Posted by: kristabella | June 12, 2007

Is This Space Always This White? And Empty?

Let the whining commence. Cue the tiny violins…

Because you know why? Because it’s hot. And I don’t have air conditioning in my car. And all I apparently own are dark colored pants that must be made out of wool. Or one of those weird fabrics in the cotton commercials that DON’T BREATHE! And P.S. I drive completely north on my way home, which means Evil Sun and all his hotness are burning holes right into my skin.

(My air conditioner has a leak. My brother re-charged it 2 summers ago and all the coolness that I love in fake air that comes in a can was gone in about 2 months. So basically I have him re-charge it every summer just to get me through the hotter than Hades months. (As opposed to just the warmer months.) But I haven’t gotten around to it yet. But he’s going to do it on Saturday. Whether he knows it or not.) (And no, I’m not going to get it fixed because it costs over a grand. And I’m not sure my car is even worth that. With or without air conditioning.)

What was I saying? Sorry, the heat exhaustion is getting to me.

Oh right. HEAT. And hotness. And not in the appearance of people kind of way (like George Clooney is hot.) (Sorry, Scarlet, hott.) Not ONLY was it hot in my car. And outside. It was hot in the office. Like put your ass to sleep and then make you so fucking cranky you cut someone’s finger off with the paper cutter. ON PURPOSE!

Now, I’ve always worked at places that were freezing. At the Niners, I wore a fleece jacket every day. Until John York finally noticed, coming over to my cube and remarking at the ice box qualities. I think that’s the only time I agreed with him. Although he probably called me Cindy.

At the dirt place, I wore the same Niners fleece every day. Even when it was 100 degrees outside. Which makes you look like the world’s biggest asshat when you go to lunch with a fleece on. Zipped up to your neck. Like a flasher or something. (Sometimes I thought about purposely wearing something that totally didn’t match my pants since no one saw it anyway. But that would be the day the air conditioning would break. And then they’d probably lock me up, thinking I was an escaped mental patient from down the road.) 

New Job has been comfortable. Other people complain, but since I’m always cold, I’m always A-OK. Righty-oh! Until today. And first, heat makes you a little uncomfortable. You start to notice things more. Like how uncomfortable your chair is. And how some people do not look good until fluorescent lighting. Then it starts to make you sleepy. Usually right after a big lunch. And then by mid-afternoon, when you’ve sweat through your $12 New York and Company T-shirt, you get a little fucking cranky. Because someone turn the damn A/C on for fuck’s sake!!! (That should have been in all CAPS! It was YELLING in my head. But I didn’t want to scare you.) (It’s the heat. It makes me cranky.) (I’m better now. I’m so tired I can only get mad for like a sentence’s worth.)

On top of this, I’ve gone from bored to insane-crazy-busy in .00006 seconds. I am now Girl Who Does Everything For Conference Next Week. (And also Girl Who Tells It Like It Is) (Can you tell I’m reading  a Harry Potter book right now? So that I’m all set for the final installment?) Anyway, doing everything for conference is fine. But that’s just one part of my job. And other part of job has things for me to do, seeing as I was out of the office all last week! And I have no room for those boxes! Me = small cube! Durr!

So now I have to go to bed. Because thankfully I installed my window A/C unit yesterday. So I can cool off already. And I’m totally going to set it to the “Nipples That Can Cut Glass” setting.



  1. Welcome to my world…day, night, whether it’s hot or cold outside….I’d KILL to be cold. Plus, even with age depleted hormones, it’s already HOT in the office today. Night-y-night.


  3. I LOVE places where it’s colder than cold and I can wear a sweater or soemthing inside. My old job was like that bc this one woman would put the AC on 55 or something.

  4. HI, it’s supposed to be 110 here Thursday, talk to me then! However, sane people live in AC land:)

  5. “Which makes you look like the world’s biggest asshat when you go to lunch with a fleece on. Zipped up to your neck. Like a flasher or something.”

    Ha Ha! That’s really funny. Can you help me with my window unit? Or else I’ll have to call my landlord and look like the girl who can’t do any manual labor.

  6. holy hell woman, get over it.

  7. First, shut up Rich. You live in Seattle, so no air conditioning means nothing to you, when the temp doesn’t get above 80.

    Some people choose to live in AZ. I do not choose to work in an office with no air circulating.

    Can you tell it’s still about 85 in here today?

  8. Oh dear friend. You have nothing on me. I am constantly sweating at work. I work with people like you that are always freezing. I honestly have never worn a long sleeved shirt in the nearly 20 years that I’ve been at my job. Try being completely encased in 100% polyester in 100+ heat for the entire day. The company that I work for doesn’t give a shit and we pay for it. That’s the truth and please don’t ever use those blankets in my place of work. Ever!

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