Posted by: kristabella | August 27, 2007

This Probably Means No More Free Tickets

I think I mentioned somewhere on here in the last week that the San Francisco 49ers were coming to town to play the Bears. If I didn’t mention it, the San Francisco 49ers came to town to play the Bears last weekend.

Surprisingly, the 49ers have been to Chicago like at least once in the last five years, I think. At least four. Mainly, they’ve been here in each of the years I’ve lived back in Chicago. Which is great because friends come to town and they don’t have to pay for anything. And really, what is better than a free trip to see yours truly? (The answer is nothing.)

The team got in late Friday night, around 10. Which was all kinds of perfect because this girl right here was in desperate need of a nap after the week I had. Especially since I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be sober once they arrived. (Hell, I’m not sure I was sober when they arrived. One good thing about drinking mass quantities of alcohol in consecutive days? One sip of wine and you’re buzzed.)

So I met them at the hotel. Which thankfully this year was in the damn city. And not in the ghetto. And it’s a hotel I’m all familiar with, seeing as the Seahawks stayed there twice last year and I drank plenty of booze in that hotel bar. (Sadly, that can be said for me in quite a few hotel bars across the country.)

Anyway, it was really great to see everyone. It gets easier and easier for me to see them year after year. Now, I’m only talking about certain people. There are people I am still friends with and have been since that fateful day on January 31, 2005. But there are some people that I hated with the heat of a thousand suns that I never thought I could like again. Or even want to be in the same room with. Like the security guy who followed me step for step after I got the boot. Like I was going to fucking steal something or go postal. With what? Were you afraid I’d jam you with a letter opener? Throw the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet at your head? What?

For the first year or two after, I had a hard time seeing everyone. And just being back in that environment. As much as I was happy where I was, I felt I was always going to be bitter about how I got fired. I didn’t want to see anyone that I remotely didn’t like. Or people who shouldn’t be there. Or new people. I just hated them all. (Except some of you. You know who you are.)

But now? I could fucking care less. I don’t care what I say to the new Vice President of Marketing. (I told him he should know who I am. I was a legend there. Open a media guide chief.) Or if I see people I once hated. It’s a little sad (or not), but I’m done with that part of my life (finally three years later) and I’m exactly where I want to be. I’m in a good place. I loved my time there, had great experiences and met some great people. But I couldn’t be happier to be out of there.

The people I hung out with and saw on Friday night are awesome and mean a lot to me and are my friends. (Even though most of them never comment. Lurkers.) And they all nailed it when they said that I looked happy. I am happy. I miss all of you, but I know that everything that happened, happened for a reason. And I’m pretty sure that if I had stayed there much longer, none of these people would still be talking to me. Because I probably would have thrown the St. Louis Rams helmet at them. After taking their knee out with the Super Bowl XXIII trophy. And the NFC Championship trophies look really heavy.

Well, maybe I’m not a complete grow-up. For one, after getting some free tickets and some free pregame passes for the 49ers sideline, I showed up decked out in Bears gear. And I also pissed off Dr. York’s twin daughters. Which might actually be the highlight of my life. Because really, your dad is still a jackass. Because as they were cluelessly calling Terry Donahue a genius, I told them that Terry Donahue is a jackass and I will never forgive him for what he did to Kirk Reynolds.

And after that? They turned around and left the bar. As did I. And proceeded to go home to bed and sleep happy.



  1. There’s nothing better than seeing people from the past and looking happier and more “together” than ever. Also, there’s nothing better than drinking and carousing with those folks now that you just don’t give a damn.

  2. Your 49ers history just makes me like you more, lady! That darn husband of mine? Bears fan. 😉 Although, as lousy as the Niners have been in recent years, I haven’t cared too much.

  3. I like this thing about staying drunk so getting buzzed is easier. I’ll be trying that asap.

    Always awesome to be happy with where you are. I LOVE that you went decked out in Bears stuff. What would happen if I went to a Bears game wearing Redskin’s stuff? Would anyone care? I like to instigate.

  4. seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahawks!

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