times, believes that cold cereal has no place in anyone’s diet, especially in the morning. In the morning your blood sugar is automatically higher because your liver releases sugar during the middle of the night to wake you up. The only way to get your body to stop producing sugar is to eat. It resets your body for the day. It is sooo important to have protein during that meal to actually get you moving and to balance everything out (obviously I’m paraphrasing). I thought that I was a GREAT breakfast eater having a serving of raisin bran every day, but a yogurt smoothie, cottage cheese or eggs actually make me eat less overall and I don’t end up craving a midmorning snack.

    So, since you don’t have to be lower carb, you can totally have my favorite WW breakfast: 1/4 cup of cottage cheese mixed with cinnamon and splenda, scooped onto a chocolate rice cake. Throw it in your toaster over or under your broiler for a few minutes to get it warm and it feels just like dessert and is, I believe, 2 points.

  18. […] kristabella placed an observative post today on NaStopStuffingYourFaceMo.Here’s a quick excerpt:It’s the grazing on toffee or chocolate covered anything starting at 10 AM every day for the entire month of December that packs on the cellulite. It’s not the extra helping of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Plus, I plan to just drink … […]

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