Posted by: kristabella | June 27, 2007

Follow The Pack

People, do you know about Twitter? Are you on it? Do you understand it? Do you need yet another thing in your life to waste precious time with?

Well then get your ass on Twitter. Because I am. And I have no fucking clue what the point is. All I know is that everyone else was doing it, so I needed to jump off that proverbial bridge. Because, really? Am follower. Not leader.

Except I finally joined while at the conference. When NOT on company network. That blocks things. Like video. And And Twitter apparently. Because it’s a dating/personals site. Um, OK. I bet if I check tomorrow it doesn’t block MySpace. Because that would be so damn fitting. Feel free to waste your time fucking around on MySpace, but God forbid you want to know the score from the Cubs game last night. Because that would be a waste of my time.

Thank God they still allow blogs. Once that stops I will have to spend 8 hours working. And what person actually has 8 hours of work to do in a day? And 8 more hours for the subsequent days that week?

Anyway, Twitter. You all need to sign up. Or something. I need more friends. Although, Jen is my friend. Which, really? Is all a psycho stalker like myself needs. (And don’t even doubt for a second that when I got the “Jen Lancaster is your newest friend” email from the Twitter peeps, I didn’t forward it to people. Just to say SQUEEEEEE!)

I think I’m kind of getting what it is all about. Although, since I can’t actually access it at work, I can only send texts messages to it (which I just figured out how to do. Which means, this could be FUN come the next time I’m drunk! All the more reason to join. And follow me. Or make me a friend. Again, I don’t get it. I bet the 12-year olds do, though.)

But as I was walking to my car in these shoes, while it was raining, and thought “hmmm, I bet these shoes would really conduct electricity. And holding keys in my hand probably won’t help matters either” I figured “this is what Twitter is for.” I can’t write a whole post about it (well I could) but it needs to be shared. Needs. To be. Shared!

Or “The water at work has a funny taste to it. I need to hire Erin Brokovich now.”

So yeah. You. Go sign up. Now. And share your whatevers with the world. And waste more of your day on the internet! And add me as a friend. Or something.

Or not. It’s not like I really get it anyway. But I like it. I like it a lot.



  1. I signed up for it awhile back to check it out…not my thing. But if it was, I would totally friend you. 🙂

  2. Hi Kristin,

    I travelled over here from I saw that you were a Chicagoan and had cats and thought – hey! Chicago! A crazy cat lady! Me too! And then I read your bio and saw that you played sax in band and was all: me too!

    Anyway, awesome blog and you’re pretty damned funny.

  3. um… make that “traveled”… whatever.


  5. Welcome to Kristabellaland, Marianne…

    And thank God for you (KJers) , Ha-ro and Chundley… those four or so years between us seem like ages sometimes. You keep this 30-somethin’ in the know. Not bad for a saxaphone-playin’ cat herder. 😉

  6. marianne sounds cute

  7. Rich – Marianne is married. Down boy.

    And it’s OK, Chundley. I am a crazy cat lady. When you have more than one cat, you’re kinda branded with it. It’s when I’m still single at 65 with 9 cats that I shall worry.

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