Posted by: kristabella | October 31, 2007

Hate Halloween

I planned on writing this last year. But then I got the sore throat of death and was stuck in bed resting watching the Game Show Network.

Because I hate Halloween. Really do.

Now, I always dressed up as a kid. I was an 80s rocker most years because you teased your hair into a rat’s nest, sprayed some of that color shit in it, and you were good to go. I’m not creative so that was the best I could ever come up with. Mostly because I didn’t want to make any effort.

Some of you will remember that I mentioned my costume for this year in this post. And it is cute (I think) and I’m supposed to go out tonight and wear it. But I really don’t want to.

It’s funny because I’ve always said I’ve hated Halloween. I never dress up. Never went to parties. October 31st is just the day after Jason’s birthday in my book. (Happy belated birthday The Jenk!) Never went to The Castro in San Francisco. Which was good because you know, that means I’m still alive and am not a shooting victim. But see, I never knew why I had such a dislike for the stupidness that is Halloween.

It wasn’t until I thought about it and finally nailed it. See, back when I was probably around 8 or 9 or so, when my parents were going through their divorce, my dad promised to take us to a haunted house. And I was absolutely overjoyed. I couldn’t wait. A haunted house AND I got to spend time with my dad? Could it get any better for a nine year old girl?

Well, this was around the time that my dad was drinking ALL the time. Hence the divorce. So while me, my brother and my sister waited in line to get in the haunted house, my dad decided to pass the time at the bar next door. Not too big of a deal, I thought. Until there were scary men running at us with chain saws. And my brother egging them on and scaring me because, well, he was an older brother and a bit of an asshole. And all I wanted was to feel safe, you know like having a PARENT there, and I didn’t have it.

Add that to the fact that once we got to the front of the line, we couldn’t go in because we were KIDS and didn’t have the money and oh yeah, that’s our father passed out in the bar, we should probably go get him. Which meant we had to get out of line. And we didn’t get to go to the haunted house.

And THAT is why I hate Halloween.

Jesus Christ that was depressing. I SHOULD go out tonight. And start creating good Halloween memories. Even though I still really hate the whole dressing up thing. And my costume is stupid.



  1. Pour yourself a drink and do whatever you want tonight! As long as you’re having fun, who the hell cares right?!?!

  2. Honestly, I love your blog. I love your posts. You’re so damn honest, it’s beautiful. But this may be my favorite post of yours so far and not because it’s depressing, I hate that you had a Halloween (or a childhood) like that, but because it’s–again–honest. This just reminds me how genuine and authentic you truly are.

  3. Costume is not dumb, is hot. And b), plz go out bc I stayed in an played monopoly w/Husband, though was tempted to track down babysitter and swing by the adult megastore for a generic sexy nurse costume and go dancing.

    Didn’t happen, obvs.

    Probably would have tried to find sexy nun anyway.

  4. That truly stinks about your Halloween as a kid. I have a Dad that let me down, on MANY occassions. Such as showing up at all. I so know how you feel.

    I do hope that you can start to make your own Halloween memories. At the very least you can make Halloween colored martinis!

  5. You poor thing!! No wonder you hate Halloween. You can come join me and we’ll just eat some damn lollies ourselves.

  6. That story never stops being painful.

  7. Ack. How horrid. That reminds me of Francie in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. But I don’t think it was Halloween.

    But the dress is hot.

  8. Jesus. I hate Halloween too but only because I have to be creative and make a costume for the two ingrates who live with me. Nothing nearly as dramatic. I say sleep through it.

  9. I hate Halloween, too. Amen! I don’t have as good of a reason as you do, but if I’m in Chicago next year, we can totally have an alternative-non-costumed-wine-drinking-event.

  10. I’m sorry that happened to you. In an effort to cheer you up, check your inbox soon for a pic of your new best friend (Lola) in her costume.

  11. you need to start having halloween with me. fun times will abound.

  12. I like Halloween, but I always have some awesome costume idea and then I realize I don’t (and shouldn’t) spend any money on it.

  13. Sorry to hear about this, Sweets. I skipped Halloween this year due to my school/whine excuse and didn’t miss it.

    Oh, and the Castro for Halloween (at least when it used to be a big party) was always way overrated, in my opinion.

  14. Too bad SF shut down the Castro party, due to said shootings and stabbings. I think your costume is WAY CUTE! hppe you went out and had a good time!

  15. Oh where for art thou, Drunkabella!

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