Posted by: kristabella | June 19, 2007

Hello Liver? Are You There? It’s Me Kristabella

I’m at the conference again. The same conference. In the same place. With the same food. It’s like effing Groundhog’s Day.

Oh, and the bartender at the bar downstairs knows my name. And remembers my room number. From the LAST time I was here. Wayne is my boy. I now might become a regular at a hotel bar. In the suburbs. Thirty miles from my house.

So that’s all I have. I haven’t even felt like blogging. Because this is the limit of what I can talk about. Booze and food. Which isn’t that off from what I usually talk about on here. (See: Bacon, What Would You Do.)

This is a different group of sales managers in this week. It’s the same exact presentations. On the same exact days. But at least this time I’m allowed to pull out the laptop and check blogs email. But I have to be quiet when I type. Which is hard. Because I have a personal vendetta with the fucking space bar that requires me to beat it into oblivion.

This is extent of what I have to talk about:

  • The power went out yesterday afternoon. For about 4 hours. And it was 900 degrees outside yesterday. And hotels don’t have windows that open. Just really big windows that look out at the golf course and fucking mock us all day while we sit inside. Not enjoying the sun or nice weather.
  • We had about 1/2 of our evening without power last night. And it got really hot in the room we were eating in. (Have you heard how I feel about the heat? Because me? I’m not a fan. At. All.) So warm I wasn’t even interested in drinking. Anything but water.
  • Until it came back on. And Wayne was pouring me Jack and Coke. Minus a lot of the Coke.
  • The pants I wore yesterday were a little on the lower rise side. And every time I sat down I was like one of those skanks showing my thong. Except not on purpose. And just my luck, I had to bend over a lot to move boxes.
  • I’m a classy broad.
  • I sat and drank with a bunch of Southerners last night. I’ve never felt more like a Yankee in my entire life.
  • But it was damn entertaining.
  • And apparently they all know each other. Seriously.
  • And I was close to puking this morning during one of the presentations. By the Executive VP.
  • But I’m not sure it was because of the Jack.
  • New York & Company is having a conference here. And their employees wear the clothes. I know because I’ve seen the entire contents of my suitcase on someone here this week. I could totally crash their meeting.

Tonight we are going off-site for dinner. And drinks. And I’m sure I’ll be getting some more drinks poured by Wayne downstairs until the wee hours of the morning. Even though I like to kid myself and say I’m only going to have one. It always turns into one plus 17. And then all of a sudden the bar is closed and the next thing I remember is waking up on the 14th green naked getting smacked in the face by a divot.



  1. Hell, even when you have “little” to say, you start my day out with a bang.
    Stay dressed. Or off the golf course.

  2. So you had to keep having the conference when there was no power?!? or was the no power all at night? That’s just wrong if you had to do work in warmth, though.

  3. Um, Hee haw!!

    Sorry, that still isn’t old for me!! So we are going to the Stadium on Friday to watch Cubs-Sox game… quarter beers?

  4. have you made out with a co-worker yet?? you are losing your touch.

  5. haha…considering what I have on at work today, I could totally crash that mtg w/ you!

  6. Hotel bars are my personal favorites. Too many obvious reasons. New blogger here, just tripping through. A very funny lady you are.

  7. post another blog already!

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