Posted by: kristabella | August 7, 2007

Where Did That Freight Train Come From?

I’m sick. And I don’t think there is anything worse than being sick in the summer. Unless you’re sick in the summer and are forced to stay at home in an apartment with no air conditioning. (I’ve been running my small window unit in my bedroom and my electric bill is going to be out of control this month.)

I woke up about 3 AM on Monday feeling like a damn freight train came through the window and ran me the hell over and took no prisoners. I was all achy and had the chills and my tonsils swelled to the size of golf balls.

I called in sick on Monday. After more bouts with the chills and a fever last night, I just wasn’t up to going to work today either. Which was a good decision. Since the little effort I put forth to just go to the doctor today about beat me to a pulp. I was so damn tired from that hour I was at the urgent care and at the CVS down the street filling my prescription.

I like this urgent care doctor. She always gives me antibiotics. She never thinks it is strep throat, but she gives them to me anyway. Which will make me immune in 5 years against all antibiotics, but what the hell. I really think it is strep this time. But they won’t know for 3 days or something.

So that’s where I’ve been. Why I haven’t posted. Why I haven’t answered emails. No, I’m not a heinous bitch (at least this time) I’m just sick and really damn hot and sweaty. Stupid August sickness.

But I have kept up the WW. Mostly because the idea of swallowing anything besides water really made me was to stick nails in my eyeballs.

So at least I’ll be lighter at my next weigh in. I’ve got that going for me.

And now I’ll think twice the next time some hot 23-year old teacher from NYC wants to play tonsil hockey with me. Because it probably isn’t going to be worth it.



  1. Ughhh, that SUCKS! There is totally something going around my office, which makes no sense to me since it’s August and about a zillion degrees outside. FEEL BETTER!

  2. Poor baby. Hope you’re feeling better today.

  3. Hope you feel better.

  4. Aw, that sucks. I hope you’re feeling better. damn tonsil hockey injury!

  5. Jeez… I’m sorry, kid. I hope you feel better.

  6. what about body hockey?

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