Posted by: kristabella | August 30, 2007


I’m bursting at the seams! I am SO EXCITED!

Wanna know why?

  1. Because tomorrow is Friday and the start of a long weekend!
  2. This weekend is KJ Palooza! Celebrating my (almost) 30 years on this Earth. All. Weekend. Long.
  3. Yes, more numbers.
  4. I had a very, very nice flirty email exchange with Winky this afternoon. Giddyness ensued. He’s still got a bad case of KJ-itis.
  5. My bestest biatch Julie is coming to town! For my birthday! And when the two of us get together, hijinks ensue.

So I thought I would show a photo collage of one of the last times she was in town and we decided to take in the White Sox/Twins game at Comiskey Park or the Cell or whatever the hell it is called these days.

See, all along the upper concourse of Sox park, there are photos and shit from the team’s history and yada, yada, yada, Go Cubs!

Well, when the two of us betches get together and alcohol is added to the equation, hilarity is the end result. KJ + JR + beer = hilarity.

Take a look.


Wanna share mah beer? Here. Have a sip.


Give us a kiss.


Get out! He said WHAT?!?


Coochie, Coochie, Coo.


Word, holmes. Nice play.

I’m sure all my internet friends are a little thankful they know me only through the computer. And not in person. Hell, I’m sure most of my friends right now wish they didn’t know me!

I will be watching the clock on Friday WAITING for the day to end. So the party can begin!

And don’t worry, there will be plenty of documentation from the weekend known as KJ Palooza. In case you have to miss out on the festivities. You’ll all be there in spirit!



  1. I started laughing before I saw the pictures cuz I remember how funny they were from when you shared them when they were taken. Too funny!!!!
    Is it time to go home yet??????????

  2. Those pics are awesome. Looks like something I would do.


  3. Ooops. Those again… I can neither confirm nor deny my participation in aforementioned shennanigans. You know the power of Photoshop these days. 😉

    North-WORST Airlines willing, I will see you soon!

  4. Okay. Now I for sure want to meet you in person. You just have to remember that I’m old. So you’ll need to be gentle.

  5. You two love baseball murals more than anyone I know! It’s precious.

    You were there to root for the Twins, right? RIGHT?

  6. We were there to root for beer (and outdoor baseball)!

  7. damn i wish i was there.

  8. Pbbbbbbblth @ Laurel.

    Awesome pics! I hope you had a great KJ-palooza. I so wish we had been around this weekend!

  9. That looks like a FINE weekend…hope this one lived up to the tradition 🙂 Happy KJ-palooza!

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