Posted by: kristabella | September 16, 2007

Maybe All That Booze Wasn’t The Best Idea

First, thank you, ALL OF YOU, for the nice birthday wishes! It meant a lot!

Second, I always feel like I need to write a post for all of those people out there in Internet Land. Because they know me. And that I like to drink. And that I’m one Jack and Coke away from landing in a gutter. Or naked in someone’s front yard.

So yeah. I survived. For the most part. I’m sitting in the Phoenix airport waiting for our plane. Watching the Pats just make a mess of the Chargers. Which makes the Bears losing to them last week look a lot worse.

Oh. And there is the lightning. Which is always good. For the flying.

But the weekend was awesome! Just how I thought it would be. I drank. A. Lot. I spent a lot of quality time with my friends. And it was just great to get away and continue to celebrate my birthday. For the like third weekend in a row. The Never Ending Birthday. Just how I like it.

I ate at all my favorite places. Got to hold a new baby. Experience Nintendo Wii. And am hooked. And maybe that would have been a better investment than the laptop. Because that can qualify as exercise. You know, if you’re not getting your ass beat by a four year old.

But the plane is here. And I’m in group A. And I need to go pass the fuck out. Because I haven’t slept. In between all the drinking. And I get in at 1 AM. So Kristabella is going to be cranky tomorrow.

So stay tuned for more stories from the actual birthday. And photos. Complete with tiara.



  1. I hope your airport experience was better than mine! (says the girl whose bag is still in baggage limbo, six hours later)

    Happy, happy birthday! So glad you had a good weekend. I LOVED your letters post!

  2. I drank for you for the 3 minutes you weren’t drinking for yourself! Or while you were passed out. Because, you know with the time difference, there had to be some time when I was awake and drinking and you were asleep.

  3. I’m glad you had such a fun weekend! The Wii rules–AS’s roomie has one and I am 100% addicted.

  4. Welcome home , old fart. 😉

  5. Glad it was a good weekend! LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

  6. Air travel = misery. Sorry you had to end such a great weekend by flying. Hope it wasn’t too bad.

  7. we rule

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