Posted by: kristabella | November 4, 2007

Sleep Deprivation Is Spelled S-L-zzzzzz

I had this whole post idea to write about how tired I am and how I just. Can’t. Stop. Sleeping. And then all I could come up with was this hilarious title. And I laughed myself into such a fit I needed a nap.

The End.

Seriously, though, since I got back from the sales conference, I’ve spent more time asleep than awake. I know those weeks are exhausting, but really? I think I might have mono or narcolepsy. For the love of Pete, no one person needs that much sleep.

I think I might be coming down with something. Or maybe there’s a carbon monoxide leak in my house? And my detector is faulty? And maybe my cats aren’t really sleeping, but dead? They are a bit stiff. Someone get me a stick to poke them with. Stat!

So I wish I had more to write about. But I’ve seriously had the same clothes on since Friday night. My Dad Gone Mad T-shirt is going to grow legs and walk far far away from my stinky ass.

All the experts say that you can’t catch up on sleep. (No, I don’t know who the experts are. But this is what people tell me. The people I know who read.) And that you should sleep if your body needs it. Well my body is trying to catch up on years of missed sleep apparently. All those years of drinking and functioning on a few hours of sleep are all catching up to me NOW.

I had a 3-hour nap Friday afternoon. Then slept for 11 hours that night, and only got up because I HAD to. I had a bikini wax. (Which now that I’ve had two, I can say – not that bad. Please don’t shoot me Swishy.)

And you would think something like some person ripping out your pubic hairs would get you going for the day. Not so much. Because I came home, watched a little TV and took another nap. I woke up in time to watch ASU get their asses kicked, which hindsight tells me that the nap was better.

And then today, I got about 10 hours of sleep, got up and was going to do laundry and the like. And I started reading my book club book that I’m to have done by Wednesday, of which I’m on page 34, and I was out again. I woke up a few hours later only because my phone was ringing. I could have slept the entire day away in bed.

Instead I just got up and decided to sleep most of the day away on the couch. And I’m so exhausted right now, I’m heading to bed after I hit publish. Mostly because sleep deprivation = crap posts. And also, I should probably never have kids. At least without full-time nannies. Who will let me nap.



  1. Yeah, def listen to your body if it wants to sleep:)

  2. Dude… it totally sounds like mono-lepsy to me! And so what if you can’t catch up with sleep. That’s no reason NOT to try in my book. 🙂

  3. It must be a woman thing. I could sleep all day too. I don’t worry so much about the kids. They can take care of themselves. Even the 9 month old. (Kidding! Don’t call CPS on me. Haha!)

  4. I definitely could have slept all week last week. Hope I didn’t infect you with the crappe from helle!

    Low grade fever, unable to speak (seriously Dude – no.fucking.voice) and hacking cough.

  5. Hmm, gonna have to call you Snoozabella now.

  6. Me too–it’s the change in seasons. On Saturday night I was so tired and went to bed at 9:45, thinking that between the early bedtime and the time change, I’d be up at 5 AM. Wrong. I slept right on through til 8. It was awesome.

  7. I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again….Kristabella, you were BORN tired. Not a bad thing to have a baby that LOVED to sleep…..Remember how Papa used to laugh at you when you were younger & you would TELL us what time we had to get home so you could get your 10 hours of sleep? Good times.

  8. There is nothing wrong with a good nap. If I would swing it everyday I would pass out for a few hours easily.

  9. I say, listen to your body and do what it tells you too. Well, mostly 😉

  10. no freakin’ joke. i think once we hit 30, it is downhill. i went to bed at 814 last night. lame.

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