Posted by: kristabella | May 29, 2007

Take The Keys And Lock Her Up

Last Thursday night, we had our monthly book club get-together. Normally book club consists of eating, drinking and talking. Mostly not about the book. Which is fine with me. I heart gossip.

This month, though, we had a special guest. The author of the book! Jen Lancaster. In the flesh! And pearls! She was coming to spend the evening with us! And my nerdy, crazy ass! (Do I need to remind you of the talking-into-the-shoes-and-red-faced-ness of the last encounter?)

So needless to say, this was the best book club ever! And not just because we went through nine bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne! There was like 8 people there. Seriously.

Normally book club lasts about 2 hours. We all have jobs and have to work on Friday. But this book club? It was after midnight when we all dispersed! Um, that’s like 5 hours! With Jen! She stayed the whole time! Thank God for the wine otherwise I think she would have realized how crazy-insane we all were (and by we, I mean me) and would have cut out about 4 hours earlier. (“Thanks for having me. The wine is refreshing. I love the corn dip. Keep reading my lovely books. And now I must be on to another engagement. That tall, blonde girl should really get some professional help.”)

Now, I’d like to point out that I worked with famous people. Every day for 6 years. More so if you count ASU. I mean Jake Plummer and Pat Tillman were even celebrities in college. So I’m not a complete asshat when I meet famous people. They are just people. Just like you and me. With a lot more money in the bank.

For some reason, I have forgotten all this. Jen really is just like us. I mean, she was still working a temp job after her first book was published. No, really. She’s just like us. She just is fortunate and got to write books for living, something she really loves to do. For which I am obscenely jealous.

So we all sat and chatted about everything from The Real World to the book to us. Us! She wanted to know about us since, well, we all knew all about her life. (Some of us crazy blog stalkers a little more so than others.)

And I? Made an ass of myself, naturally. When she first got there, I was almost acting shy. Well, shy for me. Because I should not draw attention to the fact that I should not be allowed in public. For fuck’s sake I don’t think I could even look her in the eye when she talked to me. Directly. To my face. Crazytown. Population 1.

But then the wine started flowing. And liquid courage! And then next thing I know I’m gushing to her all about how she was why I started a blog of my own. Because her site turned me on to all my other favorite blogs. And I thought “hey, I could do this too!” And yes! I told her all this! Like the toolbox that I am!

And it just went downhill from there. More wine! And champagne! And talking about BlogHer! And I will drink with her at the Four Seasons! And that she is totally my new BFF! Which? I think I told her about eleventeen hundred times!

And there was more. That I don’t remember. Because lots and lots of wine. Which? Probably for the best.

But she agreed to come back next month. Heee. And squeeeeeee!

And go buy the book because you’ll laugh your ass off.



  1. Some of the titles of your blogs sound like James Patterson/Alex Cross novel titles. Cool!

  2. You two are totally friends! i am jealous. did you give her your url?

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