Posted by: kristabella | July 23, 2007

Do You Like Beans? Do You Like George Wendt? Do You Like Beans And George Wendt?

(On a side note, I’d like to point out that when I logged on to write this, the blog of the minute was a money blog with some dude asking whether he could pass a fake engagement ring off on his girlfriend. Um, you don’t need to be the blog of the minute to know that the answer to that stupid question is a resounding NO. Good luck with that proposal, chief.)

Anyway, so I’m pretty sure that headline is only funny to me. And my brother, who doesn’t read. And possibly Senor Beavis, since he too is an Animaniacs fan. And maybe my mom. Because I think we used to annoy her with the questions from this episode. Because it’s HIGH-larious.

Anyway, that line is from an episode of Animaniacs. And it’s about these really annoying survey ladies who keep bothering the Warner Brothers (and their sister, Dot) about taking a survey. They pop up everywhere “Would you like to take a survey?”

And all their survey questions have to do with beans and Ge0rge Wendt. And they are EVERYWHERE! And it’s really funny for some reason. That show is just classic.

(Check it out. Because I can’t embed non-You Tube videos into WordPress.)

Anyway, why do I mention this? Because I met George Wendt! But not the George Wendt. (That would be a hell of a Christmas card, though.) I met George Wendt’s first cousin. Whose name is also George Wendt. And looks nothing like Norm from Cheers. And apparently the Wendt family isn’t so creative when it comes to names. (This is my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell.)

The Wendt’s are all Chicago natives. South Siiiiide! (And you just thought he really liked Da Bears and sausages on SNL.) And apparently the George Wendt I met, his family has owned this company on the South side for quite some time.

The best part? That’s how he introduces himself. As George Wendt’s first cousin. And even says he’s nothing like Norm. He’s more like George Costanza. (Um, huh?!?!?)

Who cares that this George Wendt can bend metal. With his mind.

Must be all the beans.

And this is officially the stupidest thing I’ve ever written.



  1. I got the reference to the Animaniacs right away…you’re right. You did annoy me with the George Wendt/beans line but I remembered it.
    And I still say that Wacko sounded like Ringo Starr…
    “We’re Animaniacs!
    We have pay-or-play contracts.
    We’re zany to the max
    There’s baloney in our slacks.
    We’re Animaniacs!”
    Now get THAT tune out of your head!

  2. Norm! Shortman was a huge Animaniacs fan. How quickly they grow up. Now he likes Family Guy and that other one that he shouldn’t be watching.

  3. – Hey, Philip! Would you like to eat some beans?
    – Oh yeah, I love beans!

    Sorry, wrong cartoon. Yeah, any Animaniacs references makes me a happy Beavis. Unless it’s Rita and Runt. That was some boring stuff there.

    Wheel of Morality — turn, turn, turn …

  4. Random Animaniacs note: For those 37 seconds of insanity that I was in a sorority, my good friend made me a sweatshirt where the letters had an Animaniacs fabric. LOVE. And, I used to call my little cousin Elmyra… it wasn’t that much of a stretch.

    Man… those were the days.

  5. I love Animaniacs because it’s good for kids, with the nice subtle adult jokes mixed in.

  6. Oh, and I still always say P-Sychiatrist.

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