Posted by: kristabella | July 5, 2007

But I Already Have One Dysfunctional Family

So recently I’ve been having a hard time at work. I’ve obviously been really reluctant to talk about it on here because I now have a fear of every company overreacting to people having blogs. And writing on them. Perhaps about work. Oh! The humanity!

There are over 1 million blogs on WordPress alone. And I’m sure just as many on Blogger and TypePad, etc. I cannot be the only person at my place of work with a blog. (Believe me. It’s a big company.) People. Let’s get into the 21st century already.

Anyway, I think my last mention of it was on this post. And a lot of you have asked if everything is OK. Which is funny. Mostly because you know me and you read the blog, so yeah. I overreact. Sometimes.

I will admit to hating my job A LOT a few weeks ago. I had a really bad couple of days there at the last conference in the suburbs. I just couldn’t take it anymore. It reached a point where nothing I did was right. I stood on my head in front of the room for 2 damn hours, while twirling plates on my pinky toes, and still! I got yelled at because I was supposed to put it on the piggys that had roast beef! For the love of Christ woman! Pinky toes? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Even after we got back from the conference and returned to the office it was the same shit. I thought maybe a change of scenery would do me good. But I was still miserable. And really wondering why I couldn’t find a job that agreed with me. It can’t be that hard. I rule, for Pete’s sake.

But then I had a weekend away. And was determined to make it work. At least for more than a freaking month. I had to, really. No other choice. Bills and such. And I think once you shoot for 4 different jobs in the last 6 months, people start to frown. Upon you. Because after 3? It’s totally about you. Not them.

And last week was an OK week. And I finally started to realize that I’m much better in the office because I don’t sit next to any of those people. Those people who hated my plate twirling. (Bastards!) So I can literally go the whole day without seeing them. Which, after spending almost 2 full weeks together, and I mean like 15-hour days together, is a blessed, blessed event.

It got me to thinking. (And we know it’s never good when I get to thinking.) I realized it’s no different than spending too much time with anyone, like say, your family. See, because you don’t choose your family. And you don’t really get to choose your co-workers.

Now I love my family. But as with every family, we heart drama. You know how it is. Every family gathering starts off so peaceful. Like were on effing Little House of something. And then we all hit the sauce, someone throws mashed potatoes at the ceiling and viola! D-R-A-M-A.

And just like I can take most of my family in small doses, (obviously not the ones that read this. Hi family people! Keep reading! I love you!) I can only take co-workers in small doses. And small doesn’t include seeing you before 8 AM and after 5 PM. And NEVER on the weekends. If I can help it.

Unfortunately I got really spoiled at the Niners. I doubt most people experience a workplace like that. One where you actually all like each other. And choose to hang out with each other for 15 hours a day. And on your days off. And even when you don’t like someone (Fitz) there is enough beer in the room to make it OK.

And I think I secretly hope all my future workplaces will be like that. Or just assume that they all are. But the reality is, most places aren’t. And I’m getting that. Finally. Jesus I’m a slow learner.

I swear, by the time I’m 40 I’m going to be able to not only hold down a job, but finally get it. You know corporate culture and all that mess.

Maybe I should watch Office Space for the 1,428th time. Has taught me so much already.



  1. i’m sure you know this already, but comedy central runs office space every saturday like 3 times in a row. also, it sounds like you need to find another job in the league, ’cause these last 11 you’ve been canned from is really wearing you down. see you at the next pr meetings!

  2. I’ve been trying to find a workplace like when we were in Doug’s office at ASU…I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact thatit ain’t gonna happen:(

  3. A cool work environment is a rare thing in both the corp and sports worlds. My best time working ever was when I first started at Wells, and one of my worst ever was at Cal, even though I liked most of those peeps.

  4. speaking of dysfunctional families… it’s the season finale of real world vega$ this week. bummer.

  5. I have two 30-second Office Space audio clips on my iTunes. One of them is the one where he’s all, “Whenever you see me, it’s on the worst day of my life” (I’m totally botching that beacause I’m doing it by memory). The other one is where he’s telling Jennifer Aniston that he’s just going to stop going to his job. I love that movie.

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