Posted by: kristabella | September 13, 2007

Oh My Clusterfuck

So today was like the craziest day ever. I knew it was going to be a little busy because I had a meeting from like 11-3. And with a last minute sales conference in a week and a half and not being in the office on Friday (because it’s my BIRTHDAY!), I was expecting a little madness. And I like being busy because it makes the day go faster.

What I DON’T like is spending about two hours this morning containing myself and NOT sending a shut-the-fuck-up email to Winky. Because Winky made it apparently clear today that he is 25 and a big fucking baby and the Salesboy Formerly Known As Winky (SFKAW) is so dead to me.

He’s pissed because he can’t stay at the hotel for the next conference. Because it’s in Chicago. And he lives in Chicago. And you can easily take the damn train or bus or drive. It will save the company loads of money.

And while SFKAW knows this was not MY decision because I have no say in the matter, it did not stop him from sending a rather immature email to me this morning. One where he threatened to not come to the extracurricular activities during this next conference because “I’m not going to go out and drink and then drive home.” (Wah. Let me wipe away my single tear.)

To which I responded that the point of this conference is to LEARN and not DRINK. I know it wasn’t made abundantly clear at the last conference, but it is why we spend the big bucks. Not on the booze.

And I also may have responded with “suck it up, take the train and take a damn cab home and expense it, you big fucking baby.” (OK, maybe I left out the big fucking baby part. But I was THINKING it.)

Which maybe isn’t the most professional. But also is a whole hell of a lot better than SHUT THE FUCK UP! Which was my initial reaction. Thank God I’ve learned not to send that email right away. Deep breaths. Count to 10. WAIT to send scathing emails. Words to live by.

But thankfully my day ended so awesomely! Want to know why? Do ya? Do ya do ya do ya???

Because I’m typing on my NEW LAPTOP! RIGHT NOW! ON MY COUCH! And I LOVE IT! It’s so shiny and has a big screen and is just 17,000 kinds of awesome!

(And I’m a total nerd because I planned the pick up this evening around when I could get home with enough time to take it out of the box, fire it up and still do the Top Chef open thread over at MamaPop Talk. Yes. Am BIG nerd.) (Although tonight’s episode kind of sucked.)

But I still have to pack and do everything before I leave tomorrow evening, and so wasn’t even going to write a post. But that’s how effing irritated SFKAW made me.

Actually, the plan for tonight’s post was to just let people know that I have re-posted the infamous post from March that got me fired. Sadly it doesn’t have the comments from the first time I posted it, because those were the best part of the post. And probably helped with the boot kicking of me out the door.

So check it out. And let me know here (or there) what you think. And if you think the CEO might have overreacted a wee bit.

And coming next week, when I have time, I’ll actually write THE post and tell you all how it went down. Because Down With Asshats, and all that!

And now I have to get the cats out of the suitcase so I can pack for Arizona. Because the K-Train is rolling into town tomorrow night! Lock your doors and keep the kids inside.



  1. Oh my, I’m sooooo over SFKAW. I’m all for a social work scene, but I get fed up quickly with people who can’t get their head in a professional place when it needs to be. Over it!

  2. Happy early birthday!!!!!!

  3. i knew spanky wasn’t good for you. also, hyatt regency phoenix… room 1469… 1:10 a.m. tonight, be there.

  4. Yay for shiny new laptops! Boo hiss for SFKAW! And happy birthday for tomorrow 🙂

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday to my sweet Kristabella!!! Have a wonderful time in Phoenix!

  7. Have great bday in AZ!

  8. Squeeee for the new laptop – have a fantastic time! 🙂 Winky needs a good kick up the arse.

  9. Ughhh, what a baby.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YAY! An awesome new decade awaits!

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