Posted by: kristabella | October 26, 2007


So I was totally going to write my post today incorporating the Friday 5. Because, well, I was hoping it wouldn’t take much thought. From girl who can’t think a creative thought to save her soul.

Turns out, Friday 5 is my sworn enemy because the site? Isn’t working right now. And I? Am a little drunk. A God damned shocker, I’d imagine.

So I’d like to just point out that the thought that is consuming my mind right now:

Why is it that the guy I sat across from at lunch last Friday, like a week ago Friday, the dude I sat with for a good hour lunch, introduced himself to me tonight? Again.

Am I not memorable?

Seriously. I was with the SAME people from that lunch. And buddy? There are not that many cute, tall, young, brunette girls that work for this company. It’s a big company, but hello? Am memorable.

Don’t worry. I called him out on it when he left tonight when he was all “nice to meet you.” And I told him we met. On Friday.

And he declared himself an asshole.

As long as I didn’t have to do it.

And I declared myself the winner. Of the world.

The end.



  1. You totally do win! That happens to me all the time. But in contrast to you, am NOT memorable.

    (Have a good weekend.)

  2. Oh Mah Gawd. Damn him. Damn him to hell. You are memorable. Didn’t I post it to the world? Well, all 400, 40, 4 readers that saw that post?

  3. Ummm, you can win the middle part of the US, but I win the East Coast, actually.

  4. A friend of a friend of mine–who is kind of a pompous a-hole–introduces himself to me Every. Time. We. Meet.

    We’ve met like four times now. It makes me want to punch him.

  5. Gosh that irks me like no other, and it happens to me from time to time. AM MEMORABLE TOO.

    Good for calling him out. At least you didn’t have to kick him which is sometimes necessary and always awkward.

  6. Maybe he was drunk last Friday? A match made in heaven! 😉

  7. Ohhh! I can make smileys! On your comments!

    That totally just made my day!


  8. Ha.. it’s all good when they declare the arseholeness. 😉

  9. that was a good one, kristi!

  10. Bet he’ll remember you the next time! (or you just might have to ‘accidentally’ spill some red wine on him…)

  11. Hey, I awarded you an award. Take a look.

  12. You are so far from forgettable! Screw that!

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