Posted by: kristabella | October 21, 2007

Tuh Dah

I didn’t realize that people actually really checked my site on the weekends. But some of you did and you noticed my new blog design.

I was really growing tired of the ALL WHITE of the last design. So I searched through the WordPress themes and came up with this one. And I could customize the headers, so viola! This is what we have. I like it more than the old one. I had found another one I really liked, but since I know NOTHING about CSS code, I have to stick with what they give me. Because it’s not just a matter of cutting and pasting code. Which I thought it would be.

So Happy Blirthday Kristabella. Momma got you some new clothes.



  1. Happy BLIRTHDAY! I love it. Must use that next time. šŸ˜‰

    Well done miss. I adore it.

  2. Love the picture in the masthead. Where from?

  3. It looks good on you honey!!! Love the colour blend as well.

  4. Lovely. I still need to figure out how to change my masthead too. It’s wickedly boring.

  5. Now I want to change my layout too. Would that be copying?

  6. I usually read in bloglines, suri! But I love the vino touch. oh yeah!

  7. Would a real fucking prude actually describe herself as a fucking prude?

    It’s interesting, I have seen the “penis theme” before at women’s parties. It odd how men in general are by far the cruder of the sexes and yet in all my years of memorable parties I have yet to ever see a giant inflatable vagina being passed around.

    Now that I think about it though, a giant inflatable vagina could make a nice hat? No? What?

  8. Love, love, love the layout! The penis themed bachelorette thing is lame — Facebook provides ample evidence of this.

  9. Hehehe, sounds like you had a blast! I like the new design by the way, very fitting!

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