Posted by: kristabella | September 18, 2007

Does This Mean I’m Really 30?

I actually didn’t realize it, it didn’t hit me, until I had to fill out an online survey today and realized I fell into the 30-35 demographic. That was weird. Because most times I still think I’m 26.

So now that I’m down off my birthday high. (Which sucks, by the way. Does this mean no more free drinks?) I figured I should share the stories from the ACTUAL BIRTHDAY WEEKEND.

Except, well, I really don’t have a lot. A lot of booze was consumed. Mostly by me. And Rich. I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in awhile. It was freakin’ hot as hell. The Devils won, and I didn’t go to the game. (Please don’t take away my Sun Devil card, Sparky.) And basically, it was a great, great birthday. The best actual birthday I’ve ever had. Followed closely by my fake birthday.

And I feel like I should do bullets or something. Since it seems so apropos for a summary of sorts.

  • Lori and Mike were excellent hosts as always. And they shall receive a gift in the mail for being such good hosts. This is a note to all of you, if you let me stay at your house, you may receive a gift. It depends on how nice I’m feeling. And if you make me coffee in the morning.
  • They have a puppy, Lola. I have a new best friend.
  • Totally off-topic, but I love my new laptop. I’m sitting in front of the TV, actually facing the TV, and writing from the couch. When I get that wireless router, this will be moved to my bed. Because I can.
  • The lady on the plane was totally reading my 30 blog post over my shoulder as I was typing. I think she thought I was weird. And wouldn’t you for writing letters to yourself? Or someone else? Either way you cut it, it is a weird thing to read over someone’s shoulder.
  • That will teach you, whore, for reading over my shoulder.
  • Some dude was doing the same thing on my way back. As I was waiting for the plane to take me back to Chicago. Either that or he was watching the football game. But it wasn’t really that interesting (the game, not my writing.) And doesn’t everyone want to look over my shoulder when I’m writing something that is clearly highly entertaining.
  • He should have just been glad I wasn’t looking at vibrators.
  • So you want to know what I did on my actual birthday? Well, I was up until midnight Arizona time, so Mike & Lori wished me a happy birthday. They went to bed. I published my birthday post. And then I slept. And slept. And slept. Because I could. And it was my birthday.
  • After having coffee made for me and a nice bowl of cereal, I checked emails. And all the nice comments on my blog. Including one from Lori. Who was sitting right outside my door. (You guys are so awesome! My black heart is starting to actually beat these days.)
  • We had lunch at Dilly’s Deli. Which is a MUST for everyone who visits Arizona. Oh so tasty. Trust me.
  • And then I met Rich out at Maloney’s for drinks. At 4 in the afternoon. Again, because I could. Plus, it was after 5 in Chicago.
  • And then we went to Four Peaks Brewery. Because if you’re 30 and in Tempe, this is like one place it is okay for you to hang out at. And you won’t feel old. Because college students think Bud Light is good beer.
  • And we stayed there. Until a little after 11. And I was donezo before midnight on my birthday. Because am old now. Must conserve energy. For the drinking for the next 60 years.
  • Saturday I visited with Cindy and her new baby Casey. Who is so cute. And looks just like his big brother Cole.
  • I love babies. That aren’t mine.
  • And then she introduced me to my new lover, Nintendo Wii. And I was smitten. From the first time I held that little contraption in my hand.
  • That was until I almost got my ass beat by a four-year old in tennis.
  • A win that I did indeed celebrate. Because four, schmore. I wiped the court with you, Cole!
  • But I bet his arm wasn’t sore the next morning.
  • Saturday night I went to Lori’s sister’s bachelorette party. She’s getting married on Saturday. And that is all I will say about Liz. And marriage. And Korea.
  • It was good times. Drinks! Dancing! Pink Taco for dinner!
  • That will never get old. They have actual Pink Tacos on the menu. The shells are pink. And when you’re in a big group and the waiter comes out and asks “Pink Taco? Anyone have a Pink Taco?” to a group of ALL women, the mature thing is NOT to 1) giggle like a 10-year old or B) keep repeating it. Quite loudly.
  • Sunday was spent recovering. With 4 BIG beers. And football. At a place called Old Chicago. It was like being at home watching the Bears game. About 90% of the TVs were on the Bears game and the place erupted when the Bears scored.
  • Although I was the only one singing the fight song.
  • “We’ll never forget the way you thrilled the nation, with your T formation.”
  • And I must have had a good time, because I went to weigh-in tonight (for my big fight) and I gained five pounds. Totally moved me up a weight class. Now George Foreman is totally going to kick my ass.

Anyway, enjoy the photos from the weekend. And the fact that I must be 30 since it was so uneventful. I didn’t even fall or bruise myself in any way.

Being a grown up totally blows.



  1. Soooo great to see the West Coast peeps again… Miss ’em! Looks like you had a fab time, tiara-madness and all. Nice job making your 30th a two-week celebration to remember.

    And hey, the Devils turned 3-0 last weekend, too!

  2. I don’t know, being grown up sounds like fun to me!

  3. Sooo glad you came to celebrate your b-day down here! It was great to see you and you are always welcome at mi casa – no gift required!!

  4. Haha, cracked me up when you texted that it was 5pm in Chicago;)

  5. I was gonna say … I hate it when people read my screen, too! Even though I look at other people’s! ha ha.

  6. I miss Dilly’s Deli something fierce

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