Posted by: kristabella | August 22, 2007

Big, Big Liar

I love how every time I’ve ever gone to a sales conference, especially lately with the new company, I always say that I’m not going to drink. And I’m going to bring my workout gear. And I’m just going to relax.

And then I’m always surprised when that never happens.

This week’s conference was the same. With WW and all, I really wanted to be good. Because I want to take it seriously and I want to lose this weight. On top of that, I knew that this group was going to be a lot of young kids who were going to party until all hours and I was just not going to get along with them and/or feel really old.

I was at the hotel bar until 2 AM last night.

I went home to check on the kitties and to get some more clothes for the week last night. As I was getting ready to leave, a co-worker called and said we were going to have a nice dinner on the company. Just cause. And we did. It was great.

This was also great because it was a valid excuse for not meeting up with the kids and actually getting my ass to bed at a decent time.

So we went to dinner and both came back to the hotel bar for another drink or two.

And then the rest of the group came back from dinner. Four hours, 27 winks and 11 glasses of wine later, I finally went to bed.

By the time it gets to Wednesday, I stop even telling myself that I’ll get to bed early. Because it takes me three damn days before I stop trying to convince myself when I know damn well I’ll be back at the hotel bar again tonight.

But maybe with all the booze and the dehydration I’ll actually lose weight this week. Or maybe I just don’t eat on Saturday.

P.S. In other conference news, Restless Leg Syndrome Girl should be going home tonight or tomorrow. And we all decided we’re a little sad about it. Because now what will we all talk about?



  1. I tend to find that excessive alcohol comsumption is quite a nifty weight loss tool. It’s the nausea the next day – gotta love the nausea.

    I have made a mental note to use “restless leg syndrome” as an excuse next time I want to get out of doing something, by the way. I mean, how could anyone prove I didn’t have it? Genius!

  2. Amber beat me to it! I’ve already filed “restless leg syndrome” away in my head for whenever I need an out of the ordinary excuse for ANYTHING. I love it.

  3. So Restless Leg Syndrome girl doesn’t get in “trouble” for being a douche?

  4. Restless Leg Syndrome Girl sounds kinda hot. take a pic and post her lazy ass on the blog. gotta love hotel bars!

  5. What the hell is it with Chicago weather? And why do you keep sending it to Detroit? Stranded in the Burnham. Wish you were here.

  6. So how did it go WW wise? Wine isn’t that bad. Could have been 11 blocks of chocolate …

  7. Dude … I’m glad the storms didn’t eat you alive. 🙂 Hope this week is better for you.

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