Posted by: kristabella | October 2, 2007

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007Some of you have made mention to me about the pretty button on my sidebar about The Great Mofo Delurk 2007. “Delurking,” you say. “What in heavens is that?”

OK, just my mom asked what “that weird thing on the right side” of my blog was. And she did actually ask what “lurking” was. Good thing she’s not a lurker. Here.

Basically, today is a national day for all of us (that means you!) to get out there and comment. Here, preferably, and other places as well. That blog you’ve been reading for months? Make a comment!

When I first started reading blogs after being turned on to Jen Lancaster’s after we read her first book, I was hooked. But I was a right lurker. Because I did not KNOW these people. And what should I say? I’m not funny! Witty things, I do not utter. And I sometimes talk like Yoda, apparently.

But eventually something will strike you, and you’ll fire up your first comment. And if you’re like me, you’ll probably agonize over it. “What if everyone thinks I’m an idiot?”

Who cares? Maybe you ARE an idiot. (This isn’t a good way to get people to comment, is it? About as bad as referring to them as Mofos.)

(And P.S. I still think that when I make a comment. It’s a good thing more people are finding out that indeed, yes, I am an idiot.)

I’ve had discussions with a lot of my friends about commenting. They are frightened. Some of them feel that they can only comment if they have something funny to say. Or a piece of sage advice. Or to tell me “yes, you are pretty” or “yes, you are funny.” (Those things? Always welcome.)

But here is the thing. And I think any blogger will agree. We love ANY comment. Well, almost any. We don’t like trolls. We like to pretend that we write for ourselves and that it is very therapeutic and all that crap. While some of it may be true, we are also insecure, attention-needing famewhores. (What? That’s just me? Oh, ok.) We are human. We like to hear nice things. And that you like us. That you really like us.

I appreciate each and every comment I get. Even Rich’s. Most days. I’ve created some great friendships with people through comments and emails. I try and email every commenter back. Because that’s how much it means to me to get a comment. It makes me happy that I can entertain you. And I’m more than happy to welcome you into the Krayzee that is Kristabella.

And I’m an offender too. I lurk. I read about 40 blogs a day in my feed reader. It is sometimes a lot easier and faster to just read the post in the reader and move on. And those people need the love too. And today? The love? It shall be given.

So I’m here to tell you to make a comment today. Stop in to say “hiya!” to your favorite bloggers. Whether you’re a lurker or not. Show some love to the bloggers that you enjoy reading. Because in this crazy world, we can all use a little internet love.

AND! As an added bonus! I’m going to make it easy to comment. Because I’m going to ask you a question. That you can easily answer in a comment. Ready?

Q: Would you rather eat glue or a crayon?

Follow-up Question: If you said crayon, what color?

See you in the comments!



  1. I’d rather eat a crayon. I’d say a green one. Everyone needs a green crayon. Surely green would taste like apples or something. Yummy.

  2. Yup, definitely a crayon. Think I’d prefer blackberry flavour – Ummm, I mean purple, of course…

    Am a bit of a lurker on here, though I do leave comments on maybe three of the numerous blogs I read daily. The first time I got a comment on my blog from someone I didn’t actually know I was sooooo excited – I immediately followed this link back and comment right back on the commenters blog!

    I shall try to comment more often from now on. Note to self: must try harder.

  3. well now I feel SOOOOO much better this being only ny third blog to comment on I ‘m not an addict after all!
    Speaking as one who has extracted both from offpsing’s mouth, I vote crayon for swishability and glue for come out in one lump ability

  4. I think I’d have to go for a crayon. You could melt it into regular food… maybe? And, I’d go for cornflower. 🙂 How could a color that pretty not taste good? I’m guessing it’s blueberry–ish. Maybe like blue cream soda?

    Shut up… it’s early.

  5. Glue.
    That’s all I’ve got this early in the morning.
    Go Cubs.
    Love your blog.
    Guess I had a couple other things than “glue”.

  6. I would also have to say crayons…

    What kind of new cutting edge diet are you propogating with these questions?

    Love reading your blog!!

  7. You’re so right! I’ve been lurking for quite some time, I love reading it all, your great! Thanks for bringing me out of “my closet”. Haha

  8. I only read your Blog most always makes me smile and I comment now and then. Bad speller don’t want anyone making fun of me : )
    Keep Blogging Girl!
    Go Cubs!!!!!
    and Crayons would be my response.

  9. I would choose crayon. But if I could choose any preschool product it would be playdoh. It’s nice and salty.

  10. Remember the kids that ate paste??!?!?! WTF?

    Confession time: When I was about 6, I thought it was really cool to choose a few crayons and “bake” them in my easy bake oven (you know, those round pans?)… No, I didn’t eat them! But they made one circular, colorfully-swirled crayon that I thought was cool… Not very practical for staying inside the lines, though… I loved cornflower blue and burnt sienna.

  11. I would rather eat a periwinkle crayon. Amen.

  12. Glue. The golden syrupy type with nipple-like dispensing top.

    Crayons get stuck in your teeth. Ugh.

  13. Dear KJ (b/c we are all BFF like that),

    You are funny AND pretty.

    And I’d rather eat glue.


  14. The love, it is here, even when the comments are not. (Trying to talk like Yoda too. Maybe we should invent “Talk like Yoda day” next.)

  15. I would rather eat…. neither!

  16. Look at all the lurkers! Yay!

    Oh, and Squeeeeeee! Zoot commented.

    Anyway, I would like to point out that I would eat a crayon too. And it would be Burnt Sienna. It is an unloved, neglected crayon in the Crayola box.

  17. Hmm…are we talking paste or stick? I’d go for the glue gun sticks, they look tasty!

  18. Glue! I’d drizzle it on my sandwich in a zigzag pattern like mayo. With enough salt, it might even taste like mayo.

  19. Great post. Made me laugh. I’d eat the crayon. I’m not entirely sure of the intricacies of how digestion works, but I’m pretty sure having everything suddenly stick together wouldn’t be helpful…

  20. talk like yoda, you do. cubs blow, btw.

  21. Crayon? I guess? B/c I’m afraid the glue would…work…and my insides would stick together. Ick.

    And cornflower blue. Which looks prettier as a crayon, and comes out too light on paper.

  22. Great idea, great post. I love leaving little tidbits wherever I go…no one needs to be prolific..just be yourself.
    I’d have to eat a crayon..I’ve always had this thing about wax…lip wax lips, those wax pipes that had the liquid…so yea, a crayon. Red of course, because red is best!

  23. Um. I don’t think I count as a lurker because I’ve commented here a couple of times but I don’t comment every time….so I’m half-a-lurk. But now I’m de-lurked.

  24. Hmmmm. I think crayon. And obviously, um, Green!

    Now, if that kindergarten paste was on the list? Yummmmmmmmm.

  25. A crayon. A peach one. Blame Sesame Street.

  26. Wait, do I have to eat the whole crayon? How much glue? Are we talking equal quantities here?

    I don’t have enough information to make a considered decision, so I’ll just say “Kristabella is pretty.”

  27. Library paste. The elementary school kind.

  28. The cubs DO NOT blow.

    Just had to get that off my chest.

  29. Crayon. The glue would totally stick my teeth together.

    Oh, and green. Because.. Just because.

  30. Two out of two Ambers agree; green crayon. I’d go with green because it would make me think I was eating my vegetables.

  31. Hi!

    Just FYI, me = attention-needing fame whore. NAIL. ON. HEAD.

    I’d rather eat glue. Something tells me it’ll go down easier.

    But–and this may SHOCK you–if I was eating crayons, I’d eat purple.

    I’m a famewhore, a comment whore, AND a purple whore.


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