Posted by: kristabella | July 12, 2007

Notes On A Scandal

First off, thank you so much for the comments about my J-O-B. You people made my black heart grow three sizes! Today was a better day. Which means I didn’t cry. And I even talked to some people at work about how I’ve been feeling and it was good for me. Because they totally understood and could see how sometimes, my job, could be really trying. So it made me feel better that I’m not insane. And the one person was also like “don’t let them walk all over you. Stand up for yourself!” Which, as I told her, is the only thing I know how to do well. I do it so well it gets my ass shitcanned.

But now to the juicy stuff!

There’s a bit of a scandal going on here in Chicago. (I wonder if it made it to the national news? Probably not.) It’s been on the front page of the paper here for a few days. (I think. I was in Coon Rapids, remember?)

So there is this woman, Lisa Stebic, who went missing like forever and a day ago down in Plainfield, IL. It’s been months. Her husband, Craig Stebic, hasn’t really been a suspect. Yet. (Looks like he’s pretty close to getting arrested, though. The jig is up.) It’s a weird situation where they were divorced, but lived in the same house. They have a child together (maybe more than one?). (The kid’s teacher in school is my friend Darcie, which is random.) Craig has no idea where she’s gone. And they’ve combed the entire area. It’s all shady as fuck. And don’t police realize that people learned what NOT to do from Scott Peterson?

There’s your background. (I think her disappearance has been a national story.) Well, as I was walking through the airport at 11:30 PM last night, I noticed a photo on the front page of a person who looked familiar. So I stopped to check it out. Turns out the person is Amy Jacobson, who was a TV reporter on the local NBC affiliate up until a few days ago. She got fired the other day because there was a video released of her swimming in the pool of Craig Stebic! The dude whose wife is MISSING! Of which he’s been so distraught over in the news. And yet now he’s inviting over hot, blonde TV reporters to go SWIMMING?

Supposedly she was called by Stebic’s sister, who asked her over to swim. Jacobson, who was with her 2 kids in the car when she got the call, was actually on the way to a pool in Chicago for the day. (Let me just point out now that Chicago is like 50 miles from Plainfield. Not close.) So she thought “what the hell? I’ll go swim at dude’s house. Dude who I know because I’ve been interviewing him and his family because his wife DISAPPEARED IN APRIL! And if I bring my kids, it will make it even better.”

Jacobson admits that she made a bad decision. (Ya think??) But I’m sure she was hoping to get some kind of scoop. According to the Sun Times article, she has a reputation for getting stories through questionable methods. But since money rules the world, it sounds like the local TV station always turned a blind eye because scoop = ratings and ratings = money.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if you go back to this post, about a going away party for a friend of mine, I mentioned Amy Jacobson. Because I sat there and talked with here for over an hour. Me! I like totally know this person! She was a really nice lady. I told her about getting fired for my blog. And the unfairness of it all.

And I’m thinking now, she’s got a much better idea about what that’s like. Which only means I want to call her up and be all “Hey, remember me? I hate Tucson? I got fired for my blog? It’s so just like what you’re going through. Want to be BFF?”

Which is probably why people don’t openly offer to hang out with me. Probably that and because I’m always carrying around a bacon folder and consulting it about all important decisions.



  1. Um, I think Amy Jacobson needs one of those bacon folders to help with her decision-making skills… More importantly, I am so glad to hear Wench Central was a kinder, gentler workplace today. You deserve it, sweets.

    And if it doesn’t improve, don’t fret about looking… I agree w/ others that being miserable is just not worth it. Hang in there, though, and I hope it gets better and better.

  2. Glad your Thursday was better….I was worried about you.
    On the Amy Jacobson note…you know she wouldn’t have been fired if she got some exclusive story while at the pool. Poor judgment? Yep. Worth getting fired? Debatable.

  3. You kill me.

    I do hope work gets better for you. There are some people whose sole purpose in life is to make you miserable at work. I’m convinced this is true.

    I was listening to the news this morning and people sound so surprised that Craig Stebic is considered “a person of interest.” Statistically, a woman is way more likely to be a victim of someone she’s in a relationship with than anyone else. Maybe shock is a news anchor tool that I just don’t understand. And maybe, I should have consulted Bacon before writing this comment.

  4. what was this post about, again?

  5. Oooh, scandalous!

    I’m glad work was better … having a crappy job is the WORST!

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