Posted by: kristabella | July 29, 2007

Fun-Filled Weekend

Well, I made up for my laziness of last weekend, the one where I sat inside all day and read all of Harry Potter, by being crazy busy this weekend. Which I think helps me to get back to feeling like myself because I am a creature of habit and love routine. And damn, I had a lot I needed to get done. And really? Those dishes weren’t going to clean themselves. As much as I demanded that they do, they just don’t listen. Damn insubordinate forks.

I actually had a dentist appointment on Friday afternoon. I will remind you that the dentist and I are not friends. (Actually, I should say Nazi hygienists and I are not friends.) But this appointment went really well. Probably because I was expecting bad, bad things. I put this appointment off for a few extra months. That coupled with the fact that when I wasn’t working in April/May, I wasn’t much motivated to brush my teeth all that often. I did every night, but sometimes that was the only time. (Yes, I know! Disgusting human being I am!) Also in that time period, I stopped flossing. So I was expecting a wrath of shit. And lots of metal, pointy things jabbing into my gums. And probably not on accident.

But? Not so bad. They said just to floss more, but overall I got a big old gold star! Yay me! And the Crest Spinbrush Pro! Which I would like to thank because it really works better than a manual brush. And I’d also like the thank the Academy…

(Every time I type brush, it comes out bruch. Because the C and S are kind of close? Or because I’m so fat and always thinking about food and wish I was going to brunch?)

After the dentist, I finally got some errands done, got my book club book, for the book club that’s in like less than 2 weeks, all while sweating my face off because the humidity was sweltering. It’s literally so humid that wet towels do not dry. Like for days. DAYS! I know this because my damn window air conditioner drips a LOT of water into my room. Like soaks 2 towels through and through. Every night. And I have to dry them out. And they WON’T DRY. And it’s fucking frustrating.

On Saturday, I was all over town, doing so much walking (in flip flops, mind you, which duh, stupid girl, is why your damn back is killing you.) I got my eyebrows did, my nails did, walked to Wrigley to get tickets to Tuesday’s game (70s night! Barry Williams in the house!) then went downtown for Shelly’s gift and to get myself a new damn top to wear to look cute, to meet boys so I could give up my pipe dreams.

Found new top. Did not meet any cute boys. But got 2 emails from Match dudes. One signed his email “find me.” Um, maybe not. Am lazy.

And then today I went up to my brother’s to see them. And more importantly, to go see The Simpsons Movie. Which was absolutely awesome. It was hysterical. And so much better than their attempts in the last few seasons. This was classic Simpsons. So we obviously know they’ve been spending all their efforts on the movie and not the damn show.

And then, as always, the highlight of the day is seeing my niece and nephew. Who are just as cute as ever. Especially when Skyler wants to put on Auntie’s shoes. All while wearing nothing but a diaper.


She always gets like this when we give her too much to drink. Not unlike her Auntie.



  1. The Simpsons Movie made me laugh. Check out my review at
    Cold Leftovers, if you like…

  2. And why was I not invited to the game on Tuesday? I would love to see Barry Williams and the Cubs! Apparently the losers from Saved By the Bell weren’t asked to participate.

  3. You got an email from “Where’s Waldo” on

  4. Forks? At least they got room to be insubordinate. They could cause you harm. But spoons? What gives them the right to be so damned sassy? They’d better just wash themselves.

    So, you’re one of those women who can walk all over in flip-flops. How is it done? Two blocks and I’m all, “I’m either going barefoot or we’re heading back home for sneakers.”

    The Targo and I saw The Simpsons last night and we both loved it too.

  5. Yeah those spoons can be rather smug. I threaten them with plastic spoons quite often. It keeps them in line.

    If I could wear flip flops ALL the time, my life would be good. It’s from the years in AZ and CA.

  6. When is your bookgroup? May I come? I ❤ that book. It reminds me of Summer Sisters by Judy Blume-my favorite book ever!

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