Posted by: kristabella | July 22, 2007

Expecto Nerd Alert

I’m finished with the Harry Potter book! I know! Like one whole day later!

(The sad thing is that some people were done before I even got the book in the mail. Sleep is more important to me.)

I’m not gong to go into the book or anything. I know there are a lot of people who haven’t finished yet. And a lot of people who will actually probably never read it. (You people are missing out. These are great books!)

Anyway, I would like to point out that in my day and a half of reading, I have neglected everything else in my life. Which is why there is laundry “drying” in the living room. From the laundry I did last Sunday. Also:

  • There are two suitcases, in the hall, RIGHT by the front door so I trip over them. Every time! They are still pretty much packed. Except for the two pairs of pants strewn about. For God knows what reason.
  • There’s probably some cat puke somewhere I’ve neglected. (Maybe under the pants?) Because must. Not. Stop. Reading.
  • I’m still in my pajamas.
  • I went to the Cubs game yesterday with my Mom, just a mere hour after the book landed in my vestibule (I’m in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.) I came home from the game, took a nap to sleep off the beer and I then read for four hours.
  • In between reading today, I got hit with a bad case of SOADES and had to take a little nap. In which I dreamed about spells and wands and shit. That was when I just figured I’d finish the damn book.
  • I actually turned down going to a street fest, on a beautiful day, to finish this 759-page monster. Because I was afraid I’d go to work tomorrow and someone would tell me what had happened.
  • I’m not like crazy fanatical or anything, like I don’t get dressed up for Harry Potter releases, but I was really, really fearful of teh interweb spoiling it for me.
  • And that’s what I’m telling myself when people ask why I have no clean clothes for work this week.
  • And why I smell a little like cat puke.
  • I just saw a cat-hair-tumbleweed that knocked me out of my chair.
  • Even Bacon is embarrassed by me.
  • But it was really good.
  • And I’m sad there will be no more.
  • Although, after this display, maybe it is a good thing. And a good thing that all I have are cats. That can take care of their damn selves.


  1. Ok, the Chandler ATM reference made me spit coffee. I should know better than to have coffee in my mouth when I read your blog.
    Glad you finished the book so that no one could spoil it for you.
    Thanks for going to the Cubs game with me…it was fun…until the commute home. VERY scary people, including a woman who was ANSWERING the voices in her head OUT LOUD….and sat next to me on the bus. Soooo bad to use public transportation on the weekend.

  2. I finished too! Then I cried because there will be no more books. 😦

  3. “Put Joey on!”

    Yay for finishing the book! That means I get it sooner. 🙂 My soul will probably cry when I finish it because there won’t be more. Although if she’d consider a spinoff, I would totally read a book about the adventures of Crookshanks when he’s not with Hermione. Have the HP fansites made lolcat pictures of Crookshanks? Those would rule.

  4. Me, too. I read all day Sat and Sun instead of finishing the feature article I have due today! I thought I wasn’t going to like the ending, but I LOVED it!

  5. speaking of Friends, i rented season 1, disk 2 yesterday and got home to find out that it was season 2 disk 3 inside. those crazy kids, these days.

  6. I love that you all got the Friends reference.

    You are all allowed to still be my friends.

  7. <4 Friends!

    I’m not done yet. I keep having to go to work and stuff. Ugh!

  8. Wow, I just said “<4” instead of “<3” Hahaha

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