Posted by: kristabella | November 1, 2007

Why Did I Sign Up For This Again?

First off, I want to tell everyone that I did NOT go out for Halloween. I got the worst stomach pains and was puking most of the night. So I stayed in. And watched bad TV. And it was good. Because I felt like a million bucks this morning. But I did miss one of the sales reps dressed up as a woman. In a dress and fish net stockings. And if I knew that? I SO would have battled the tummy ache.

Secondly, this has been a really crazy week. And I’m so glad that they changed their minds and let me stay at the hotel this week for the conference. Having these conferences away from the office creates a lot more stress and a lot more work. That falls all on my shoulders. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. This stuff is my calling. But it is also a lot of depending on hotel staff and I trust no one. Scully and Mulder told me not to.

So, I apologize for being non-existent in the blogosphere this week. I haven’t read one blog. And I’ve barely had time to read my comments. (I even won an award of some sort.) And usually, I try to reply to most of my comments. Because I want people to love me and say nice things about me. And they’ll do that if you’re nice to them. And also, I don’t get that many comments so is feasible. But I’m not ignoring you, just mad busy. Stuck in the back of a hotel meeting room working on my sudoku skills. (I suck.)

Thirdly, today starts NaBloPoMo. And I now have to post every day from now until the end of the month. Which scares me just a tad. Because I run out of things to talk about. And I hate to just drone on about stupid shit. I like to entertain. But every damn day? That is hard work people! I need to get to drinking! And crazy situations! And there must be some falling involved!

And I’m going to do it right. I am going to write every day. I may start a weekly photo post just to make one day easier each week. But I’m definitely not going to post ahead. Is against the rules. And I am scared of breaking rules. Am a total square.

So yeah. That’s all I have time for. We’re going to Second City tonight. And the bus is leaving in like 10 minutes. And I am IN CHARGE.



  1. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’ll still come read and comment and say nice things about you without you falling for us. I mean, fall if you must, but try to get something out of it, like a settlement or at least new shoes.

  2. What is Second City?

  3. Hope you’re feeling better sweetie. I suck at Sudoku too.

  4. What a minute, there are rules to NaBLoPoMo? Where are their rules? I didn’t see rules. Shit!

  5. See, I thought that blogging was more important than living life. But now I know better!

    And you should invest in a helmet for all your falls. A pink sequiny one!

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