Posted by: kristabella | August 12, 2007

The Reveal

So did you guys know that I was getting my hair done this weekend? Did I maybe happen to mention it?

I KNOW you are all on the edges of your seats wondering “did she go with bangs? Will her hair be any different? I have to know what she decided!”

Well wait no further. Because it is now time reveal the hair-do that trumps all hair-dos!

Just a refresher. Here is before. This also happens to be my profile picture on Because it’s the best I could come up with.


Blonde. Pretty. No bangs.

Now AFTER! Prepare to be shocked! And damn near fall out of your seat!


Totally still me. Not blonde! Still pretty! Now with sexy sideswept bangs! And look how it makes my blue eyes pop!

I love how I’m all trying to make some sort of Tyra-Banks-your-face-must-say-fierce kind of look. I was going to smile. But I just had some fruit punch Crystal Light and my teeth and entire mouth are red.

And also? Yes, that is my purple bra strap showing. Am one classy broad.

So yes. I love it. And it still shocks me every time I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. Like “oh, right. I’m not blonde anymore.”


Yeah. That thing is back again.

In other news. For those of you who made it past the hair. (Which according to my stats on Friday with the hair other post, isn’t a whole hell of a lot of you.) I lost 1.6 pounds this week! And I’m pretty damn excited about it! One, because it’s the first week back on the program and hard to get back into the routine of not eating entire cows in one sitting. And two, because I ate out twice on Saturday (both which involved chips and salsa. Which is my damn Kryptonite.) And I also had a few beers and was afraid I shot my good week all to hell. But I didn’t!

I’m sure the blonde hair weighed about 1.2 pounds.


Schwerer and I went out Saturday night for dinner and decided to hit up a bar close to the restaurant because well, it’s a bit of a dive and has really, really cheap drinks. And we figured the Bears preseason game was on, so it should be a good time.

And boy howdy was it! This was a total townie bar. Seriously every single person in there knew each other. It was like Cheers. Some rocker dude with long hair and a leather vest (in August, seriously dude?) and people ran to him like he was Jesus. Hugging him. Patting him on the back. I was seriously convinced Jesus traded in the sandals and robe for a ratty T-shirt, jeans and a leather vest.

We played that online trivia thing with a couple of the local yokels. One didn’t have his teeth. It was fun trash-talking with them back and forth. And we full-on took advantage of when their eighth beer kicked in and their reaction time was slow. Yours truly won the last three games. That will teach you to get shitfaced and slow your motor skills! I so rule!

Also at the bar, sitting right next to Schwerer, trying to pick her up for a little something-something, was an old man. Now, I’m talking OLD. Like guy was easily in his late 60s. He looked like a grandpa. Of a 37-year old.

So old guy came in with a younger looking hillbilly (also maybe missing some teeth). We ASS-umed it was Grandpa and Grandson Night of Fun at the townie bar. When old man was asked this seemingly obvious question, he got visibly pissed and walked off. No. Seriously.

Being utterly confused by this totally obvious question, we finally asked Hillbilly Grandson, who informed us that NO! Stupid people! What the hell is wrong with you? We are NOT related! We’re roommates.

Obviously. That’s the only possible explanation in this situation.

Only in townie bars.

And we’re so going back soon.


Finally, for those of you who think I’m just an exaggerating, whiney bastard when it comes to the heat. (Which isn’t too far from the truth.) Here is a photo of the candles that haven’t been lit in over a year. That have MELTED just from the HEAT inside my apartment!


Yes, ’tis sad. Pity welcomed. Not for me (well, of course me), but for the cats. And Bacon! He’s frying.



  1. 1. DAYUM.

  2. 2. I wish I could share my central air with you!

  3. Hair is hott! Yay!!!!! Brunettes rule! Huzzah! Love Exclamation points!

    Dude, the candle proof is sick. Wowzers,Penny.

  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! I cannot believe bangs AND a new hair color! LOVE IT! You are so awesome.

    And hello! 1.6 pounds! You are on a MAJOR ROLL!

    It’s nasty hot here, too. 105 heat index today or something? SUCKS!

  5. LOVE your hair! It’s so sassy. And also, love that you take the “risk” for major change.

    Poor Bacon!

  6. Love the hair of course!! Now the whole world knows that I got hit on by a 75 year old man – can we say Sugar Daddy?!?!

    All I have to say is Foie Gras!

  7. Wow – so different! I like! Want to see it from the front angle, too.

  8. Love it! You look amazing!

  9. I saw the reveal in person but that is one HOT picture!!!!!! FIERCE!
    Sorry, but the candles made me laugh out loud.

  10. hot DAMN that is one nice haircut 🙂

  11. I LOVE the hair!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you everyone! Your checks are in the mail.

    I keep going to this post because the difference between the two photos is cra-zee!

    I just love my new hair!

    Scarlet – The Inspector Gadget line made me spit coffee at the computer this morning. Thanks.

  13. Hahhahahhaa, glad you got it. I heart Ins. Gadget. I wish I had a Brain, hehe. And a computer book!

  14. that’s great. when you come to see me in phx next month, the guys will think i have a new “roadie!” way to g-0!

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